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5 Ultimate Tips to Help You Get in Shape and Rock Your Summer Body

Getting in shape for summer is a goal many of us share. And getting in shape can mean many things for many people.

Whether you’re wanting to get stronger and build more muscle, gain more flexibility and mobility for your summer activities, or have specific goals for what your version of a summer body is, these five tips will help you get there.


Follow These 5 Tips to Get in Shape and Rock Your Summer Body:

Summer is here and you can get in shape quickly by following these five tips!

1. Set Specific Goals

Saying you want to “get in shape” is a vague goal. What does “in shape” mean to you?

Research shows vividly describing your goals (and writing them down) makes you much more likely to achieve them.

Instead of telling yourself you want to get fit, tell yourself you’re going to begin – and maintain – a regular yoga practice, or improve your workouts in a measurable way.

For instance, if you’re a runner, you might aim to cut 30 seconds from your mile. If you’re a yogi, maybe you increase the amount of classes you attend from two to four per week.

Just make sure the goals are realistic and attainable. You’ll get discouraged and quit pursuing fitness if you set unreasonable expectations for yourself.


2. Enjoy It!

Sometimes studies reaffirm the obvious: People who exercise in ways they legitimately enjoy are more likely than others to reach their fitness goals.

Being fit is about being healthy and feeling good about the skin you’re in. Ditch the scale and focus instead on how you feel.

Experiment with a few different types of activities until you find one you genuinely like. If running isn’t for you, you might prefer strength training or cycling.

It’s also a good idea to work out with others if possible. Surveys show this makes working out more enjoyable. Going to the gym or a yoga class with a friend creates more accountability and support.

3. Remember to Rest

Some people are so enthusiastic about getting in shape for summer that they work out too hard. This won’t help you reach your goals. Your body needs time to rest and recover, otherwise you risk injury.

Signs you’re not resting enough between workouts include constantly sore muscles, fatigue, moodiness, feeling stiff, to name a few. Give yourself a break if you notice these symptoms.

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4. Strength Train

Many people assume that cardio-based workouts are the best or quickest way to get in shape, but the issue is that cardio burns calories from both fat and muscle.

Strength training burns calories from fat while simultaneously building muscle. According to researchers, that’s why people who include strength training in their fitness routines are more successful at getting in shape and staying that way than people who solely focus on cardio.


5. Track Your Progress

Setting goals helps you develop the initial motivation to work out. Tracking your progress helps sustain your motivation.

Self-love and body positivity is what leads to your most confident version of y.o.u.

It takes a while for your appearance to change as a result of exercising regularly. You might think you’re not getting in shape if you rely strictly on the mirror to tell you whether you’re reaching your goals.

By monitoring your progress in other ways (how much weight you can lift now, previously challenging yoga poses feeling more accessible, how much faster you’re running, etc.), you’ll give yourself a constant reminder that you are indeed getting fit.

Bonus Tip! Love Your Body

Ultimately the most important tip to remember is that your body is beautiful, strong and amazing. Being fit is about being healthy and feeling good about the skin you’re in. Ditch the scale and focus instead on how you feel.

Self-love and body positivity is what leads to your most confident version of y.o.u.

Get in Shape, Love Your Summer Body, and Adopt a Lifelong Healthy Lifestyle Along the Way!

Of course, safety is always the most important. Don’t push yourself too hard if you’re not used to working out.

After all, getting in shape for summer isn’t just beneficial for a few months.

This experience should lay the foundation for a lifetime of fitness. You’ll be more likely to continue exercising throughout life if you pace yourself accordingly.

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