These Yoga Leggings Are Designed by an Autistic Artist to Spread #AutismAwareness

Our friends over at Fit Rebel are using the popularity of athleisure fashion to spread #AutismAwareness.

To support and spread autism awareness, Fit Rebel has teamed up with autistic artist Yuri Azzari to create artful masterpieces on a new type of canvas – leggings!

These beautiful, unique yoga leggings are supporting a cause that we can really get behind. Not only are they reasonably priced, but proceeds are donated to the artist as well as the National Autism Society of Malaysia.


Meet Yuri Azzari, the Artist Behind the Designs

Yuri Azzari (@yuriazzari_autistic_artist) is an autism advocate and autistic artist with some serious talent. He’s a painter with a specialty in abstract art, and he creates vibrantly colorful, dramatic, and striking works.

Yuri Azzari was mentored by famous Malaysian artist Raja Azhar. From childhood, he already exhibited signs of his creative, artistic nature. From the young age of four, he was sketching with extreme precision and detail. His parents noticed his gifts immediately and gently guided him through his thriving art career.

This creative autistic artist can now add “fashion designer” to his resume as he recently teamed up with Fit Rebel to create more stunning art – this time on athletic wear.

Yuri has sold countless paintings and merchandise with his printed artwork. And now he’s adding a new offering to his works: Fit Rebel’s #AutismAwareness Yuri leggings.


Meet the Brand Behind the Cause, Fit Rebel

Malaysian athleisure brand Fit Rebel has had a mission since their inception. Born from a desire to “bring sexy back to batik,” Fit Rebel prints traditional Malaysian batik art on their athletic wear as a patriotic showcase of the versatility and beauty of Malaysia’s art.


Their intention is to bring international awareness to Malaysia’s traditional art form and to create beautiful athletic wear to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

Branching out past their roots, they’ve teamed up with autistic artist Yuri Azzari to produce a new line with a new cause of #AutismAwareness as their first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

Support #AutismAwareness and Grab Your Pair of Leggings Designed by Autistic Artist Yuri Azzari

Shop with a purpose! Not only are these leggings unique, eye-catching, and comfortable, but they also support a very worthy cause. Proceeds from all sales go directly to this talented autistic artist as well as to the National Autism Society of Malaysia (@nasomcares).

The vivid canvas leggings are artistic, distinct, and also super handy with a secret side pocket to hold your small personal items. Functional and cute, they’re also slimming – specifically designed to make your thighs look long and lean.

Fit Rebel ships internationally and supports a worthy endeavor so you can feel good knowing that your purchase is supporting #AutismAwareness and this very special autistic artist.

Shop these leggings here.

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