8 Inspiring Yogis to Follow on Instagram

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration for your yoga practice — and Instagram is the perfect platform to turn to. Instantly, you can connect to thousands of unique and diverse yogis around the world for tips, inspiration, new poses to try, and more. So get online and immerse yourself in all that Instagram has to offer, starting with these 8 inspiring Insta-yogis:


Patrick is a fantastic yogi to follow on Instagram. His pictures have an artsy flare that expose the beauty and elegance of the simplest to the most advanced poses. His practice is a perfect example of how elegant yet masculine yoga can be. Patrick’s page makes you keep coming back for more—his photos never get old. Get ready to be inspired!



Irene is such a positive woman to follow because she exudes a sense of confidence and self-esteem that’s contagious. She offers tips on alignment and reminds us how important it is to honor our bodies in our yoga practice. Irene’s posts often contain links to other inspiring yoga teachers and practitioners, so you’re sure to find more Instagram yogis that resonate with you too. Her photos are gorgeous and you’ll love her tattooed art almost as much as her poses!

A photo posted by Irene Pappas (@fitqueenirene) on



Reina and Breanna love to have fun, and we simply can’t get enough of them. These lighthearted women show that you can practice yoga seriously even if you’re laughing the entire time. Their account is filled with colorful pants, warm smiles, and excellent acro yoga videos. Reina and Breanna aren’t afraid to post pictures and videos of their failures, reminding us that we’re all going to struggle with various poses in yoga, and the challenge is what makes it fun!



Honza and Claudine Lafond lead a life of fun and adventure, and their Instagram page is proof. They post beautiful travel yoga pictures that may convince you to drop everything and book a vacation. They blend their love of yoga with destinations off the beaten path. They are pictured here in Karlovy Vary, a beautiful town in the Czech Republic filled with old charm and beautiful architecture. Following them reminds you how much of the world is waiting for you to discover it, and what better method of discovery than through yoga!



Brian Miller’s words of wisdom are so calming. As a yogi, he is friendly and accessible, and certainly a positive role model for males in particular who want some yoga inspiration. Brian throws in thought-provoking quotes to augment your practice. This photo has the caption: “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” -William Shakespeare



Kathryn Budig is all about variety in her posts, which makes her fun to follow. She posts about yoga, food, and dogs— who wouldn’t love such a fabulous combination?! Kathryn is also a yoga writer for several publications, making her someone to follow and connect with in the yoga community.



Brionhy Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein are yogis and parents who travel the world teaching yoga workshops. Their posts make you want to grab your significant other and practice together, be it partner/acro yoga, or simply taking a class together. Their Instagram account is down to earth and enjoyable no matter how experienced you are at yoga.



We love Amanda’s Instagram for her posts that include yoga but also inspire all kinds of working out. As a former pole-vaulter, Amanda is a fantastic role model for staying physically fit in your own way. She created her own training program because she was bored with other people’s workouts. Her many photos of fruit make you want to grab your blender and whip up a healthy, colorful concoction.

A photo posted by Amanda Bisk (@amandabisk) on



These 8 yogis are sure to inspire their followers, and we love following them because they are such positive yoga role models. One simple post may change the way you view yourself or your yoga practice. By no means is this list all-inclusive – we know this is just the tip of the Instagram yogi iceberg, so please feel free to share your favorite Insta-yogis to follow in the comments below!

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Eirinn Norrie

Eirinn Norrie is a writer and martial artist. She has a passion for traveling the world, and enjoys crocheting, reading, cooking, and finding new and interesting ways to work out. She loves tae kwon do, partner yoga, and online abs videos.

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