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Ready to Make the Switch to Natural Deodorant? Try These 5 Brands

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not here to convince you to switch to a natural deodorant. But if you’re like me, you’d rather not smear synthetic chemicals into my pits and you’re looking for alternatives that actually work.

The switch to a natural deodorant can be overwhelming, especially when new brands pop up every day. You might be wondering what gives me the authority to give deodorant advice, and why you should listen.

Well, I proudly bring the term dirty hippie to life. In my avid conservation attempts to reduce water waste (aka too lazy to shower everyday), I found that pit sticks are essential in keeping away B.O. But . . . my sensitive skin reacts to even a lot of natural deodorants.
I’ve done a lot of shopping around for something that really works, and doesn’t just smell like you soaked your sweaty gym socks in patchouli oil. So basically, I’ve done all the product trials for you!
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First, a Few Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Natural Deodorant

Never use deodorant right after shaving. Allow your armpits a chance to breathe and heal the small cuts before putting anything on them. This lowers the chances of reaction or irritation.
Apply coconut oil if you find that your armpits are highly irritated after shaving, even with the use of creams or lotions to help ease friction when shaving. This will moisturize the area, but it’s also commonly used for its antibacterial and antifungal properties to reduce chances of infection of bacterial growth. Plus it smells great!
There’s a difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. To perspire is to sweat, which is a form of detoxifying the body and controlling temperature. Antiperspirants are a mixture of chemical components (that often include aluminum) that essentially clog your pores to stop them from sweating.
Read the ingredients! Aluminum, along with parabens, propylene glycol, and the chemicals that make up artificial fragrances, are linked to cancer and have been shown to have negative effects inside the body once they’ve been absorbed through your skin. Just because something reads “natural” doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Look out for these harmful ingredients.

Here Are 5 Amazing Natural Deodorant Brands to Try:

1. The Healthy Deodorant

The Healthy Deodorant smells amazing and leaves me feeling dry. This is a great option for those with sensitivities to baking soda, but it you tend to sweat heavily be prepared to re-apply.
Good option for: Those with mild to moderately sensitive skin, and light sweat.
What I love: I’m allergic to baking soda, so the cornstarch is a great option to keep me dry! I also love the smell!

2. EO’s Deodorant Wipes

I love the EO’s Deodorant Wipes – I keep 5 in my purse to save me throughout the day. Keep in mind they don’t last forever, but these are perfect for after yoga or to keep you fresh on a hot day. The scents are mild and clean.
Good option for: Heavy sweat (to use throughout the day), and those who just need a quick freshen up.
What I love: These are a great way to “freshen up” throughout the day. Think dry shampoo for your pits.
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3. Super Natural Goods

With over 500 five-star ratings for their natural aluminum-free deodorant, reviewers are adamant about how well Super Natural Goods works.
If you’re nervous about spending the money and having yet another failed natural deodorant attempt, you don’t have to worry here! Super Natural Goods has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product.
Good option for: Moderate to heavy sweat, and those with sensitive skin.
What I love: It’s long-lasting and great for hot/humid weather.


4. Schmidt’s Naturals

Allure, Elle, Greatist, and consider Schmidt’s Naturals to be one of the best, and their new sensitive skin line is amazing! Their product is long-lasting, and is a great sweat absorber!
Beware, it is not powdery soft on your pits, so you may want to warm it up for a smoother feel. They are also available everywhere from Target, to Walmart, to Whole Foods.
Good option for: Most users. They’ve established a large line of different scents and formulas to accommodate most sensitivities and activity levels.
What I love: It’s sold everywhere!

5. Meow Meow Tweet

A name popping up on everyone’s top 5 is Meow Meow Tweet. Maybe it’s the fun name and packaging, or maybe it’s because they are an ethically conscious company using quality organic ingredients. Either way, people are loving this stuff! They have a bunch of options too, and even small travel sizes.
Good option for: my fellow sweaty folks, and those wanting quality ingredients.
What I love: It’s fun, cute, but most importantly, it’s made by an ethically responsible and caring company!


Natural Deodorant: The Takeaway

Regardless of what natural deodorant you buy, take a minute to read the ingredients and make conscious decisions about what you’re about to put on your body. Remember that what seems like the routine and mindless task of putting on deodorant, affects our bodies.
We understand that what we eat can affect how our bodies function, but it’s not just food we need to be aware of. From soaps, to toothpastes, to cleaners – we need to bring awareness to the chemicals we use and expose ourselves to. This will not only help us in our journey to a happy healthy life, but it will also open our eyes to the things we use every single day.
Good luck and happy sweating!

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