10 Ways to Manifest Abundance This Summer

Spring is a time of renewal and re-birth. It is a time of nourishing our bodies, minds and souls so they can work together as one. Summer (in my opinion) is a time for fun! When we combine gentle shifts in our life while focusing on fun, life gets easier. And when life is easier, we feel happier. ☺
There are certain times of the year that are particularly powerful in terms of life changing vibrational shifts and getting “un-stuck.”
Here are 10 simple ways you can change energy patterns this season and create more lasting abundance in your life:

1. Start your day on a positive note.

Find a book, affirmation deck, calendar or app with inspiring quotes or powerful messages. Read for just a minute or two each day, before your feet ever hit the floor. Do NOT be tempted to scroll through your social media newsfeeds. We risk absorbing any and all energy that is out there. We want to treat our brains with certain fragility in the morning: be kind to yourself and only surround your morning thoughts with something that will lift you up.

2. Establish a 15-minute morning self-care routine around the body, mind and soul.

If you do #1 on this list each day, you already have the mind covered. For the body, choose something you can stick with and commit to. For example, drink a tall glass of lemon water or do five minutes of yoga or stretching. When choosing a five-minute exercise for your soul, choose something you feel interested in and drawn to. Take five minutes to write in a journal. Meditate. Read. Give yourself five minutes to daydream.

3. Be prepared for FUN.

Spontaneity is like a secret passcode into the world of FUN and good energy. Pack a “fun bag” and keep it in your car or at your office desk at all times – until needed! Fun and amazing things can happen at any given moment, so why not be prepared to act on them? Friends call you on a Friday afternoon for a weekend beach trip? You’re ready! Did the boss say it’s ok to take the rest of the afternoon off? Use it as an excuse to get some outdoor ME time. You won’t have to worry about not having your bathing suit, sunscreen, book to read, or toothbrush. You are taking away the excuses to say no. That grocery store trip and load of laundry can wait until Monday. You have a life to LIVE and LOVE today! You are already expecting FUN invitations to pop up, so now you are ready!

4. Actually give yourself time to dream.

As one of my mentors says, “if it isn’t scheduled, it isn’t real.” Schedule in blocks of 5-10 minutes 2-3 times per week, just for dreaming and wishing. You can daydream, sit in silence, or physically write down more of what you want. It can be a simple list or something more formal if you prefer. The point is that we need to actively draw attention to our wants/needs/desires and communicate them in order to receive!



5. New Moon Wishes.

Once a month, there is a new moon. It’s the perfect opportunity to walk through a short process that has helped me manifest my way into a life of freedom. The entire process takes anywhere from 15-60 minutes. If I told you that you could have anything in life you want for 15 minutes per month, would you do it? Want to learn how to create your own new moon wishes ritual? Download the Sapphire Soul New Moon Wish kit by subscribing at http://www.sapphiresoul.com/.

6. See the glass as half full.

Easier said than done, I know. In two words: practice gratitude. We are talking about going beyond “I’m grateful for….” lists. We are looking at hard-to-face situations in our lives and digging to pull an ounce of goodness out of it. No matter how bad it is, there is always something good to discover.

7. Set your intentions for each day.

Similar to #1 and #2, this is more of a self-affirmation. Write out 30 “Today will be….” statements. Today will be tasty, because_______. Today will be fun, because __________. Today will be filled with laughter, because ________. Then, depending on your schedule, you will fill in the blank. “Today will be tasty, because I am going to a new restaurant with my boyfriend this evening, and I can’t wait to try the happy hour cocktail!”

8. Tune in. Pay attention to those funny feelings.

This might sound contradictory, but giving (some) attention to those “bad” feelings will help you differentiate and bring in more of what you want. Don’t discount your intuition. Did your boss tell you that you suck, even though you just did your best for an important project? Try to recognize that not as someone trying to bring you down, but rather as the universe saying that you don’t want to work for someone like that. Try to see beyond the fear and look into the possibility!

9. Get crafty. Create a vision board.

Grab a few of your favorite magazines (my personal favorites are: Oprah, In Style, Yoga Journal and Redbook) and go to town tearing out anything and everything you are attracted to. Make a collage. Hang it somewhere you can see and be reminded of every single day.

10. Clean, remove, de-clutter, sage.

Everything is energy. Everything holds energy. From the pen you are holding to the plant on the windowsill, to the three pairs of work pants you’ve been holding onto because you “might” wear them someday. What kind of energy do you want hanging around? Clean up and clear out these items on a regular basis: closets, drawers, your car, your social media “friends.” Removing the old creates an opening for new possibilities. Letting go of stuff, ideas, people and things that are dragging you down will automatically clear a channel for magic to arrive. Then, once everything is cleared out, give it a “thanks for your time” and ask for what you need to arrive. Using sage in your home is a great monthly ceremony to have and will help form a positive relationship between you and the energy around you!
In order to create and manifest good energy, we need to be open to receiving it any way it comes. It probably won’t look like what you’ve had planned, and that’s OK. Just go with the flow… create space and time for mystery and allow the adventure to unfold!

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Allison Dailey

Allison Dailey is the founder of Sapphiresoul.com: The Original Mindful + Mystic subscription box. She is both a Desire Map Facilitator and Buti Level 1 certified. She will be teaching both in-person workshops this fall in the Michigan and surrounding areas as well as hosting online webinars and virtual retreats. Find her at www.sapphiresoul.com and on Instagram: @sapphiresoul_ad.


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