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These 14 Popular Online Barre Classes Will Tone and Strengthen Your Entire Body

If you’ve never experienced a barre workout for yourself, then you are in for a surprise! While barre may appear to only be graceful micro movements, it is also a seriously butt-kicking workout.

The term “barre” typically references the handrail in ballet that supports and helps train dancers, but it’s also a popular workout style that typically integrates elements like low-impact fitness, dancing and Pilates.

Barre is a multidimensional workout that integrates dance and cardio movements to sculpt and strengthen your full body.

Even though barre seems like it could be the latest trend in movement and fitness, it’s actually been around much longer than you think. The history of this strength and flexibility training can be traced back to before the French revolution in 1789.

Sometime in the 1970s, barre training made its way to the US where ballerina Lydia Bach opened a barre studio in New York. From there, it quickly evolved into an effective way to tone and build lean muscle while being low impact and therefore gentle on the body.

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What Makes Barre Workouts Different From Other Fitness Modalities?

Barre is a multidimensional workout that integrates dance and cardio movements to sculpt and strengthen your full body with an emphasis on your legs, arms, and core.

While many bar movements are smaller and more focused on repetition, these movements can be extremely challenging and demand attention and discipline, much like ballet. Barre workouts are an excellent way to strengthen your body and increase mobility. Barre classes are also a great cross training for other types of movement or exercise that you do.

In fact, many celebrities, from Natalie Portman to Hina Khan and Jessica Alba swear by barre workouts! Even Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn have been depicted in the media doing barre workouts from decades past.

Many celebrities, from Natalie Portman to Hina Khan and Jessica Alba swear by barre workouts!

And despite the “barre” in its name, you don’t necessarily need an actual ballet barre to practice. Some barre classes don’t use one at all, or might use a chair or wall instead.

If you’re curious about barre and interested in trying it for yourself, the YA Classes online streaming platform has plenty to choose from to accommodate all levels and skill sets!

Beginners: This Online Barre Class Is For You!

Barre Class
With Dawnelle Arthur

Ready to get acquainted with barre? This all-levels barre class led by Dawnelle Arthur is the perfect introduction to barre. Dawnelle reviews the poses before beginning the class to help you orient yourself with each position and the terminology to help you feel confident as you move.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll engage your thighs and glutes while also challenging your abs. You’ll feel the challenge with every pulse, plié and relevé. Each movement adds on to the next in easy-to-follow instruction and integrates a chair as a prop for balance to create a “barreless” barre class that seems to fly by!

Want the Full Body Barre Workout Experience? Try This Online Barre Program

Barre Program
With Kelly Richardson

YA Classes teacher and veteran barre instructor Kelly Richardson guides you through six fun and engaging online barre classes.

These on-demand barre classes each focus on different muscle groups to help you fully grasp the technical alignment in each pose for a total body workout that includes your upper and lower body, core, glutes, HIIT and rejuvenating recovery stretches.

Build Serious Strength In Just 30 Minutes With This Barre Workout

Barre Class
With Lauren Beth Jacobs

In this intermediate express barre class led by YA Classes teacher Lauren Beth Jacobs, you’ll enjoy playful yet challenging movements set to energizing and uplifting music. This on-demand class combines ballet movements with low-impact cardio and plyometrics.

Lauren Beth Jacobs has an infectious passion for the practice, which shines through in her teaching and helps keep you motivated. This class has such an upbeat energy you’ll find it nearly impossible not to smile as you follow along.

The best part about this workout is that it’s barre-less and an express class, so you’ll be done in just over 30 minutes (perfect when you don’t have a lot of time or if you want to fit it into your lunch break).

Strengthen Your Core and Legs In This Online Barre Tone Class


Barre Class
With Alba Avella

Ready for a fiery barre workout? You’ll love this all-levels barre class led by Alba Avella where you’ll dive right into traditional barre technique and poses that strengthen and tone your legs, glutes and core.

In this online barre class, Alba uses a chair to accompany the movements, so be sure to keep one close by (or use a countertop or piece of furniture if that’s available to you). You’ll quickly feel the burn in this class with each plié, and take intentional pauses to reconnect with your breath as you move onto the next pose.

YA Classes Is Your One-Stop-Shop for Online Barre Classes!

Barre workouts are such a great way to diversify your fitness routine.

Whether you already do yoga, are a runner, lift weights or love HIIT, barre is an excellent addition. And whether you’re already a barre fanatic or are interested in experiencing your first class, there’s something for everyone from the YA Classes online barre classes library.

Ready to get your barre workout on?! Check out more of our online barre class selection below.

Have you tried YA Classes by YouAligned yet? Did you know that every class a member completes helps plant a food-producing tree? We’ve planted nearly 300,000 trees and counting!! Explore our vast selection of online classes ranging from barre and Pilates to yoga, fitness, meditation classes, and more. We add new online classes every week!

If you’re already a YA Classes member, thank you for practicing with us! If you haven’t tried us yet, you can start your free 14-day trial to see what makes our classes so special.

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