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4 Acroyoga Love Stories to Follow and Feel Inspired #Couplegoals

As if yoga for one wasn’t already beautiful enough, how about the intimate connection two yogis exude when creating a connective pose? Enter Acroyoga, a physical practice combining acrobatics and yoga to create partner-oriented poses. Think: balancing your booty, or head, atop a pair of someone else’s feet … in the air.

Just like love, trust plays an intricate role in this style of practice. Whether attempting a new trick or working to reach a deeper level of an old one, the practice requires constant communication. It’s perhaps the new age couple’s therapy as practitioners journey from one pose to another. Daringly sexy and incredibly interdependent, the simplest pose can sometimes trigger inner fears, while the most complicated ones can provide the ultimate breakthroughs when achieved.

If you’re looking to feel the love, then head to Instagram, where these four couples prove that love and yoga can go hand in hand.


Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein

They met while inverted in an LA yoga class. Now the two have joined forces to create Bryce Yoga, a site that connects both their individual schedules as well as their combined ones. From retreats, to teacher training, to workshops, these two have taken ‘power couple’ to the next level.
Follow their Instagram page, @bryceyoga for lighthearted videos, family fun, and powerful poses.


Honza and Claudine Lafond

It’s the type of love story you can’t take your eyes off of. The love they have for each other and for their practice leaps off their Instagram page and into your hearts. It’s addicting, and only in a good way.

The two “met” roughly 10,00 miles apart, via a family friend who had a strong intuition that the two needed to connect. And so they started conversing through e-mail, eventually met in person in New York, and the rest is history. Now the founders of a well-respected global brand, YogaBeyond, the couple have curated multiple platforms in which to connect the yoga community.
Follow their Instagram page, @yogabeyond to view their endless international adventures as they link up atop mountains, bridges, cruise ships and more.


Patrick Beach and Carling Harps

Based out of Portland, Oregon, this couple curates playful, intentional and well-balanced Vinyasa Yoga classes and demonstrations with a focus on alignment. Together they form Patrick and Carling Yoga, touring the world to spread their knowledge, styles and adventure for a deeper practice. When watching the two separately, you become aware of their different styles that prove they are indeed yin and yang. When flowing acro-style, their complementary personalities mold into a heart-warming flow that moves you.
Follow their instagrams, @patrickbeach and @carlingnicole to watch them flow separately and together.


Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis

After meeting at a nightclub pop-up at Miami’s Art Basel in 2011, the two connected on a very common interest: their love for health and wellness. Bronfman, a DJ, model and the founder of HBFit, a website dedicated to heath, beauty and fitness, is all about partner work outs with Fallis, a world-renowned DJ who was also named one of the “15 Hottest Men to Follow on Instagram” by MSN Lifestyle. The couple’s separate Instagrams are filled with photos consisting of the two proving that head over heels is a real thing — taking their Acroyoga skills anywhere from the beach, to the lake, to the gym.
Follow their Instagrams, @brendanfallis and @hannahbronfman to feel the love and get motivated to take your practice everywhere.
So why Acroyoga? As you can see by these four inspiring couples, it provides more than just the opportunity to get fit, which is already something they love to do. Simply put, this practice allows them to explore; to explore their playfulness as an individual and as a unit; explore their boundaries of trying something new, and perhaps daring; explore their inspirations, from a gym floor to a field in the middle of no where, on the busy streets of a city, and at the edge of a cliff.

Would you pick up your feet and practice this style of yoga with your significant other?
Image: @yogabeyond

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