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Zen Master Alan Watts Talks Passion + The Law of Attraction (Video)

We all want to have our dream job and get paid for doing something we love. But how many of us are actually living in alignment with that desire and taking action to make it a reality?
In order to create the life we want to live, we must first believe that we are worthy of what we desire. Then we must attract the people, circumstances, skills, and opportunities that will help us bring that desire into fruition. Lucky for us, the universe is our greatest ally in this cosmic mission through The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction and How it Impacts Your Life

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that operates on energy, frequency, and alignment. Basically, if we can get clear on what it is we want to cultivate and attract into our lives, then we can more easily make that a reality by aligning our energetic frequency (thoughts, actions, and words) with the frequency of that which we want to attract.

Joy brings more joy, love brings more love, and hate brings more hate.

If you hate your job and walk into work each day thinking about how much you hate the place and the position, the Law of Attraction states that you will only attract more of that vibration of unhappiness in your life.
If you instead shift your mentality and start thinking, “This job is not in alignment with my passion or purpose, but I am not stuck and I am not going to do something for work that I don’t love,” you are now creating a sense of hope and empowerment (which drastically elevates your vibration) and you are also opening up a door for the universe to deliver magic straight to you.

“Figure out some way in which you get paid for playing.” – Alan Watts

The timeless wisdom of Alan Watts is as true today as it was when he was traveling the world in the 1970s, sharing his insight and experience with the Law of Attraction and living with purpose and clear intention.


Meet Zen Master Alan Watts

Alan Watts was an educator, public speaker, and author and has continued to enlighten and inspire audiences long after his death. The Law of Attraction is one of his passions, and he learned to use this universal law to create a life that was rich, fulfilling, and saturated with purpose and joy.
A zen master and student of theology and religion, Alan Watts built his life on the idea that he would not only never work for someone else, but he would also never work in a field, position, or otherwise that did not 100% align with his passion, purpose, and potential.
Press play on this video and listen to this incredibly influential and inspiring theologian share his insight and secrets to living your best life by putting the simple yet powerful Law of Attraction into action.

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Morgan Garza

Morgan is a modern mystic in every sense of the word. As a published author of the book Soul Magic, she lives by the ancient wisdom she teaches about in her book and in workshops around the world. In addition to being an author and teacher, Morgan is also an entrepreneur and community leader. Her mission is to empower you to become your own guru.

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