5 Reasons to Practice Yoga in College

Everyone is busy. Especially if you’re in college. Filled with friends, memories, school spirit, and perhaps some other kinds of spirits, who could complain?
Of course, there is the task of gaining an actual education – between classes, exams, intramurals, and campus activities, it can be difficult to find peace. Enter yoga. There are many benefits of a regular yoga practice, particularly for those of us currently in school.

Here are 5 reasons college students should practice yoga in college:


1. Instant friends

Let’s face it, no matter how big or small your campus may be, it’s sometimes hard to feel a sense of belonging. One of the best parts about yoga is the community that comes along with it. If you aren’t part of a club, Greek life, or athletics (and even if you are), dropping into a yoga class is a sure way of meeting some great people.
Say hello to your neighbor after savasana and you could meet your new best friend. (Pro tip: some schools even offer course credits for yoga classes taught on campus. Score!)

2. Yoga = Better Grades

Sound too good to be true? Guess again. There are numerous studies today that show yoga improves concentration, focus, listening skills, and overall attentiveness. Apply some of the focus you use to balance in Natarajasana (Dancer Pose) during next week’s boring chemistry lecture.

3. Stress Be Gone

Every college student knows the harsh reality of an all-nighter before an exam, cranking out a 15-page paper in a couple of hours, or anxiously waiting for that email back from a summer internship. Although it can sometimes seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day, blocking off just 15 minutes for yoga can relieve some of that craziness.
Whether you do a quick stretch or a full class, yoga allows you to clear your head, unwind your body, and focus on yourself for a change. Not to mention you can check off your exercise for the day and avoid the dreaded freshman 15. And speaking of that freshman 15…


4. Bye Bye Freshman 15

No matter what year you’re in, maintaining a healthy diet in college can be a struggle. Between the alcohol at night, the 2am snack when you get home, and the hangover bagel the next morning – the cycle is deadly. Even just an innocent bag of chips from the vending machine during a study session can contribute to extra pounds.
Just one hour of hot yoga can burn up to 1,000 calories! Combine that with positions like plank (to strengthen your core) and chair position (to tone up those thighs) and you’ll be saying goodbye to lbs. in no time.

5. Do it For You

Lots of yogis dedicate their practice to various things – whether it be a new goal, a friend or family member, or even finding world peace. Why not dedicate it to someone that often gets forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of daily college life – yourself! Forget about your calculous test next Tuesday or your intramural game tomorrow and carve out time to focus on yourself.
See what you can achieve during your practice. Perhaps it’s a breathing technique you can implement when you’re stressed, a new pose that leads to self-confidence, or learning to quiet your mind and put it to use during a lecture. Whatever it is you decide to work on the mat, you’ll find places to use it on campus too.

Every College Student Should Practice Yoga!

I’m not going to lie, there are times after a long day of classes or perhaps a long night of dollar beers downtown that it seems impossible to hop on the mat. But it’s safe to say that you’ll never walk out of a yoga class and think, “wow, I regret that!”
There are countless more reasons why you should fit yoga into your college life, but most importantly, it’s what you find after you leave your practice: new friends, a new method of dealing with stress, newfound self-confidence, and simply just finding some peace in this crazy world – the possibilities on (and off) the mat are limitless.
What’s stopping you college students? Go do some yoga!

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Victoria Majoros

Victoria is a Jersey girl following her love for journalism at the University of South Carolina. Rotating between iced coffee, green smoothies, and white wine, Victoria is finding a balance between being a senior in college and finding her inner zen through her obsession with hot yoga.

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