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10 Yoga Poses For Hikers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Envision it: You’ve spent the day exploring the great outdoors. You’ve been enveloped by sandy beaches, winding trails, and beautiful views. Of course you’ve also been hiking–up, down, across and zigzagging along paths, shorelines, and sand dunes. The hiking inevitably leads to tight calves, hamstrings, hips and quads, but it’s been worth the pain.

9 Yoga Poses Hikers Should Practice Before Hitting the Trail

Read on for our favorite yoga poses for hikers and avid outdoors folks, focusing in on your calm muscles, quads, hamstrings and your hips. Hit the trail happy my friends with these stretches!

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Here are 10 Yoga Poses for Hikers and Outdoor Enthusiasts:

To ease the soreness, try these ten yoga poses for hikers that will stretch you out and have you ready to hike again tomorrow!

For the Calf Muscles:

1. Pyramid Pose
pyramid pose
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2. Seated Head to Knee Pose


For the Quads:

3. Hero’s Pose
hero pose
4. Dancer Pose
dancers pose

For the Hamstrings:

5. Forward Fold
6. Half Splits
halfsplit yoga pose

For the Outer Hip:

7. Pigeon Pose
pigeon yoga pose
8. Reclining Figure Four


For the Inner Hip:

9. Butterfly Pose
Butterfly pose
10. Wide-legged Forward Fold

Hit the Trails and Be a Happy Hiker With These Yoga Poses for Hikers

Incorporating these poses before and/or after your outdoor adventures can help reduce muscle tightness and soreness. When you do these poses, try to spend a few minutes in each one.

Don’t have a lot of time? Hold each pose for at least 3-5 deep breaths to receive the full benefits. And whether you’re in the pose or traversing the great outdoors, remember to breathe it all in. Life is beautiful! ☺

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Bobbie Jo Traut

Bobbie Jo Traut discovered yoga as a teenager growing up in Alaska. She practiced on a purple mat in her living room, since there were no studios at that time in her small hometown. As a RYT and frequent traveler, she takes every opportunity to roll out her mat. Her most memorable teaching experiences include a hatha practice for humanitarian volunteers on a mountaintop in Nepal and community vinyasa at an arts center in Chisinau, Moldova.

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