What’s Your Love Language? Take This Fun Quiz to Find Out!

If you’re wondering, “What is my love language?” then look no further! We have a fun love language quiz in store for you here.

In this article, we’ll also examine the main five love languages so you understand each – which benefits both you and your partner in a romantic relationship.

Understanding our love languages – both ours and our romantic partner’s – can drastically inform and improve our relationships.

When it comes to love, feelings can often get lost in translation.

The way in which we communicate varies from one person to the next, which makes getting on the same page difficult sometimes. Once we’re there however, we find the beauty in our partner’s ways of connecting with us.

Understanding our love languages – both ours and our romantic partner’s – can drastically inform and improve our relationships.

Understanding the five main love languages, and what category you fall under, can help you get a better sense of how you navigate the highs and lows of love, as well as helping your partner to understand your unique approach.

Then, become aware of where they stand, too. You might just find some serious clarity in the way you view yourself and your significant other.

First, let’s find out exactly what the five languages of love are!

Here Is an Overview of the 5 Main Love Languages:


1. Words of Affirmation

This first of the five love languages is all about verbal reinforcement. Your partner can kiss you or surprise you all they want, but the most important thing for you is to hear that they love you. If you’re sad, you need them to acknowledge they’re being supportive by telling you.

You feel the most beautiful when they pay you a compliment. Likewise, you offer words of encouragement to your partner and you shower them with praise to let them know how much they mean to you.


2. Acts of Service

You feel most defeated when you’re doing all the work. But when your partner suggests to do the grocery shopping, surprises you with a home-cooked meal, or finishes up the laundry, it’s a big relief on your end.

It’s also your way of letting your partner know you appreciate them, too.

You feel loved when they let you know they see and respect all of the hard work you put into the home, your family, planning a trip, etc. This language relies heavily on doing things to keep the balance, and acknowledgement of when the other is doing a great job.

3. Receiving Gifts

Whether it’s out of the blue or for a specific occasion, knowing someone understands what you love by going out of their way to write a love note, pick up your favorite flowers or leave little store-bought gifts for you to find, receiving something tangible is important to you.

At the same time, you find yourself expressing your feelings of gratitude, remorse or love through a little gift, too.

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4. Quality Time

Quality time is #4 out of the five love languages. Making time to meet for lunch, planning a quiet weekend at a bed and breakfast, or choosing to turn off the TV and spend the evening catching up is your idea of pure happiness and balance in a relationship.

You prefer your partner to give you their time over their words, a love letter, or spending an hour making a homemade dinner for you. Canceling plans or zoning out when they’re supposed to be listening are some of the most hurtful ways your partner can fail you.

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5. Physical Touch

This fifth love language involves both intimacy in the bedroom as well as everyday physical connections. From a kiss goodbye to a kiss hello, a long embrace to a soothing rub on the back, feeling your partner’s physical presence is important to you.

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You find yourself yearning for this type of love language when you’re feeling unbalanced. It’s also instinctual to show your partner you care by touching them in one way or another.

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If You’re Asking “What’s My Love Language?” Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Now that you know about each of the five love languages, you’re ready to find out which is yours! To find out which love language resonates the most with you, take the quiz below.

1. You had a long, hard day at work. When you come home, what do you desire most from your partner?

A. A long embrace, followed by a sweet kiss.
B. To be nurtured with a home cooked meal.
C. A love note tucked into a bouquet of flowers.
D. To turn off the TV and sit down over a glass of wine on the couch with you.
E. To ask you what happened, and provide words of encouragement.


2. When you’re feeling negative emotions, how do you want your partner to respond?

A. To hold you in their arms and let you say everything or nothing at all.
B. To surprise you with your favorite comfort food dessert they made from scratch.
C. To give you a little gift from your favorite store.
D. To suggest going for a long walk together, just the two of you.
E. To write you a letter detailing all the ways that you’re perfect just as you are.

3. When your partner is going through a hard time, what’s your initial response?

A. To sit them down and give them a loving and relaxing back rub, occasionally kissing the top of their head.
B. To make them a delicious dinner.
C. To seek out something on their Amazon wish list and buy it for them.
D. Offer to take them out to a concert or other fun event to get their mind off things.
E. To tell your partner you love them endlessly, then give them some advice on how to move forward.

4. When you hit a rough patch in your relationship, what seems to be the most out of balance?

A. You’re not being intimate with each other on a regular basis.
B. Equally sharing duties, and feeling acknowledged for your hard work.
C. Random acts of kindness, like a surprise getaway trip or your favorite flowers next to your bedside.
D. Time spent with just each other.
E. Being told, “I love you,” or “You look gorgeous today.”

5. You and your partner have an argument in the morning. When you come home from work, what’s the one thing that will make you give in, forgive and forget?

A. Reaching out with a loving hand and asking you to please let them hold and kiss you.
B. Seeing them in the midst of folding piles of laundry you hadn’t gotten around to yet.
C. Finding a handwritten poem on your pillow.
D. Telling you they called out of work in the morning and want to go to your favorite yoga class with you.
E. Saying how sorry they are for causing any trouble, and telling you they respect your feelings and love you.

6. Your partner makes you feel the most excited and content in your relationship when. . .

A. They’re cuddling you on the couch and kissing your neck.
B. They’re surprising you with a new recipe involving your favorite food.
C. They’re leaving you love notes.
D. They’re cutting out of work early just so they can come home and hang out with you.
E. They’re sending you messages throughout the day that tell you how much they love you, how adorable you are, and how they can’t wait to see you.

7. Your partner constantly tells you that you are. . .

A. So physically affectionate.
B. So kind and generous with how you help around the house.
C. Thoughtful with your desire to surprise them with gifts, big or small.
D. Carving out time to spend together.
E. Always telling them how intelligent, beautiful, successful and loving they are.

What’s My Love Language?! The Results Are In!

If you answered mostly A’s, then your love language is: Physical Touch.
If you answered mostly B’s, then your love language is: Acts of Service.
If you answered mostly C’s, then your love language is: Receiving Gifts.
If you answered mostly D’s, then your love language is: Quality Time.
If you answered mostly E’s, then your love language is: Words of Affirmation.

The Takeaway on Our Five Love Languages

The importance of knowing your love language is equally as necessary as knowing your partner’s. Understanding all five love languages helps us better understand not just our needs, but our romantic partner’s as well.

That way the two of you can better communicate what you need to feel complete.

Whether you’re trying to understand why you feel down or off, or simply want to let your loved one know how much you care for them, you can always revert back to the love language that most deeply represents you, as well as them.

Learn More About Love Languages Here and Make Your Relationship Thrive!

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