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7 Inspiring AF Travel Instagram Accounts for Wanderlust Inspo

Social media: say what you will about it, but it inspires us. It gives us all a window into the lives we’d never otherwise see.

While it can certainly suck us into endless scrolling and wasted time, Instagram can also inspire the heck out of us to get off our couches and go see the world (or least get a big dose of inspo and maybe a side of FOMO).

Enter these seven travel Instagram accounts.

Because if you’re gonna scroll, you might as well take a virtual trip around the world.

Follow These 7 Travel Instagram Accounts for Some Serious Wanderlust Inspo:

Check out these amazing travel Instagram accounts that will have you booking tickets and wanting to quit your job and hit the open road, like yesterday.

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1. @ourvieadventures

“Our Vie:” as in “our life” in French, but also RV – get it?! If you’ve ever had so much as a touch of #vanlife envy, it’s about to get a lot worse!

The adorable couple of @ourvieadventures looks almost too perfect for real life. But their feed (while picturesque) is refreshingly relatable and down-to-earth.

Their rig of choice is an old renovated Toyota Dolphin, which they originally set out in with their cat to see all the national parks in the U.S. Adding to their adorable factor is their toddler who is now joining them on their family travels.


2. @acrovanliving

Breathtaking views. Acro yoga. Young beautiful people with ripped bods and man buns. @acrovanliving: check, check, check.

This jaw-dropping account features the nomadic lifestyle of Dana and her husband, plus their self-built van. They’ve traveled together across 27 countries in their van, doing yoga along the way.

The combination of all these key ingredients means their account basically encapsulates what travel Instagram accounts inspo dreams are made of.

3. @everthewanderer

Rachel is the long-term traveler behind this account, with frequent appearances made by her husband Phil (who she full-time travels with). Name it . . . @everthewanderer has probably been there.

From gorgeous ocean shots in Thailand to cruising Venetian canals or prancing through lavender fields, this account has every bit of #travelporn you could ever want to feast your eyes on.

Bonus points for the fact that she and her hubby renovated a campervan to tour Europe in. So you’ll find your fix of #vanlife inspo along with the gorgeous sights and picturesque scenes.

4. @rachellately

Rachel, the solo female travelista and blogger on a budget behind @rachellately, is based in Austin, Texas but features posts from New Zealand, Utah, NYC, Tulum, and more.

She might not always be in the most awe-inspiring locations in the world (she’s not in a different country in every post and shows off a lot of her hometown of Austin), but her pictures are such eye candy. (Literally, her feed is like a CandyLand game board of colored tiles.)

Her pictures are stunning, her captions are thoughtful and engaging, and honestly her content is just so damn fun, it’ll have you wanting to get out there and make an adventure of life, even if you don’t leave your own hometown.

5. @wanderluluu

If you’re all about variety and beautiful imagery, you’ll love @wanderluluu. This travel Instagram account is run by another solo female traveler, Lauren Pelkey.

She doesn’t limit herself to the same-old rehashed pictures like some influencer accounts. Each is totally different, so you get a variety of beautiful nature scenes, stunning tourist attractions and architecture, palm trees, ocean, city scenes, and everything in between.

She provides interesting details about the cities and countries she visits. Plus her outgoing, fun-loving tone reminds us all that solo travel can be a blast, and that you don’t need a partner to see the world and have a ball doing it.

6. @vegaroundtheworld

If eating your way around the world is your idea of a dream trip, you’ll definitely lose yourself in the feed of @vegaroundtheworld. This travel Instagram account is run by a plant-based travelista named Piper.

She’s on a mission to hit up 12 countries in 12 months, and share eats from each one. You don’t have to be vegan to appreciate her feed. It’s far from a collage of salads and kale smoothies. It showcases mount-watering meals you’d never even know were vegan from Costa Rica, Greece, Colombia, and more.

She focuses on the meal and gives a mini restaurant review with each post, plus shares tips and interesting cultural tidbits for each place. (Don’t scroll this one on an empty stomach.)


7. @tinyhousetinyfootprint

With plenty of ocean sunsets, mountain ranges, national park scenery, and sun-kissed views, Kathleen Morton (the chick behind @tinyhousetinyfootprint) will make you crave the open road in a big way.

She lives and posts out of an old van, and is the co-creator of @vanlifediaries, an account with half-a-million followers that shares stories of #vanlife. Safe to say, she’s kind of an expert in this niche.

In addition to sharing her own reflections and pictures, she shares stories of other #vanlife accounts, so you’re getting many stories and viewpoints in one place.

Ever been curious to try the van life? Check out: I Tried Living Out Of a Van For a Week – Here’s What I Learned

Get Inspired by These Travel Instagram Accounts!

Feeling inspired AF yet? Wanting to drop everything and run to the nearest airport?

It’s fun to dream and live vicariously through other people’s Instagram accounts, but the best part of all? Social media reminds us that we can have these lives . . . because if these travel Instagrammers are doing it, why can’t you?

Happy scrolling and travel-planning!

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