The Only 4 Postpartum Books New Moms Need to Support Mental, Emotional and Physical Health

You’re probably looking for the best postpartum books if you’re reading this article. And we know there is an infinite amount of postpartum resources for new mothers and parents. But this can also be overwhelming!

That’s why this article lists the top four postpartum books for:

  • Overall healing, mind-body-soul
  • Postpartum nutrition
  • Mental health
  • Breastfeeding

Expecting parents typically read, research, and extensively prepare for their little one’s arrival. Although that is wonderful and important, there is often one thing many parents forget to do (or don’t know they should be doing) . . . which is preparing for the mother’s postpartum experience!

There is an unbalance in regards to prenatal and postnatal care for new mamas. There are often only one or two medical checks for the moms post delivery; immediately after delivery and then around six weeks to be “cleared” for exercise and intercourse.

Therefore, there is so much of a new mom’s postpartum experience and recovery that is left unattended.


4 Best Postpartum Books for Mom: These Are the Resources You Need


#1 Postpartum Book for Soul Healing: The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimester
The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions, and Restoring Your Vitality by Kimberly Ann Johnson is a postpartum must-read for both expecting and postpartum moms.

It’s a well-rounded, comprehensive and holistic guide that offers practical advice to support women through postpartum healing on the physical, emotional, relational and spiritual levels — and provides women with a roadmap to this very important transition that can last from a few months to a few years.

Some of the topics included:

  • How you can prepare your body for birth
  • How you can organize yourself and your household for the best possible transition to motherhood
  • Simple practices and home remedies to facilitate healing and restore energy
  • How to strengthen relationships and aid the return to sex
  • Learning to exercise safely postpartum
  • Carrying your baby with comfort
  • Exploring the complex and often conflicting emotions that arise postpartum
  • And much more

The Fourth Trimester beautifully explains the necessity of taking the time to prepare for all aspects of the postpartum phase. This postpartum book is the ultimate soul save and resource for new moms.


#1 Postpartum Book for Nutrition: The First Forty Days

The First Forty Days
The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother by Heng Ou is the antidote to the awful “bounce back” marketing so prevalent in western society.

The first forty days after the birth of a child offer an essential and fleeting period of rest and recovery for the new mother.

Based on author Heng Ou’s own postpartum experience with zuo yuezi, a set period of “confinement,” in which a woman remains at home focusing on healing and bonding with her baby, The First Forty Days revives the lost art of caring for the mother after birth.

New moms need to nourish their body, be gentle with themselves and tend to their mental and emotional needs postpartum.

This postpartum book includes sixty simple recipes for healing soups; replenishing meals and snacks; and calming and lactation-boosting teas, all formulated to support the unique needs of the new mother.

In addition to the recipes, this warm and encouraging guide offers advice on arranging a system of help during the postpartum period, navigating relationship challenges and honoring the significance of pregnancy and birth.

#1 Postpartum Book for Mental Health: The Postnatal Depletion Cure

The Postnatal Deletion Cure
The Postnatal Depletion Cure: A Complete Guide to Rebuilding Your Health and Reclaiming Your Energy for Mothers of Newborns, Toddlers, and Young Children by Dr. Oscar Serrallach covers topics many other books leave out! It’s filled with trustworthy advice, protocols for successful recovery and written by a compassionate expert in women’s health.

This postpartum book is a guide to help any mother restore her energy, replenish her body and reclaim her sense of self.

While postpartum depression has become a recognizable condition, this is the first book to treat root causes of mommy brain, baby blues and other symptoms that leave mothers feeling exhausted. Most mothers have experienced pain, forgetfulness, indecision, low energy levels, moodiness or some form of baby brain.

And it’s no wonder: The process of growing a baby depletes a mother’s body in substantial ways – on average, a mother’s brain shrinks 5% during pregnancy, and the placenta saps her of essential nutrients she needs to be healthy and content.

But with postnatal care ending after six weeks, most women never learn how to rebuild their strength and care for their bodies after childbirth. As a result, they can suffer from the effects of depletion for many years, without knowing what’s wrong as well as getting the support and treatments they need.

#1 Postpartum Book for Breastfeeding: Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding

Ina Mays Guide to Breastfeeding
Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding: From the Nation’s Leading Midwife by Ina May Gaskin shares everything you need to know to make breastfeeding a joyful, natural and richly fulfilling experience for both you and your baby.

This postpartum book is filled with helpful advice, medical facts and real-life stories that will help you understand how and why breastfeeding works and how you can use it to more deeply connect with your baby and your own body.

Whether you’re planning to nurse for the first time or are looking for the latest, most up-to-date expert advice available, you couldn’t hope to find a better guide than Ina May.

Inside you’ll find answers to virtually every question you have on breastfeeding, including topics such as:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Nursing challenges
  • Pumps and other nursing products
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Nursing and work
  • Medications
  • Nursing multiples
  • Weaning
  • Sick babies
  • Nipplephobia
  • And much more

Breastfeeding? Here Are 5 Ways to Naturally Increase Milk Supply

Why You Need Postpartum Resources

Most of the postpartum marketing and advertising online focuses on immediately bouncing back, losing the baby fat or getting your pre-baby body back. Those messages are the last things that a new mom needs to see or hear.

New moms need to learn how to nourish their body, be gentle with themselves and tend to their mental and emotional needs during the intense and transformational time post-delivery.

12 Calming Mantras For Mommas-to-Be and New Mommas Too

Western culture is slowly understanding the importance of rest and recovery during this time. Thankfully, there are many holistic resources emerging online to support moms when they need it throughout their postpartum journey.

These Postpartum Books Are a Resource and Support New Moms

Carving out time for your own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self is essential in all phases of motherhood, including the immediate postpartum.

Looking for more postpartum books for new moms? Here Are 5 Books Every New Mom Should Read

These resources are practical guides to help you navigate this precious time of life with more grace, ease and confidence. The better you take care of yourself, the better you can take care of and to those around you.

Which postpartum book will you read or share with your new mom friend? Or better yet, do you have another favorite we should know about? Please share with us in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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Alexa Torontow

Alexa Torontow is a naturopathic medical student, prenatal/postnatal yoga instructor, nutritionist, and new mama. Her mission is empowering women to enhance their vitality, health and overall wellness through regular movement, proper nourishment, and education on how to take the best care of their unique self. Connect with Alexa on social or through her website.


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