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We Interview Best-Selling Author, Ayurveda Expert, and Wellness Warrior Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is the best-selling author of two books on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda (with a modern take). This powerhouse lady also hosts the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes called Highest Self Podcast.

Sahara Rose describes herself as “passionate about bridging ancient Ayurvedic healing and spiritual wisdom with modern Western nutritional science and psychology and globally-inspired plant-based recipes.”

“A leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift.” – Deepak Chopra

And she is doing just that! From recipes to real talk, Sahara is leading the way for deep-seated spirituality and wellness for future generations.

So, without further ado, let’s get to know this spiritual wellness warrior a little bit better!

Meet Ayurveda Specialist and Abundance Mindset Expert, Sahara Rose

Let’s hear more from this wise woman who guides people to pave their path to freedom, joy, and purpose.

Image of Sarah Rose

Image: @iamsahararose


YouAligned: What inspired you to write books about Ayurveda?

Sahara: My own health problems! When I was teaching health in the slums of India, I got very sick. And it was then that I discovered Ayurveda, which radically changed the course of my life. It healed my mind, body, and spirit and I decided to write a book on the subject – though I had never met an author.

I spent two years living in India studying Ayurveda and wrote my first book on the subject. Several years later, I was hired by Penguin to write The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, which became the #1 best-selling Ayurveda book worldwide.

And, now, I just released my new book Eat Feel Fresh: A Contemporary Plant-Based Ayurvedic Cookbook, with the recipes that saved my life. My dharma is modernizing this ancient healing science so it can help people the way it has helped me.


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YA: What has Ayurveda helped you with?

Sahara: My MAJOR Vata imbalance! I had chronic digestive issues (IBS-C), hypothalamic amenorrhea (didn’t get my period for two years), chronic insomnia, anxiety, hair loss, feeling cold all the time, weight loss, feeling light-headed/faint all the time, cracking joints, backaches, and more!

I can safely say all of those issues are gone from following my modernized plant-based approach.

YA: How is your approach to Ayurveda different from the traditional one?

Sahara: I look at Ayurveda from today’s perspective and question what is it that can remain the same and what needs to be upgraded. For example, in Ayurveda they say don’t eat food that was cooked more than three hours ago. And that made total sense in ancient India because they didn’t have refrigerators.

They also say to avoid all raw food, which also makes sense there . . . because, in India, you’ll get sick if you eat raw food due to the bacteria/parasites in the soil (I know first-hand). I take the guidelines of Ayurveda but include ingredients and superfoods from around the world and make it work for our current day and age.

YA: What are three Ayurvedic tips that everyone can practice today?

Sahara: If you have dry skin (Vata Dosha), eat more warming, grounding foods like sweet potato, curries, and golden mylk (which I have recipes for in my book Eat Feel Fresh!) Stay away from raw and cold food, like smoothies and salads.

If you have oily, acne-prone, irritated skin (Pitta Dosha), eat more cooling, hydrating foods like leafy greens and juicy fruits. Stay away from hot, spicy, and acidic food, like hot sauce and coffee.

If you have congested or combination skin (Kapha Dosha), eat more stimulating foods like ginger, turmeric, and cumin. I have an excellent recipe called CCF tea for this in my book, Eat Feel Fresh. Stay away from dairy and carb-rich foods.

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YA: What is your favorite plant-based Ayurvedic recipe from your book, Eat Feel Fresh?

Sahara: I love the sweet potato crust pizza! It is gluten-free and really tastes like a delicious pizza crust. Plus, it is tri-doshic (working for all three doshas!).

YA: You’ve worked a lot with Deepak Chopra. What’s the biggest thing he has taught you?

Sahara: He lives his life in flow. In my Highest Self Podcast interview with him, I asked him how does he manage the doing and the being. He said that though he is constantly doing, he is coming from a place of detachment, allowing him to remain in the being.

It was a realization that really helped me on my book tour when my schedule was packed and I was traveling around the country, but staying present in each moment.

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YA: What’s your number one piece of wellness advice for Pittas?

Sahara: Cool down, hydrate, take it easy.

YA: And, for Vatas?

Sahara: Ground, nourish, anchor.

YA: And, for Kaphas?

Sahara: Stimulate, shake, get out of your rut.

Sarah Rose in bed

Image: @iamsahararose

YA: If you had to sum up the power of Ayurveda in one sentence, how would you?

Sahara: Ayurveda is the knowledge of life and views the characteristics of your mind, body, and soul as cues of your dharma, or life purpose.

A Big YouAligned THANK YOU to Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is also a YouAligned contributor, and you can check out all of her awesome articles here.

Access to Sahara’s books, podcast, quizzes, and cleanse is on her website, so you can get to know this fabulous author, Ayurveda expert, and wellness and spirituality warrior better!

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