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Bored With Your Yoga Practice? 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Time On the Mat

I’m sure we all know the feeling. You’re on your mat, doing your fifth Sun Salutation while thinking about what you’re going to eat for dinner.

Your mind is wandering and you’re bored.

For some of us, we might crave the predictability of doing the same movements every single day.

But on the other hand, many of us probably feel the need to move in different ways to keep our bodies and our minds healthy. And this applies to yoga teachers as well!

Need Yoga Inspiration? Follow These 6 Tips to Get Your Creative Yoga Juices Flowing and Spice Up Your Yoga Practice:

Students (and teachers): if you’re bored with doing the same yoga flow or sequence over and over again, here are a few ways to inspire your practice!

Teachers: unless you teach a style with a set yoga sequence, your students will likely appreciate variety.

Yoga Teachers: Feeling Stagnant In Your Teaching? Use These 6 Tips to Spice Up Your Classes


1. Check Out a Different Yoga Class

Going to a class can be a great way to get ideas for new yoga sequences and movements. Even if you’re a yoga teacher, being a student is so important and will help you improve – and diversify – the way you teach.

So even if you prefer practicing at home, try to get out to a class once in a while, if only just to gain a few new ideas (or even a whole new yoga flow!) for your home practice.

Still want to practice at home? You can check out amazing, inspirational, and creative classes and teachers online with YouAligned Classes!

Try one of these yoga classes


2. Start an Instagram List

How many of you have watched a yoga sequence on Instagram and thought, “Wow, that’s a great idea?”

We probably all have, but it’s unlikely that we immediately apply it to our own practice. Instead of aimlessly scrolling, try starting an Instagram “yoga flow” list. Save flows that you like and come back to them at another time.

Next time you’re planning a yoga sequence and want some ideas, you can browse these saved videos all in one place rather than spending hours randomly scrolling to find the perfect yoga flow.

Fill Up On Yoga Inspiration With These 8 Yoga Instagram Accounts

3. Look at Your Surroundings

Do you always practice in the same place every day? Some of us might have a beautiful yoga nook filled with all sorts of pretty things. Others might practice in a corner of a bedroom.

Either way, try practicing in new spaces if they’re available to you! Switching up your physical location can make your whole practice feel completely different. If the weather allows, take your practice outside!

Get Your Asana Outside! 4 Reasons Why You Should Practice Outdoor Yoga

If you don’t have the possibility of practicing in different spaces, take a few moments to consider how you could liven up your space. Could you add soft lighting and a few plants? Maybe open a window or diffuse your favorite essential oil.

Try this Yoga Practice Incorporating Essential Oils (Free Class)

Take note of how you feel after making these subtle changes to your surroundings, and play around with what works well for you to get your creative yoga juices flowing.

4. Create a New Playlist

It’s amazing how different your practice can feel by changing up the music. There’s really nothing like music to create some yoga inspiration!

If you feel more comfortable sticking with the same yoga sequence, try listening to different music to add some variety. See how you feel going through your yoga flow with really slow, gentle music compared to an upbeat playlist filled with all your favorite beats.

Check Out These 10 Songs That Are Perfect For a Vinyasa Yoga Playlist


5. Go With the Flow

Sometimes we can get caught up with alignment and sequencing. And this can hinder our creativity.

Try forgetting it all, even for just a few minutes of your practice. Move with your breath, dance up and down your mat (or come off your mat altogether!), and forget everything your teachers ever said about aligning your knee over your ankle.

Allowing this freedom of movement can be a wonderful way to nurture creativity and bring authenticity into your practice. Bring on the creative yoga!

Need a little assistance? Practice This Yoga Sequence to Boost Your Creativity (Video)

6. Add Props

Yoga props aren’t just for beginners. They can add variety and also completely change your time on the mat. Adding yoga props to your practice will not only allow you to be more creative but can also help you advance.

How? Getting better at something makes it fun again! Trying new approaches to the same poses and being able to access deeper poses and variations is challenging and rewarding. Plus, yoga props can also help you play! Don’t believe us? Just grab a yoga wheel!

Watch this free video tutorial on how to incorporate yoga props into your practice.

Feeling the Yoga Inspiration? Enjoy Your New Creative Yoga Flow Power!

Jump on your mat and see what happens! Recording videos of your practice can be a helpful way to remember a creative yoga flow or movement you might want to try again next time.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a great way to spice up your yoga practice and renew your sense of inspiration on the mat.

If you found one of these tips particularly helpful, please comment below so we can all help breathe life back into each other’s practice.

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Laura Dyet

Laura is a traveling writer, yoga teacher and birthworker from Canada. She is the CEO of Child’s Pose, and is passionate about topics relating to women’s health, mindfulness, eco-friendly living, and nutrition. She is currently living in Cambridge, England where she teaches yoga and works with young families through various community programs.

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