Looking for the Perfect Easy Breakfast? Try These 7 Overnight Oats Recipes

Overnight oats recipes are all the rage, and for good reason! They are quick, nutritious, perfect for on-the-go, and taste amazing!

Plus with endless potential for flavor and ingredient options, you’ll never get tired of finding ways to spice up these easy, healthy breakfast recipes.

The perfect breakfast to prep ahead, overnight oats require hardly any time and zero cooking, plus they’re yummiest eaten after 2-3 days but can last even longer so you can make them once, and enjoy them the whole workweek!

First – Why Are Overnight Oats Such a Popular Breakfast Recipe Trend?

Overnight oats are the same ingredients as oatmeal, but left to do their thing in the refrigerator overnight so they’re quicker to prepare and don’t require any cooking!

Since these overnight oats recipes are made for prepping ahead of time, they’re perfect for when you need a grab-and-go option.

Since overnight oats are a relatively blank slate on their own, they’re super adaptable and versatile, and can take on lots of flavors with different fruit, seed, nut, or sweetener combos.

And like all oats, they’re a nutritional powerhouse of a meal! Oats are brimming with healthy fiber and complex carbs that will keep you full for hours. Plus they’re high in protein and fat and full of vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron, manganese, and B vitamins.

And because of these nutritional aspects, these recipes aren’t just great for breakfast – they also make an awesome snack or pre-workout for long lasting fuel.

Check Out These 7 Pre-Workout Snack Ideas

Lastly, these recipes can easily be made fully vegan and gluten-free if you need (more on that below).

Before You Get Started, Here’s Which Oats to Use (Yes, It Matters)

When it comes to oats, they’re not all equal. You’ll want to start your overnight oats recipe with the right base. Old fashioned rolled oats work beautifully in all these overnight oats recipes.

Instant oats, the kind that comes in the little packages, are already going to have added (artificial) flavor and sugars. They’re also highly processed. Quick cook oats are better, but they’re still more processed which is why they cook quicker.

Old fashioned rolled oats are the least processed meaning they retain their fiber and nutrients, but unlike steel cut oats, they’re rolled flat so they’ll be perfectly soft yet chewy in these recipes.

Bonus tip: if you want to eat regular oatmeal, try using the old fashioned rolled oats. They still cook fast – just about as fast as the quick cook type!

Finally, if you’re gluten-free, make sure to check your labels carefully. While oats are inherently gluten-free, they’re often processed around grains containing gluten. If that’s a concern, just be sure to use certified gluten-free oats.

Here Are 7 Delicious Overnight Oats Recipes to Try This Week!

Pro tip: These are all designed to be no-cook, but if in colder months you need that comforting warm breakfast, simply heat up any of these recipes before eating! Yummmmmm.

1. Peanut Butter Overnight Oats


Minimalist Baker

Peanut butter plus tons of protein for breakfast – what’s not to love? This recipe from Minimalist Baker is loaded with extra protein thanks to the peanut butter and chia seeds.

You can add optional sliced fruit or additional chia or flaxseed for some crunch factor. Use whatever plant milk you have!

2. Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats

Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats

The Food Network

Pumpkin pie for breakfast anyone!? This overnight oats recipe from The Food Network gets spiced up with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, and maple syrup. Feel free to add your choice of chopped nuts or top with fruit, if you’d like.

3. Cinnamon Bun Overnight Oats

cinnamon bun overnight oats pipercooks

Piper Cooks

When you want your Monday morning breakfast to taste as decadent as the weekend’s brunch, enter: cinnamon bun overnight oats from Piper Cooks.

These overnight oats get dressed up with Greek yogurt (choose a vegan one if you prefer, and even non-Greek yogurts will do!) plus vanilla extract, brown sugar, and plenty of raisins.


4. Chocolate Overnight Oats

chocolate overnight oats

Chocolate Covered Katie

With this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie (a fitting name!), you can basically have brownie batter for breakfast! And yes, it’s actually healthy.

Cocoa powder is blended into oats, chia seeds, plain yogurt, and plant-based milk of your choice for a decadently chocolate batter studded with chocolate chips. Yummm!

5. Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats recipe

Well Plated

This overnight oats recipe from Well Plated is essentially the flavor of fall in a jar, but good any time of the year with the classic flavors of apples and cinnamon. This is another recipe that gets additional heft from the yogurt and flaxseed for long-lasting satiety.

6. Maple French Toast Overnight Oats

maple french toast overnight oats

Fit Foodie Finds

The ingredients of this recipe from Fit Foodie Finds are simple – still your basic combo of oats, milk, spices, and nuts, but the addition of mashed banana and maple syrup makes this totally taste like French toast in a jar.

Is your mouth watering yet?!

7. Vegan Yogurt Overnight Oats

Vegan Yogurt Overnight Oats

Hurry The Food Up

Add some extra zing and also bulk up the protein in this overnight oats recipe from Hurry the Food Up by adding vegan yogurt (or yogurt of your choice), which blends into the oats beautifully as they sit overnight. Berries add antioxidants and delicious jaminess.

With These Delicious Overnight Oats Recipes, You’ve Got Endless Healthy Breakfast Inspo

These overnight oat recipes really are a no-brainer when it comes to easy, quick and healthy breakfasts that can be prepped well in advance.

The flavor combinations are endless, so don’t be afraid to try new combos or tweak any of these seven overnight oat recipes to make them your own!

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