Which Ayurvedic Dosha Are You? Take This Fun Dosha Quiz to Find Out!

More and more yogis are beginning to discover and explore the teachings of Ayurveda. An easy way to begin this process and invite more holistic healing is understanding your constitution (aka, your Dosha) with an Ayurveda Dosha quiz.

Although Ayurveda (AKA “the science of life”) has been around for thousands of years, it’s making a strong comeback now.

Ayurveda’s theories can fit in today’s world when eating, practicing yoga, and in daily self-care routines. It can be incredibly balancing and healing.

For many, Ayurveda explains the reasons why some of the “healthy” things we know and love work great for some and backfire on others.

For example, this is Why You Shouldn’t Drink Green Smoothies During Winter + What to Eat Instead

Why Ayurveda? The Wisdom of Ayurveda Doshas

Ayurveda teaches that each of us has one to two predominant Doshas, which are the energy types in our mind and body. Ideally, we would each have a perfect balance of all three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

In the 21st century, it’s rare to see this balance on its own without the knowledge and intention behind implementing Ayurvedic principles.

Upon your first discovery of Ayurveda, it may sound complicated. Each Dosha is made up of elements (such as fire, water, wind, etc.) and each element consists of different principles and characteristics (think: fluidity, movement, space).

Because it’s ancient Indian medicine, taking a modern perspective on some of these practices can take some adjusting.

Your Ayurveda Dosha, health history, and spiritual journey is 100 percent unique to you (just like your fingerprint). However, learning more about your specific Dosha is a great way to begin your journey.

What Is Your Dosha? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About These Ayurvedic Mind-Body Types


What’s Your Ayurveda Dosha? Take This Fun Ayurveda Dosha Quiz to Find Out!

Let’s dive in to discover your most predominant Dosha with this simple Ayurveda Dosha quiz. Read the statements below and select which is “most like” you out of the three answers, even if it’s not a perfect fit.

1. When it comes to starting something new:

  1. I have a quick grasp of learning and love changing it up!
  2. I have a moderate grasp of learning new things, and it’s okay but not my favorite
  3. I’m slow to learn new things and I prefer keeping my routine


2. After sleeping, I remember my dreams involving:

  1. Free flying, jumping, or running
  2. Anger, violence, or adventure
  3. Water, nature, clouds, or peaceful interactions


3. Speaking of the weather, I like it best:

  1. Hot and sunny; I hate the cold and am very sensitive to it
  2. I get overheated easily; I can’t handle too much sun
  3. I really don’t like it damp or cold; I prefer warm, dry weather


4. My financial situation tends to be:

  1. A little all over the place. I struggle to save and I spend more money than I realize
  2. I’m great at saving, and spending
  3. I’ve got a solid savings plan in place, and it’s just a way of life for me


5. On a typical day, I tend to eat:

  1. Sporadically; I often graze, sometimes I can eat a lot, other times, I work through lunch and completely forget
  2. Regularly and frequently. I never miss a meal, and if I do, I define “hangry”
  3. Later in the day. Breakfast rarely sounds good to me and I eat small to medium meals


6. My friends and family would probably describe me as:

  1. Adventurous, anxious or creative
  2. Short-tempered with little tolerance with things that annoy me
  3. Pretty level-headed and predictable


7. I often express myself in my relationships:

  1. By talking it out and sharing how I feel (a lot)
  2. I love giving and receiving presents!
  3. I am touchy-feely and have no problems with PDA


8. When I’m hurt or upset, you’ll find me:

  1. Noticeably crying, I’m open with my emotions
  2. Arguing with whoever’s fault it is
  3. Shutting down, I just can’t deal


9. When it comes to my weight:

  1. I’ve always been on the thinner side, especially when I’m stressed
  2. I have a medium frame, and if I need to lose weight, I know how to do it
  3. I have a larger frame and I gain weight very easily


10. I would describe my skin texture and temperature as:

  1. Dry, and my hands and feet are always cold
  2. Soft, and I tend to run on the warmer side
  3. A little oily, and I feel cool to the touch


11. When it comes to physical activity:

  1. I like being active and find it hard to sit still
  2. I’m competitive and like specific goals for my workout plans
  3. I need motivation to workout, I prefer veggin’ out most days


12. I’m most like these Disney Princesses:

  1. Rapunzel in Tangled: I do all the things, I don’t know how I feel, and I like running and singing through the woods. Or Ariel: “I want moooooore”
  2. Merida from Brave: I’m fiery with a serious sense of adventure. Or like Jasmine, “I am not a prize to be won!”
  3. Aurora in Sleeping Beauty: I wait, rest and relax. I put up with a lot and am relatively unphased by it. Also, like Snow White, there are limits to what might actually wake me from a deep slumber



How Did You Do? Check the Results From Your Ayurveda Dosha Quiz!


Mostly 1s:

If most of your answers were 1s, it’s most likely that your Ayurveda Dosha is Vata. This constitution is often characterized by air, space and movement. You’re sensitive and creative with a thin, small body frame and have an active, busy mind.

Here’s How to Embrace Your Vata Dosha and Feel Grounded AF

Mostly 2s:

Did you mark down more 2 answers than the others? That means your constitution is primarily Pitta. Pitta is characterized by ambition, heat and sharp thinking. You have an active metabolism, strong digestion and a temper to match it.

Find Balance and Embrace Your Inner Pitta Dosha Fire with These Cooling Ayurveda Tips

Mostly 3s:

If most of your answers marked down were 3s, there’s a great chance your predominant Ayurveda Dosha is Kapha. Your mind and body are both steady and stable. You’re tolerant, dependable and have an excellent memory.

Calling All Kapha Doshas! Want to Feel More Energized and Balanced? Here’s How

Ayurveda Doshas: The Takeaway

Although question #12 in this Ayurveda Dosha quiz may lack scientific proof, this play on Dosha descriptions makes them more relatable, showing how we fit into such “categories.”

We all have one to two predominant Ayurveda Doshas we were born with, and one to two of these may increase when we’re feeling “off,” stressed, or sick. This can also depend on where you live, your stage of life, and the season.

The key though: using this Ayurveda Dosha quiz can help you discover your Dosha, and thus better understand how to maintain overall wellness.

Now wondering What Is the Best Meditation For Your Dosha? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

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