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Saturn Retrograde Is Ending On September 6th (Here’s What It Means for You)

Congratulations! You made it. After almost 5 months, the Saturn retrograde ends on September 6. Now it’s time to apply all those hard-won lessons. Here’s a guide to how to navigate this leg of Saturn’s transit.
Saturn is known for its restrictive, tough love. It walked a mile in the snow just to get to school and wants that wisdom for you too. Some call Saturn karmic; others say it provides an opportunity for introspection.
Either way, Saturn knows how to get your attention and mirror what’s working and what’s not – especially during a retrograde.
Now comes the payoff . . .

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Saturn Retrograde

During a retrograde, a planet moves backwards. It’s generally a time of shit hitting fans, delays and miscommunications – but also learning . . . the hard way.
When a planet stops or changes direction, it “stations.” The day that this occurs is important. Think of it as the end of an era, if an era only lasted a few months (which depending on the shit-to-fan ratio, might feel true).
On September 6, Saturn stations and goes direct in Capricorn.
After it stations, Saturn changes direction and moves forward, or “goes direct.” For now Saturn is in Capricorn (this transit started in late 2017 and will last until 2020). Capricorn is known for ambition and organization. It’s also ruled by Saturn.
Each intensifies the other’s influence when Saturn is direct in Capricorn.


What happens at the end of the Saturn Retrograde?

It’s time to actualize. Like Saturn, forward is the way to move.
Discipline and conscious decisions can lead to real progress during this time. If you’ve spent the last several months in meditation, evaluation or otherwise wiping your inner windows clean, that clarity is now beckoning you out into the life that you’ve envisioned.
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When Saturn goes direct, what should I do to move forward?

There’s no need to rush, but if you’re not the measured type, boldness brings gains. If you’d rather place each step deliberately, your pace will bring you exactly where you need to go, when it’s time to arrive.
2019 brings powerful flow. Those who spend this time setting up the steps that lead to their highest vision will be rewarded as forces align. You can be effective with less effort. Also, contrary to what you may think is the payoff you’ll learn that the work itself offers more than you’d anticipated. What you wanted, and will receive, may pale in comparison.

Those who spend this time setting up the steps that lead to their highest vision will be rewarded as forces align.

You don’t have to shoot for the moon. Maybe you just want to organize your home so walking in the front door doesn’t make you want to walk back out. Doable. Or maybe you are yearning to start a major shift that aligns with a new career, passion or venture. Go for it.


Saturn Retrograde 2018: The Takeaway

Success doesn’t come because you can do no wrong but because you’ve accepted both the practical and creative aspects necessary to get’r done.
Simply put, take responsibility and be positive. If you got real in retrograde, you can make it real, supported by Saturn in Capricorn, the very definition of responsible productivity.
If you haven’t figured it all out, no worries. Saturn is in Capricorn until 2020 and goes retrograde for four and a half months each year, so expect phases.
Be open to new possibilities and act on what you DO know. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. Newsflash: nothing was, with the possible exception of inner barriers – and you can eliminate those too.
Be deliberate; get started. Saturn’s back in retrograde April 30, 2019. But there’s plenty of time to level up before then.

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