9 Warning Signs That It’s Time for a Yoga Retreat

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Stressed? Overwhelmed? Feeling run down?
It happens to everyone.
Sometimes it comes from our lifestyles, our work, or unexpected events that life throws at us.
Sometimes the wisest thing you can do is take some time off to invest in yourself. Maybe it’s time for a yoga retreat.
Here are 9 warning signs that it’s time to take a much-needed break. If you’re experiencing any of these, then a retreat is calling to you…

1. You can feel you’re not as balanced emotionally as you’d like to be

We’ve all been there.
Your emotions are all over the place and causing serious tension. You’re just not in the right place mentally and emotionally, and your thoughts feel like they are attacking you. It may have been caused by many different things, but you’re now ready to do something about it.

2. Daily life is getting overwhelming

The daily stresses are building up in your life and they’ve reached a breaking point. Little things that didn’t used to bother you are now piercing through your buffer and you find yourself reacting to things more and more.

3. You’ve recently thought to yourself, “I need a holiday.”

Has this thought come up in your head recently?
If so, you’re probably needing a break. Instead of a holiday where you just sit on a beach, maybe what you really need is a yoga holiday – a way to go inward and center yourself again.

4. You can feel your soul is restless

You’re doing a lot, but just don’t feel like whatever it is you’re doing is enough. You feel as if there is more to life, but aren’t sure exactly what that is or how to figure it out . . .
You feel a certain restlessness inside and want to answer that call.


5. Work stress and “first world problems” are making you feel run down

Even though people living in the first world have some of the most comfortable surroundings, it often comes at the price of health and wellbeing.
The constant treadmill of work and achievement can leave you feeling run down and weary.

6. You feel like you have nothing left to give

If you’re a parent trying to juggle your kids and your career, or you’re in a job where you feel you’re constantly pouring everything into it, or you simply feel like your gas tank is running on empty . . .
. . . then your body is sending you a message:
It’s time for a change!

7. You’re working too many nonstop hours

Work can be one of the most satisfying things in the world. Achievement, recognition, impact, meaning. Your work can bring all these things.
But sometimes it becomes too much.
Sometimes you’re the one getting worked. You get so wrapped up in a project or a job that you realize you’ve simply been working too much.
It may be time to balance that out with some well-deserved investment in yourself.

8. Your stress factor continues to go up

Stress is friction in the system. When friction in any system or machine builds up, it starts to break down. It stops running smoothly.
As humans, we’re meant to run smoothly, but stress makes life so much more difficult than it needs to be.
If you feel your stress levels continuing to rise, then it’s time to take a weekend or week (or two!) off to unplug, de-stress, and recharge your batteries.

9. You’ve been going through a tough grieving process and want to reconnect with yourself

You may have just gone through a breakup, a divorce, or a death in the family. This can leave you in a pool of grief that can go very deep.
Once you have allowed yourself to truly feel your sadness and your pain, you naturally come to a place of wanting to know how to move forward.
This is where a retreat comes in.
A retreat gives you a nurturing and supportive environment, while still having your own personal space for reflection and centering. Yoga retreats are a wonderful opportunity to bring more clarity into your life and emerge with a deeper understanding of your situation.
Final words
If you found yourself nodding your head when reading some of these, or felt like this described your situation, then it’s time to do something about it.
It’s time to find a retreat that will nourish your soul again and bring you back to center.
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Namaste and happy travels, yogis!

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