A Girl’s Guide to Great Sex: 8 Empowering Tips to Have Amazing Sex Every Time

Ladies, having good sex is within reach! And you deserve it! As a dating coach, my work is to empower men and women to find the love they are looking for through self-fulfillment and confidence in all aspects of their lives.

A big part of what I do is to guide my clients through whatever is holding them back when it comes to confidence, intimacy and finding a great romantic connection.

Good sex is a popular topic of conversation because while it is something we all want, being better in bed is not something all of think we can have.

Yet with a few simple steps, you can find your confidence to ASK for what you want in the bedroom, be better in bed and of course … have good sex!

When you feel sexy, you are sexy!

In concert with sizzling chemistry, you have the ability to make each sexual encounter a hot one! Hopefully, your partner has some skills that’ll make your body quake and your eyes roll back in your head.

But, let’s take your lover’s skills out of the equation for a moment. If you want to have hot, passionate, mind-blowing sex, you can take control.

Ladies! Follow These 8 Tips to Be Better In Bed and Have Good Sex:


1. Love Your V

The female anatomy is complex and you need to know how you operate before you can expect your partner to understand how to traverse the confusing and sometimes intimidating lady area.

A great book to read: She Comes First by Dr. Kerner. He knows what’s up and lays it all out!


2. How Do You Get In the Mood?

Know what you need to get in the mood. Do you need a romantic set up? To have a connecting conversation before undressing? Need to make out for a while to get comfortable?

Whatever it is for you, do it! And don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you need to do to get in the mood.

3. Practice Skills in the Sack

No Pillow Princesses here! Know what you’re doing and be an active participant in bed! Have some sensual tricks up your sleeve. Not sure what to do or where to begin? Talk it out with your partner or ask friends for advice.

4. Open Your Mind

Be willing to experiment and to learn from your lover! You don’t know until you try. So if you’re comfortable, try it . . . you might like it!

5. Let Go So You Can Find Your Climax

Sex and sexual satisfaction is mental, not physical! Let go of the insecurities, shame, and fear! Get out of your head and into your body!

Just be yourself. There is nothing sexier.

Don’t be afraid to seek professional help with past traumas and current difficulties. Read Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski, Ph.D. to understand more about the psychology behind these mental blocks.

6. Embrace Your Sexy Side

When you feel sexy, you are sexy! So quit worrying about how you look. Your partner loves it when you enjoy sex and are satisfied.


7. Talk It Out

Look, our partners aren’t mind-readers. They might not be able to translate your movement or moans. They need feedback – verbal feedback.

Do you like it? Does your partner need to do something different? If details or instructions are too difficult, take baby steps and use positive reinforcement. “Oh, I like when you . . .” Speak up and share what you love – and what you don’t.

8. Be Mindful

Remain present during sex – become ultra aware of the feelings, sensations and the powerful connection that you and your partner are sharing. Did you know you can have different types of orgasms? Know how you can get yourself off and be open to mindfully exploring that with your partner.

When you are mindful, sex gets that much better because you’re fully in the moment both mind and body, and you can communicate what you need to your partner.

You Deserve An Amazing Sex Life: It’s Better In Bed With These Tips

If you want to know how to be better in bed and have amazing sex, you already have all of the tools to make it happen!

Your mind and body are a work of art. Appreciating art is open, free, and an experience of the senses.

To be mindful and present during sex is something that many of my clients struggle with. But, when they finally let go, the fireworks go off! Sexy is in your hands!

So, just be yourself. There is nothing sexier.

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Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith is an International Dating Coach, author and yoga instructor. The ‘Female Hitch’ is the host of the Game of Love Podcast heard in over 33 countries on all major platforms. Jessica also leads transformational yoga retreats around the world to help people step into their power and love themselves unconditionally.

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