10 Hilarious Pet Yoga Photobombs on Instagram

Your yoga practice is sacred. It is your opportunity to connect with yourself and find a place of refuge. But if you share your sacred space with your pet, you also know it can be the perfect opportunity to capture a hilarious photo. If your fur baby loves to be the star of the show during your yoga practice, you are not alone.

Check out these hilarious IG yogis whose pets stole the show – and the photo:


1. Caught in the act!


2. “Sure, that’s a great pose mom, but I’m still cuter.”

A photo posted by Cristiana (@cripxm) on


3. This kitty has some strong nails!!

A photo posted by Kaila Ann (@mybffkaila) on


4. “I can totally climb those legs! Let’s see how stable she really is.”

A photo posted by Fi West (@fi_west1) on



5. “Scratch my butt please. Now.”

A photo posted by Wibbs Coulson (@wib_yoga) on


6. And the winner of the adorable award goes to . . .

A photo posted by @yogi_head on


7. “You know what everyone? I’ve already mastered this pose, so I’ll let you practice.”

A photo posted by #YogaWithPets (@yogawithpets) on



8. “Hey, mom! Whatcha doooooooin’?”


9. “There are obviously more important things we need to focus on right now.”

A photo posted by Jamie (@elmejm09) on


10.”Is this what they call a selfie?!”

Pets enrich our lives and bring so much love, laughter, and fun. We love our animals and we are loving these adorable and hilarious pet yoga photos! We hope they made you smile as much as we did. 🙂
Do you have any funny pics of your yoga pets? We would love to see them! Post them in the comments below.

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Michelle Stanger

Michelle Stanger is a 200-RYT yoga instructor with years of teaching experience. She specializes in Power Vinyasa, Buti Yoga and handstands and is best known as a teacher for her fun, light-hearted attitude and classes that are as challenging as they are welcoming.


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