Top 5 Places to Visit In Bali – Asia’s Most Popular Yoga Destination

Bali is dubbed the “Island of the Gods,” and for good reason. This wanderlust worthy paradise island at the heart of Indonesia in Southeast Asia boasts a plethora of healing practices, gorgeous views, ancient rituals and plenty of spirituality.

Each year, millions of tourists flock to Bali from around the world in search of healing, yoga, serenity, a reconnection to nature and the self, and an escape from the madness and pressures of “real life.”
Bali, one of over 18,000 islands in the archipelago, has a lot to offer. Surely you’ve heard of a few of the following 5 wanderlust worthy spots in Bali, but there are also some unexpected hidden gems in this list that will rev up your inner compass and ignite your soul.
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Top 5 Wanderlust Worthy Places to Visit in Bali

1. Uluwatu + Padang Padang Beach

Image Credit: Wonderful Bali Tours

This hidden gem in the Bukit Peninsula at the southernmost tip of Bali is absolutely stunning. Flanked by limestone cliffs that drop into the Indian Ocean, this perfect sunset spot is also a surfer’s paradise. The culture is chill, the waves are big, the views are breathtaking, and the food is surprisingly varied.
The two sister beaches (about 2 miles apart), Uluwatu and Padang Padang boast white sand, ultra clear turquoise water, and views that will surely help you dive into the depths of your gorgeous soul. Even if you’re not a surfer, you will love this quiet retreat from the insanity of Bali’s tourism.
Accommodation: Hostels from $10/night, Homestays from $18/night, Hotels from $50/night, Villas available
Eat and drink: Breakfast + coffee from $6, lunch from $3-$12, dinner from $8-$15

2. Canggu


Image Credit:

Pronounced CHan-gu, this black-sand volcanic beach town west of Kuta and Seminyak has a more relaxed vibe with a touch of trendy, hipster eateries. You can easily walk just about anywhere, or rent a scooter to navigate the many streets lined with boho shops, cafes, hotels, and bars.
This little gem is sure to satisfy the eclectic traveler looking to eat well, have peace and quiet, or party hard, listen to good music, and clean it all up the next morning with an epic smoothie bowl, yoga class, and legit surf session. It’s easy to live cheap here or go all out. There’s something for everybody at every price range.
Accommodation: Hostels from $4/night, Homestays from $11/night, Hotels from $30/night, Villas available
Eat and drink: Breakfast + coffee from $8, lunch from $6-$22, dinner from $8-$40


3. Ubud


Image Credit: Hanging Gardens of Bali

The most well-known city in Bali by soul-searchers, Ubud is the yoga and spiritual capital of the Island of the Gods. The city is primarily centered around 2 main streets and between rice paddies.
You can find a multitude of spas, ayurvedic healing centers, yoga studios, book shops, crystal shops, vegan and raw vegan cafes, rice terraces, monkeys, and just about everything you’d want to detox from the pressures of “reality.”
Ubud has long been a bohemian city, attracting writers, artists, and creative types for decades. When Elizabeth Gilbert shared her experience in her infamous novel Eat, Pray, Love, the city was forever emblazoned in the minds of all western soul searchers.
Today, you will understand immediately why Ubud has long been the epicenter for healing in Bali. You will also find the famed Tegalalang Rice Terrace here and stunning views of the active Mount Agung volcano just a short drive away.
Accommodation: Hostels from $5/night, Homestays from $18/night, Hotels from $30/night
Eat and drink: Breakfast + coffee from $8, lunch from $3-$22, dinner from $9-$40
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4. Plaga

plaga 11.51.51 AM

Image Credit: Ananda Gotama

Did you know that Bali has a wine country? While this is not the most incredible wine you’ll taste in your life, it is a beautiful region to visit with its vineyards and views of the countryside from the expansive bridge in the region.
This part of Bali is especially interesting to visit because it is located in the middle of the island, between active volcanos, away from the hustle of the main cities, and in the center of a heavy jungle. Getting in touch with nature here is easy, making it even easier to to get in touch with yourself.
Accommodation: Homestays from $11/night, Hotels from $25/night
Eat and drink: Breakfast + coffee from $9, lunch from $5-$15, dinner from $10-$40, bottle of wine for $10-$40

5. Nusa Penida


Image Credit: Salt in Our Hair

This dreamy island off of Bali’s southeast coast is one of the most pristine and preserved places in Bali. Known for diving, white-sand beaches, local culture, and stunning sunsets, this is the ultimate retreat from the wild streets of Ubud and the packed beaches of Canggu.
If you’re looking to get away, you’ll find silence, solace, and stunning views on Nusa Penida. Just a short “fast boat” ride away from the main island, you can reach this remote paradise in under an hour, and enjoy cheaper prices for villas, tasty eats, snorkel rentals, and scuba diving shops . . . and a 100% authentic cultural experience.
Accommodation: Homestays from $15/night, Hotels from $30/night
Eat and drink: Breakfast + coffee from $7, lunch from $5-$35, dinner from $20-$60

Wanderlust, Away! Enjoy Your Trip to Bali

Go to Bali to fall in love with yourself, with nature, and with the warm, wide smiles of the locals and their vibrant culture. You will surely come back rested, rejuvenated, and deeply connected to your truth.
Bon voyage!

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