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These Are the 3 Biggest Yoga Trends You’ll See In 2021

The past year saw a huge shift in the way we practice yoga. As many of us settled into life at home, living rooms were quickly converted into yoga studios, and we learned to expect the doorbell 30 seconds into Savasana. Yoga trends changed fast.

So what can we expect from the year ahead?

After the year we just had – who knows! But one thing is for certain: health and wellness is sure to be a priority.


These Are the 3 Biggest Yoga Trends for 2021:

When it comes to yoga trends this year, here’s what to look out for.

1. Focus on Mental Health

The global pandemic has catalyzed a surge in mental health concerns, with anxiety and stress-related disorders strongly associated with increased financial difficulties, bereavements, and social isolation.

If mental health was not a priority for yoga teachers before, it certainly is now.

While yoga is not a cure for mental health problems, the mindful approach and stillness cultivated by a regular practice can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

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In 2021, we can expect more attention on the meditative aspects of yoga: a sharp change from the purely asana-based classes that have dominated the Western world.

For yoga teachers, this will mean honing in on breathing exercises and restorative movements to balance the nervous system and help manage those more difficult emotions.

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2. Online Yoga Classes

2020 witnessed an explosion of online yoga classes as teachers adjusted to life under lockdown. Unable to enter the studio, Zoom quickly became a yogi’s best friend with Wednesday’s Vinyasa Yoga class scheduled with a meeting link and passcode.

Now, as we become more adept with Zoom and Instagram Live, yoga teachers continue to find ways to bring their teaching online. refine their online offerings to enhance the student experience.

Live and pre-recorded online classes are definitely going to be a big yoga trend this year.

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3. Further Training for Teachers

2021 is the year yoga teachers finally get around to completing that further training course. New “stay at home” measures create more time to study and invest in continuing education, inspiring yoga teachers to take their business to the next level.

And, of course, now that online training is an option, the range of further training opportunities is limitless.

Unrestrained by location or time, the access to new courses will drive yogis to experiment and trial new trainings, and online training especially lends itself to more theoretical subjects like history, philosophy, anatomy, and physiology.

As we look toward the next year, further training is going to be a high priority.

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The Takeaway on 2021 Yoga Trends

Whatever happens in 2021, make sure you take some time for your yoga practice. The restorative and peaceful effects of yoga are most certainly worth it (lockdown or otherwise!).

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Melissa Albarran

Melissa Albarran is a passionate yogi, writer and podcaster. She manages communications for Yoga Alliance Professionals, a professional membership body for yoga teachers and trainers. Melissa finds immense joy in connecting with yoga professionals and practitioners, and is committed to supporting those working in the yoga industry.

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