Beautiful Yoga Flow in the Rainforest and on the Beaches of Costa Rica (Video)

Say it with me: Yoga Retreat. How badly do you wish you could hop on a plane right now? Fly away to a magical, tropical island and spend two weeks on your mat in the peaceful tranquility of nature.
In this video, Fit Queen Irene flows with us in the depths of the rainforest, through waterfalls, in the sandy beaches, and on the grounds of a beautiful boutique hotel in Costa Rica.

If your happy place is the beach or the ocean, this video will instantaneously bring you to your happy place. Some retreat to the mountains, to all sorts of vacations, and others – to their yoga mat. Irene brings to life the beauty (and the happiness) that we all seek in a single two-minute video.
Warning: before the video even ends, you may be researching yoga retreats and trips abroad. This beautiful yoga video highlights all the amazing features that Costa Rica has to offer and allows you to transport yourself off your couch and into a new zen you.
Ever consider joining a yoga retreat? Find everything you need know here. See you in the sand!! XO from the YouAligned family.

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Brittany Nowicki

Brittany Nowicki is a yogi and writer drawn to the practice on her journey of self-discovery. Finding inspiration around every corner, she takes joy in writing on her blog as well as reading on the beach, running, painting, and a fresh vase of flowers.

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