10 All-Natural Cleaning Products for a Tidy and Healthy Home

In Sanskrit, saucha means purity, or cleanliness. This yogic concept reminds us that a clean and organized space makes for a clean and organized life.

But when it comes to keeping a clean home, you don’t want to use just any old cleaning products.
Conventional cleaners can be packed with harsh chemicals and other toxic ingredients that can cause irritation to your skin, eyes and throat, as well as long-term health complications.
Instead, you want to choose eco-friendly and non-toxic home cleaning products that clean just as well as conventional products, but without the harsh chemicals.
Here are our 10 of our favorite all-natural cleaning essentials for a healthy you and tidy home:

Nyl Foaming Castile Hand Soap

While you are scrubbing to keep you home clean and pristine, don’t forget your hands! The Foaming Castile Hand Soap ($18) from Nyl is a luxurious and creamy hand soap that cleans your hands while providing excellent moisture. The fresh citrus scent is uplifting and absolutely divine!

Hand Soap

nyl Foaming Castile Hand Soap ($18)

This cleansing hand soap is made from organic castile soap from vegetable oil, vegetable glycerine and essential oils. It is gluten-free, 100% organic, vegan and cruelty free, and it’s made in small batches in the USA. Shop it here


Better Life All-Purpose Cleaner

The Better Life All-Purpose Cleaner (2-pack for $11.57) is a high-quality cleaner for all surfaces, from countertops to bathrooms and everything in between. It cuts through grease, grime, soap scum and all of life’s little messes without leaving behind residue.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Better Life All-Purpose Cleaner (2-pack for $11.57)

Made in the USA with solar energy, this multi-surface cleaner is free of VOCs, petroleum and other harsh chemicals, and it’s not tested on animals. Sounds good to us! Shop it here


Sports Suds Laundry Room Combo Kit

A clean, fresh-smelling home starts with a clean washing machine! Sports Suds offers a Laundry Room Combo Kit ($31.90) that begins with a Washing Machine Cleaner that cleanses your washing machine and removes detergent, oil, dirt, bacteria and odors. Once your machine is clean, you can confidently wash your clothes with the non-residue, odor-eliminating Laundry Detergent.

Laundry Detergent

Sports Suds Laundry Room Combo Kit ($31.90)

Clean your washer with Sport Suds Washing Machine Cleaner, then wash your clothes with Sport Suds Laundry Detergent. The combo is non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, septic and greywater safe, and not tested on animals. Shop it here


Miracle Essential Oils Diffuser and Essential Oils

Instead of toxic air fresheners or artificial fragrances, you can use essential oils and an electronic diffuser from Miracle Essential Oils. Place a few drops of Miracle Essential Oils’ high-quality single oils and blends in the Miracle Ultrasonic Diffuser ($57.97), Lavander-oiland your home will have aromatic, refreshed and cleansed air. Add lavender for a soothing environment, or you can choose tea tree oil for purified and cleansed air.
Miracle Essential Oils is extending a special deal for YouAligned readers: Buy 3 of their oils for only $24.90 when you click on this special link.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Miracle Essential Oils Diffuser ($57.97)

Use Miracle Essential Oils’ high-quality single oils and blends in their Ultrasonic Diffuser to freshen rooms up to 400 square feet for up to 6 continuous hours. Shop it here


Skoy Cloth

Offered in a 6-pack, the Skoy Cloths ($6.99) are reusable, absorbent multi-use cloths that replace paper towels, sponges, rags and dishcloths. In fact, one cloth replaces 15 rolls of paper towels in the average home and absorbs 15 times its own weight. The non-GMO cloth is made using water-based inks and colors and is free of chlorine and bleach.

Cleaning Cloths

Skoy Reusable Cleaning Cloths

These biodegradable cloths are made of natural cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp and can fully compost at end of their life within just 5 weeks. Shop them here


Method Dishwasher Detergent

What good is a clean home if your dishes are cleaned with and covered in harsh chemicals? Method Dishwasher Detergent ($10) is a 100% natural dish detergent gel that is made with plant-based ingredients. Clean your dishes and make them dazzle with this plant-derived dish detergent gel.

Dish Soap

Method Dishwasher Detergent ($10)

100 Natural Non-toxic Biodegradable pH Neutral. Septic tank gray-water system safe. Dairy Free. Gluten Free. GMO Free. Kosher. Method dish detergent is free of bleach and other harsh chemicals, but it’s tough on grease and baked-on foods. Shop it here


Truce Wood Surface and Floor Cleaner

The True Wood Cleaner ($14.99) is a great wood and laminate floor and surface cleanser. You can use it for light projects like dusting, but it’s tough enough for heavy-duty jobs and stuck-on grime on your floors and countertops. It has just five simple ingredients, including olive oil, vinegar and citrus oils. This formula is concentrated, so add your own water and extend the grime-fighting power!

Natural Cleaner

Truce Surface and Floor Cleaner ($14.99)

Use this hypoallergenic spray for all of your light and heavy-duty messes, from leather, wood, laminate, cabinets and floors to stainless steel surfaces. Shop it here


Twist Scrub Sponges

The Twist Scrub Sponges 6-pack ($6.99) is a plant-based multipurpose scrub sponge that you can use in any room of your home. Made from 100% cactus, the scrub sponge is dye-free, and made without plastics, chemicals or toxic glues and plastics.

Natural Sponge

The Scrub Sponge from Twist ($6.99)

The Scrub Sponge from Twist is the perfect multipurpose scrub sponge for your kitchen, furniture, bath and outdoor purposes. The twist sponge is 100% biodegradable and dishwasher safe for easy sanitation and prolonged life. Shop it here


Bon Ami Powder Cleanser

For deep cleaning without scratching surfaces, the Bon Ami Powder Cleanser ($7.03) is a gentle yet effective eco-friendly cleanser. The cleanser uses feldspar and limestone as abrasives with renewable cleaning agents from corn, coconut and palm oils. It also uses baking soda to absorb odors and keep them gone for good. The cleanser is hypoallergenic and contains no detergent, bleach, chlorine, perfume or dyes.

Cleaning Powder

Bon Ami Cleaning Powder ($7)

The cleanser is great for cleaning and polishing glass, windows, mirrors, metals, aluminum, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic tile and much more. Shop it here


Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh Lavender Natural Fabric Refresher

Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh Lavender Natural Fabric Refresher ($12.24) doesn’t just cover up odors. It uses natural enzymes and essential oils to eliminate odors that get trapped in furniture, bedding, curtains and other fabrics.

Fabric Freshener

Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh Lavender Natural Fabric Refresher ($12.24)

This fabric refresher naturally eliminates odors in your home without harsh chemicals, fumes or artificial colors or fragrances. Shop this here


HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

The HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp ($24.99) is a natural air purifier that cleans the air in your home. Handcrafted from natural Himalayan salt crystals, the lamp emits a soft amber glow and negative ions that reduce stress, increases your energy, and cleans and freshens the air in your home.

Air Purification

HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp ($24.99)

The natural Himalayan salt lamp cleanses the air in your home and emits a soothing amber glow throughout your sacred space. Shop it here

After you clear the clutter and thoroughly cleanse your home, take a moment to sit back and bask in your newly cleaned space. Without the excess baggage and chaos, your mind and body can relax. Breathe in deeply and appreciate the fresh air within your home and savor the thought that you achieved this without the use of harsh household cleansers.

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