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3 Signs Your Yoga Community is Like a Family

Yoga studios are rooted in the intention of making us feel at home, and with that comes the promise of a group of strangers coming together as fellow yogis. When we come together on our mats, we indulge in the communal practice. That sense of belonging, of being supported and uplifted by a group of likeminded individuals, can indeed become an extended family—your yoga family. Lucky you.
Here are 3 ways your yoga community is like a family:

1. Smiling yogis

When you walk into the yoga studio, you are greeted with a beaming smile, and a “hey, how are you?” A sense of community is innate to the yogi. Yoga studios are a place where you can cool off and let go of what has already happened in your day. Within the yoga community, you will experience a strong sense of support and acceptance, much like a family. You have the opportunity to surround yourself with positive, likeminded people who encourage and uplift you. This energy is contagious—in a good way!

2. Encouragement on and off the mat

We all have moments where we just want to get out of the pose and lay down — Warrior II, anyone? In times like these, we are able to tap into the collective energy in the yoga room. We can hear our neighbor yogis breathing, we can feel the power in each and every body, and we are reminded that we are in this yoga practice together. This lets you know that you are not alone. Your teacher is also a beacon of encouragement as they walk by with a smile. The whispered reminders that “you can do this” can go a great distance in motivating you, which raises you to become a leader yourself. This sort of empowerment translates directly into your daily life, and you can return the favor by encouraging your friends and fellow yogis in similar ways.


3. Practice means progress

It is one thing to notice the progress in your practice, but it is another when a fellow yogi or the teacher comes up to you at the end of practice and tells you “your Dancer pose looked awesome today,” or “your balance is improving.” As yogis, we all share the same journey of beginning a new yoga practice that deepens and evolves over time. At your home studio, you are given the amazing gift of sharing this journey with your fellow yogis, and witnessing their growth as a way to fuel your own motivation. You evolve and progress together – a yogi family unit in action!

So next time when you arrive at your home yoga studio, flash a smile, encourage your fellow yogis, and pass on a compliment. You never know whose day you could be making. Remember that as yogis we stick together — on and off the mat. This creates a beautiful extended yoga family and community you can cherish for life.
What ways does your yoga community make you feel like family?
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Kasia Litwinski

Kasia is a corporate gal who loves to hop into Crow Pose as soon as she gets off work and onto her yoga mat. She especially loves hot vinyasa yoga. With a background in Political Science and Communications, Catherine loves to be loud and uses quotes for advice. Take for example: “Let your love be so big and pure that it shifts the energy in the room.”

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