What Is the Best Meditation For Your Dosha? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

What kind of meditator are you? Interestingly enough, your Dosha can answer this question for you! A Dosha is an individual’s physical makeup and main characteristics, based on Ayurvedic principles. There are three main Doshas: Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha.
Before you read on, if you’d like a refresher on Ayurveda, check out Everything You Need to Know About Ayurveda
Learning about the Doshas can help you determine your own unique strengths and weaknesses, especially when it comes to meditation, which is something so many of us struggle with!
If you’d like to learn more about the Doshas, read What Are the Doshas? Here’s Everything You Need to Know
As an Ayurvedic Practitioner and author of Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, I’m passionate about teaching yogis how to use Ayurvedic wisdom to improve their lives.
Read on for a short quiz and accompanying explanations to learn about your meditation style and how it relates to your Dosha.

So what kind of meditator are you? Take the Dosha quiz to find out!


1. During meditation, I am:

  1. Trying to meditate, then questioning whether I’m meditating or not, then thinking about what meditation really is, then pondering what I’m going to eat after, then silently laughing about a funny meme I saw the other day, then fantasizing about where I want to go on vacation next, all while singing in my head.
  2. Trying to stay focused . . . but someone is making an annoying sound and it’s really distracting. Now I’m getting frustrated with myself that I can’t meditate. Now I’m wondering how much time has passed and what is on my to-do list.
  3. Trying to stay awake . . . slowly falling asleep . . . eyes are getting heavier . . . good night!


2. What is the hardest part about meditation for you?

  1. Sitting in one place for so long
  2. Not doing anything
  3. Not falling asleep


3. What is your goal when meditating?

  1. Focusing my monkey mind
  2. Increasing my brain’s productivity throughout the day
  3. Becoming more in touch with my body and emotions



The Results Are In!

If you answered mostly 1’s, you are a Vata meditator
If you answered mostly 2’s, you are a Pitta meditator
If you answered mostly 3’s, you are a Kapha meditator

What These Results Mean For You:

Vata is the airy/spacey Dosha that has trouble concentrating on just one thing because of all the movement circulating their thoughts.
Pitta is the fiery Dosha that needs to see a tangible reward for everything they do and gets frustrated if they’re wasting time.
Kapha is the earthy, grounded Dosha that needs to be doing something with their bodies; otherwise meditation will quickly transition into nap-time.

Here is the Best Meditation Style Based on Your Dosha:


Best Meditation Style For Vata Dosha

To prevent your mind from wandering off, bring your attention to a mantra or affirmation.
Since Vatas often start many tasks they cannot complete, try the affirmation “I am centered, I am focused” to evoke those qualities in your daily life.
Practice the mantra “ram” to ground you and connect you to your Root Chakra. Try meditating in a chair if you have an aching back, which Vatas often do.
If you’re a Vata, explore these 3 Sanskrit Mantras to Boost Your Meditation Practice

Best Meditation Style For Pitta Dosha

Firstly, Pittas should know that meditating is not a waste of time but rather one of the most productive things they can do.
Meditation has been clinically proven to increase performance, enhance cognition, improve brain function and promote emotional wellbeing.
So even though it may feel like you’re just sitting there, it’s anything but! Pittas should try a form of Pranayama called Alternate Nostril Breathing, which can cool their bodies and help them settle in for meditation.
If you’re a Pitta, reference this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to practice Alternate Nostril Breathing

Best Meditation Style For Kapha Dosha

Kaphas love a good nap, but meditation is not the time for that. Because of that, Kaphas should not use meditation chairs or lie down.
If you’re a Kapha Dosha, try using mudras (ancient Vedic hand gestures) to help evoke certain qualities in their meditations. Using their bodies helps Kaphas keep their minds alert and promote a stronger mind-body connection.
Kaphas can also try walking or dancing meditations to stay alert and focused. I teach one called Dance Your Doshas, where we dance the qualities of each Dosha to embody what they’re each like in our bodies.
If you’re a Kapha, reference these 5 Common Mudras and Their Meaning to apply to your meditation practice

Meditate Based on Your Dosha: The Takeaway

Just like there is no one diet for all, there is no one meditation for all. In other words, it’s not a one size fits all, nor should it be! Find your flow and do what makes you centered.
Meditation does not have to mean sitting in Lotus Pose for two hours without moving. Whether you tap into mindfulness meditation, focus on the breath using Pranayama, incorporate mudras or even take your walking meditation outside, you can find a meditation practice that fits you, your needs, and your Dosha.

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