20-Minute Handstand Tutorial (Free Class)

Learning how to do handstands is super fun, but also really challenging, and for many of us, scary! Yet what most of us don’t realize when we begin a handstand practice is that it requires a lot of physical strength, as well as body awareness.

Body awareness is a key first step in achieving a handstand. Often times, we don’t realize that we’re arching our low back (something often referred to as “banana backing” or “duck butting”).

But when this happens, the core disengages, and the pressure dumps into the low back. This is both unsafe and also improper form that will make you feel wobbly and unstable.

Take your time and watch this video as often as you need to feel comfortable, strong, and confident in your handstand.

The way to eliminate this issue is through body awareness, as well as abdominal strength and proper engagement. This is why we’ll start this tutorial with core and shoulder exercises, giving you the strength and awareness you need to progress.

We will then move into warm-ups and beginner handstand variations to get you comfortable upside down. This is an important ingredient in moving past your fear! Practice these variations as long as you need to feel safe, comfortable, and confident.

Finally, when you’re ready, we will move away from the wall and start practicing in the middle of the room!

Learn How to Handstand With This Free Online Yoga Class!


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Watch this 20-minute handstand tutorial, led by YA Classes teacher Michelle – who looooves teaching handstands. She’s excited to embark on your handstand journey together. Meet her on your mat and let’s get upside down!!

Just remember to take your time and watch this video as often as you need to feel comfortable, strong, and confident in your handstand. Have fun, take it slow, and be safe. Enjoy!! 🙂

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Watch the preview video here!

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