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Confessions of a Yogi: 5 Things I Still Do Despite My Yoga Practice (Funny)

Yogis aren’t only barefoot free spirits who eat organic vegetables, smell like patchouli oil, and say “namaste” to Whole Foods cashiers. Yes, we’re peaceful warriors and practice mindfulness on the reg, but life off the mat comes with a few swear words, vices, and generally being a normal human in our modern society.
It’s unrealistic to remove yourself from society to be a devoted yogi. We won’t make as much of an impact meditating in a cave in a remote mountain range as we will living our truth and inspiring others to do the same while adding to and benefitting society.
As a yogi, there’s a fine line between my dedication to the practice and the fact that I’m still human and hey – if I get cut off on the highway or have a rough day at work, I may just replace my “namaste” with a few other choice words. I celebrate my peaceful mindfulness as much as I do my favorite TV shows.
So let it go and let it flow! This lighthearted article is all about letting loose, having a good laugh, and reminding us all to take ourselves, our lives, and our yoga practice a little less seriously . . .

Here are 5 things I still do despite being a yogi:


1. I still yell (loudly) at other drivers

Road rage is real. Sometimes, I even get road rage in the parking lot leaving the yoga studio. I never honk, but I do yell a good series of expletives from my [closed] window at drivers who are slow, cut me off, need to make a left turn, drive a minivan . . . you get the drift. Remember: letting out anger and frustration is healthy! I try to view these [terrible] drivers as reminders to slow down, enjoy the scenery, and breathe.

2. I still sometimes ignore what my body’s trying to tell me

Yoga teaches us self-awareness and establishes a deeper mind-body connection. Through my yoga practice, I’ve learned to listen to my body and what’s it’s telling me, whether I’m in a challenging pose or off the mat.
But I’ll admit – I still don’t always listen to my body. There are days that I am very sore yet insist on muscling my way through poses. Eventually, I hit the wall that forces me to take a day off and reminds me that I definitely need to heed my body’s signals. Next time, I’ll skip the Power Vinyasa and try these 6 Yin Poses for Lower Back Pain instead.


3. I still indulge in wine and greasy food

Cheeseburgers, rosé, and nachos – oh my! Most days, I follow a diet that balances my macronutrients to fuel my workouts. I’m not a vegetarian (BBQ ribs are my first love), and I believe that small indulgences are good for the soul. Sometimes that means many french fries and many, many glasses of wine.
It’s ok to divert from a strict diet or to start an intuitive eating practice instead. Listening to your body, your cravings, and your desire to experience all the indulgences that being human has to offer doesn’t make you a terrible person.
Satisfy your sweet tooth without disrupting your flow: This Delicious Sunflower Fig Vegan Truffle Recipe is Packed With Superfoods

4. I still skip out on meditation

I’ll be the first yogi to admit that I don’t meditate every day . . . and sometimes, not for a whole week. Life gets hectic, and those extra minutes of sleep can feel so, so necessary. Don’t beat yourself up – it’s okay to miss a morning on your mat or in meditation (or both).
But because my meditation helps my mental health, I try not to make a habit of hitting snooze. Being spiritual isn’t about conforming to a set of strict rules that rob you of your power and joy. Being spiritual is about being in alignment with your truth and authenticity and acting accordingly. Commit to a steady yoga and mindfulness practice, but go easy on yourself – you’re only human!

5. I still binge watch TV shows

I “hate watch” House Hunters. More specifically, Tiny House Hunters, where someone always wants a bathtub in their 200 square foot box. (Can’t you just take a shower?!) I shout at house-hunting husbands who absolutely must have space for their foosball tables.
I know I should do something more fulfilling with my free time like watching a spiritually inspiring documentary, but I just can’t stop watching wives panic over carpeting.

The Final Takeaway for the Modern Yogi

Even yogis have our “off days,” and we are all beautiful works in progress. We should try not to let the road rage or crappy TV show marathons take up more space in our lives than the good-for-us habits and values.
But every once in awhile, damn it feels good to let an f-bomb fly at a jerk who makes us slam on our breaks. Namaste, sir. Namaste.

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Jenn Bauer

Jenn discovered yoga through a college class 9 years ago and never left her mat. She is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and shares her passion for wellness with the community in State College, Pennsylvania, where she currently resides.

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