Follow These 4 Steps to Totally Rock Your First Yoga Audition

So you just graduated teacher training (or maybe you graduated a while ago but decided to hold off on teaching until now), and you’ve just gotten your first audition!
You’re excited, but you’re also thinking “oh crap . . . now what?”
The good news is that you’ve spent 200 hours (or 500 hours) of your life training for this, and you are infinitely more prepared than you think.
The even better news is that I’ve got a list of things you can do to rock your first audition so you can get started living your yoga teaching dream a reality.

The good news is that you’ve spent 200 hours (or 500 hours) of your life training for this, and you are infinitely more prepared than you think.


Follow these simple steps to rock your first yoga audition:


Step 1: One Week (to a Few Days) Before the Audition Practice Teaching Your Sequence

This one might sound obvious, but it wasn’t for me. I “prepared” for a little over a week for my first audition, but what I didn’t realize was that I was practicing the actual flow . . . not practicing how I would teach it. This resulted in a very clunky audition full of awkward cues (luckily I redeemed myself in the end).
Grab your bestie, your significant other, your mom – anyone you can get your hands on – and practice teaching the exact flow you plan on using for your audition. Do this at least once, but ideally, several times before the big day!
Personally, I find that teaching a sequence more than once to different people is key because observing how your students respond to your word choice is really helpful for cuing.

Step 2: The Night Before the Audition Listen to Your Playlist and Visualize How it Will Work With Your Sequence

A typical audition will last only about 8-15 minutes. This is roughly three to five (short) songs. Yet some auditions will be a half hour or even the full hour, so be sure to prepare for any of these possibilities.
In your very first audition, those few minutes can feel like a lifetime. If you’ve been given the opportunity to use music, take it, but be sure to listen to all the songs all the way through and either practice your flow to the music or spend time visualizing how you want each song to work with your sequence.
Using music in an audition is great for a number of reasons. For one, it’s very comforting to hear a familiar sound in a stressful or unfamiliar situation. Also, using music in your audition can aid with memorizing your sequence. You’ll remember the challenging arm balance sequence you designed happens during that fast techno song and that when you hear gongs it’s time for child’s pose.
Don’t have an option to use music? That’s okay! Try, for example, incorporating pranayama in a way that anchors and grounds your flow.

Step 3: A Few Minutes Before the Audition Meditate + Breathe Through the Nerves

You’ve arrived at the studio. You’re wearing your favorite yoga outfit that makes you feel comfortable + confident. You may even be wearing a bracelet made from your favorite crystal. Arrive a few minutes early so you’ve got time to settle in before you begin.
At this point, try with all your yogi strength to resist the urge to incessantly go over your sequence and take at least 60 seconds to close your eyes and meditate. If you know you’re really nervous and you’ll need a full-blown meditation sesh, try to set aside some time before you leave home.


Step 4: Throughout the Audition Keep Believing In Yourself

Choose a mantra or positive affirmation that aligns with your needs and desires, and focus on that in the time leading up to your audition. Then, throughout the entire audition, keep coming back to this mantra or affirmation and feeling of self-confidence. Give yourself encouragement! You’ve got this, you ARE capable, and most importantly, you are worthy. Remember that.
After you’ve prepared, you will arrive at your audition feeling confident, peaceful and ready to rock. These simple steps will not only help you relax and stop stressing, but will also give you the confidence and self-assurance you need to totally rock this yoga teaching audition. You can also use this time preparing for the audition to focus on manifesting a yoga teaching career you love.
Talk to us! We want to hear how your audition went! Already a yoga teacher with advice to share for new teachers beginning their journey? Please share in the comments below and uplift the community!

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