How Yoga Teachers Can Use Instagram Promotion to Grow Their Brand

As yoga teachers living in the most advanced technological age, we are blessed with the opportunity to take our teachings beyond the studio and offer them to the global yoga community. Instagram promotion is the perfect way to do this!

Probably the most resourceful kula (community in Sanskrit) for yoga teachers is the thriving collective of yogis on Instagram. Not only does Instagram allow us to broaden the scope of students that we can reach with our message, but it is also a helpful career builder.

By being active, authentic, and a little strategic, yoga instructors can build Insta-relationships that can lead to teaching jobs, increase class attendance, yoga clothing representation, new connections with fellow teachers and students, and much more!

Here Are 8 Instagram Promotion Tips to Grow Your Brand

The following tips explain how instructors can use Instagram promotion to best serve themselves as yogis and their careers as yoga teachers.

By implementing these tips, your Instagram will spread your unique and authentic message to as many yogis as possible, while building your brand at the same time!

1. Post Daily and Publicly

No need to overwhelm yourself and turn Instagram from a fun and inspirational aspect of your teaching into a stressful burden. One post a day is plenty to keep your current connections engaged and draw new students and professional relationships your way.

And make sure your Insta-account is set to public. This way you won’t limit who can see your posts so you can reach as many yogis as possible!

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2. Use Hashtags

On every photo and video you share, be sure to include hashtags in the text. Do some recon on Insta-yogis you admire to get some ideas for hashtags you can use.

Some popular yoga hashtags are:

  • #yoga
  • #yogalife
  • #yogaeverywhere
  • #yogainspiration
  • #yogaeverydamnday

Using hashtags will place your posts in the collection of images and videos that have also used that hashtag, making your content searchable and ready to inspire new yogis.

3. Tag Friends, Studios, and Locations

You can also use individual profile tags and geotags to target a localized community where you live and teach. This can be especially helpful if one of your goals for using Instagram is to grow your class attendance or promote a particular studio.

In your posts, be sure to tag your local studios, along with the students and fellow teachers you’re connected to and then geolocate yourself with a tag on Insta.

4. Participate in And/Or Host Challenges

Participating in an Instagram yoga challenge will aid in getting your content to the hearts and minds of yogis around the world.

Yoga challenges are also a great way to build consistency on Instagram, since the challenges ask you to post every day. After 30 days of participation, your personal and professional community will definitely begin to blossom!

Instagram allows us to broaden the scope of students that we can reach with our message.

If you feel up for it, hosting a challenge is another great way to work with Instagram promotion! Reach out to yoga companies that you admire and ask them to sponsor your challenge.

Ask all participants to follow you in order to be eligible to win the prize and gain followers and community in the blink of an eye!

5. Don’t Be Shy!

Don’t be shy about letting yogis know what they can do to help you grow as a teacher. Sometimes people just need a little nudge to take actions that they naturally feel compelled to do.

Ask your Insta-kula to like your posts, follow you, and to find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Another great strategy to spread the reach of your photos and videos is to ask your community to tag others in your posts. This is sort of like getting an Instagram letter of recommendation, which translates to an Insta-connection with another yogi!

6. Jazz Up Your Profile

If you have a personal website, make sure you include it in your account profile. Remind yogis to check out your site by asking them to click the link in your bio. You can also include links to the studios where you teach.

7. Post Your Schedule/Events

A great way to grow your class attendance is to include a weekly post that lists all the classes you will be teaching that week or all the upcoming events you have planned.

Be sure to tag the studios, retreat centers, etc. and the yogis that frequently attend! For extra engagement and attendance, ask yogis to tag a friend they would like to have a yoga rendezvous with at one of your classes, workshops, or events.


8. Engage With Your Community

Even on Instagram, balance is key! Make sure that you balance out your posting with an equal amount of engagement on other people’s Insta-offerings.

Developing these relationships will not only connect you more deeply and personally to the yoga community on Instagram, but those relationships may lead to professional collaborations in the future – on Instagram and beyond!

The Takeaway on Instagram Promotion

Above all of these tips, tricks, and pieces of advice, the best advice for yoga teachers on Instagram is to simply be authentic to their teachings. Think of the images and videos you post on Instagram as little snapshots of what you teach in real life.

And just like in those classes, when we try to mold ourselves into what we think others want us to be, something just doesn’t feel quite right when we roll up our mats and go home.

By using Instagram from a place of authenticity, we attract the yogis who resonate most strongly with our unique message.

But when we teach from within, letting our own innate wisdom shine through, these are always our best classes. And this will also create your best posts.

By using Instagram from a place of authenticity, we attract the yogis who resonate most strongly with our unique message. These are the most valuable connections we can make as they will lead us to the most rewarding personal and professional connections.

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