Ladies: Here Are 5 Ways to Awaken and Celebrate Your Sexual Energy

When was the last time you felt sexy – not for anyone else, but just for you? How often do you dare awaken your sexual energy?

As women, we’ve been socially conditioned to believe exploring our sexuality is wrong. Choosing to take on the same sexual experiences as men is deemed “promiscuous” or “slutty.”

Our names are literally changed for acting on the same desires as our male counterparts. We are disrespected for the same actions men do freely, or are even respected for.

But here’s the serious question: what’s wrong with wanting to feel sexy? Who are we hurting? No one. Men just feel the need to police what they can’t benefit from.

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Set Your Divine Sexual Energy Free

Stigmas and social conditioning have left many of us dealing with sexual repression. The problem with this is that so much of our power lies within our own divine sexual energy. It is the hub for our creativity and sources our power.

This divine sexual energy deserves to be set free!

And tapping into this energy has nothing to do with anyone else. It is all about you. You deserve to feel sexy for you!

Now let me be clear . . . There is nothing wrong in wanting to dress up or be sexy for your partner or choice for the night. You do you, girl!

However, there is also nothing wrong with wearing the same thing to be sexy for yourself.

It’s a new day and we are teaching ourselves how to move through life with our own divine sexual energy illuminated. This is good, because we should not be learning about ourselves and our bodies through the gaze of men.

You are the sun . . . go shine!

Here Are 5 Ways to Awaken and Embrace Your Divine Sexual Energy:

Are you ready to feel sexy?

1. Pose for a Sensual Photoshoot

Like Rihanna says in “POSE” – take a photo! At first you may feel silly, but relax into it and have fun. You may find that the things you thought made you feel sexy have changed. Notice what new things you discover and what old things still have you feeling yourself.

Start with a few things that you already feel sexy in. And this is a solo journey. Notice if you are talking yourself out of feeling sexy because someone else doesn’t think your “pajama pants” are sexy . . . so what?! You do!

You may choose lingerie, cute panties, or boy shorts. Some of us may choose our birthday suits!

As women, it’s the whole experience that makes us feel sexy.

As an extra bonus, pull something out that you may not see as sexy. And play with how you can feel sexy in it. Tap into your sensuality. How does it feel touching your skin? How does it smell? Try saying things that make you feel sexy while wearing it.

As women, it’s the whole experience that makes us feel sexy. Tap into your sensual, sexual self and explore.

When you feel ready and sensually tapped in, snap a photo. Evaluate how seeing yourself makes you feel. What body postures can you play with? Can you work with the buttons and ties on your garment to show more of you? The stage is yours, my love. Have fun!

2. Do the Thing

Be bold and brave and try the thing you’ve been thinking about.

Do the thing with your hair. Play with your color palettes. Experiment with make-up or go make-up free! Wear that dress that’s in the back of your closet. No need for a special occasion . . . you are the special occasion.

When we are learning to love ourselves, we are more easily swayed by the opinions of others. As we grow in self-love, we begin to shed our need for approval.

Is there something you always wanted to try, but someone talked you out of it? There is no greater victory than doing it anyway and rocking it!

And the beautiful thing about life is that if you don’t like something, you can change it, or do something else. We are evergreen and ever growing . . . so do the thing!

3. Recite Self-Love Affirmations Daily

Wake up and say these every morning, write them down, and envision yourself glowing in your divine sexual energy!

  • I am sexy
  • I am love
  • I am all
  • I am powerful
  • I am desire
  • I am abundance
  • My energy is magnetic and everything that is meant for me will find me


Get a journal specifically for you to explore your sensual, sexual self. Record your new revelations about what makes you feel sexy. Journal about how you felt during your photoshoot.

Use this journal as a tool to understand what makes you feel sexy and what gives you pleasure. Then be honest and gentle with yourself as you unearth the experiences in your life that altered how you view your sexual energy.

Hug, kiss, and speak beautiful words over yourself as you move through these emotions and blossom into your new bloom of energy. You are okay now. You are safe to be ALL of you.

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4. Spend Some Time With Yourself in the Mirror

If you haven’t noticed, these steps are getting more and more vulnerable. Because guess what? Vulnerability is sexy.

It takes a lot of courage and trust to be vulnerable. The ability you have within you to be vulnerable is not a weakness. It is a strength. You are so sexy right now.

This next step may be uncomfortable for some of us. Especially if it’s your first time trying this. So without judging any part of it, just move at your own pace.

Go to your mirror. Look yourself in the eyes. Be with yourself as long as you can.

Vulnerability is sexy.

If you are comfortable, begin to talk to your soul. If you can do this aloud, beautiful. It’s okay if not. Your soul hears even your most gentle whispers. Identify all the intricate details you love about your body. You are truly special and deserve to hear it.

“I love the dips in my hips. I love my almond shaped eyes. I love the way my feet support me as I rise.”

Over time, you will grow more cozy and comfortable with yourself. With time, more sensual words will come. Maybe revisit your sensual, sexual journal and write yourself a love letter if you feel so inclined.

You are your soul’s first love. Treat her well.

5. Move Those Hips

Our hips serve as the holster for our power. They serve as the guards to protect our source, our queen, our yoni.

When we move the hips, we re-energize this power. As we open up the hips, we share this power. In both cases, the power is divinely yours.

Make a conscious effort to support your power daily by moving your hips. You’ll begin to notice your sexual energy heightening.

Dance like no one’s watching, do some yoga, move while submerged in water and notice how the water flows as you move your hips.

Do anything you like to move those hips and balance your Sacral Chakra (the area in between the hips or pelvis). The Sacral Chakra harnesses our divine sexual energy – the mother of our creativity.

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Ladies, Let’s Embrace and Celebrate Our Sexual Energy!

Maybe you do some of these things already. Maybe you’ve done none of them. Both of these places still led you here.

You are yearning for permission to be free. Now you have it!

Go be sensual and sexual and enjoy yourself!

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Frandasia "Frannie" Williams

Frandasia is a wellness guide for her company, Guided Surrender. She is a performer and also teaches yoga and improvisation. She is passionate about mental health, self-love, and living an abundant life. As a wellness guide, she believes we can find healing using what we already have within us.


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