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Dear Future Generations: We’re Sorry (Earth Day Video)

Let’s honor the EARTH this Earth Day. We call it Mother Earth for a reason. . . Without it, there would be no us, no animals, no nature, no nothing! Earth is our source. It is our square one. It is so completely and utterly our everything that we often (most of the time, and for some of us all the time) take it for granted.

“We just didn’t realize how special the earth was / Like a marriage gone wrong / We didn’t know what we had / Until it was gone.” Richard Williams, who goes by the name of Prince EA, is a spoken word poet and activist, not to mention a beautifully inspiring human being.
This video is a tough act to follow, because it speaks all the truth, all the sentiment, and all the tribute that could possibly be told for planet Earth (and what we’re doing to it). We at YouAligned proudly stand behind this video and Prince EA’s sentiment. This is a powerful message from a powerful artist.

Happy Earth Day! Let’s Turn It Into Earth Day All Year Long

If you stand with us, please share this article and help us spread the word. Collectively, we need to take action, honor the planet this Earth Day (and always) and fight to remove the need to say “sorry” to future generations.

We want to plant a tree for you.

Did you know that we plant a tree for every premium yoga class you complete on our online yoga platform?
We’ve partnered with Trees For the Future to plant trees in Africa. By planting trees, you give families in Africa the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a Forest Garden system.
We plant a tree for every yoga class our members take. Try our membership FREE for 7 days.

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