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Mercury Retrograde Is Back! Here’s How to Manage It Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Yes, it’s that time again: Mercury retrograde. The planet of communication, travel and technology is turning retrograde from October 14 to November 3.

As with all retrogrades, chances are high for technological mishaps, trip delays, and texting arguments. In the romance department, an ex or two may appear out of the blue.

Brace yourself for a wild ride.

The good news? This is the last retrograde of 2020!

So, the bad news is for three weeks, you can expect potential challenges in all of these areas. The good news is this is the last retrograde of 2020!

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Mercury Retrograde Dates of 2020

Here are the dates that Mercury is in retrograde in 2020:

  • February 16 to March 3
  • June 18 to July 12
  • October 14 to November 3

Like clockwork, three or four times each year, Mercury enters retrograde motion, which is when it appears (if you’re looking from Earth) to reverse direction. However, in reality, it’s not actually moving backwards, it’s only spinning backwards which creates the illusion that it’s going in reverse.

The Truth About Mercury Retrograde: You Don’t Have To Fear It – Just Know How To Steer It 🙂

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: How This Zodiac Sign Impacts Retrograde

While all Mercury retrogrades share certain similarities, you can be better prepared by knowing the sign we are in when this planet turns retrograde. And in this case, it’s in the deep and mysterious astrological sign of Scorpio.

So, what can you expect during this particular retrograde?

Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is a water sign symbolizing death and rebirth. Scorpio’s negative traits include jealousy, obsessiveness, paranoia. On the flipside, Scorpios are highly intuitive and introspective.

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The overall theme of this retrograde is out with the old and in with the new. This is a chance to let go of what (and in some cases who) isn’t working and create space for something better.

Since Scorpio is a natural detective, be prepared for hidden truths to come to the surface. In the Mercury retrograde dates of October 13 to November 3, you will see others for exactly who they are.

The overall theme of this retrograde is out with the old and in with the new.

As loyalties are tested, you can expect several heart-to-heart conversations. Even if it’s not what you want to hear, as the saying goes, the truth shall set you free.

Here’s How This Retrograde Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign:



Aries, as a sign that’s assertive and fast-moving, you will likely experience some frustration by miscommunication and delays.

Be careful not to get swept up in the heat of the moment and say something you’ll regret later. During an intense conversation, your best bet is to sit back and listen. Surprising truths may come to light in this retrograde.

You’ll need an outlet to release some of that anger. Make it a habit to work out or do something physical on a regular basis.

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Normally rational and calm, the Taurus zodiac sign might act more recklessly during this time. Don’t sign any new contracts and avoid impulse shopping, especially electronics. Your judgement may be off, especially when it comes to financial matters.

As the sign of the bull, Taurus is known for being stubborn. So, if you find yourself at odds with others during a conversation, know that you are feeling a bit more rigid than usual. Try to be more flexible and open in your thinking.

During this Mercury Retrograde Taurus will benefit from aromatherapy. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and pleasure, essential oils can be very therapeutic.

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Mercury rules the Gemini zodiac sign, so Geminis will feel the effects of retrograde more than the other astrological signs.

As a talkative sign that usually has a way with words, Gemini might literally feel like their world has turned upside down. Confusion and mixed messages will be common during Mercury Retrograde dates October 13 to November 3 this year.

Rather than letting Scorpio’s intense influence cause you to go into overthinking mode, embrace your adaptable side.

Geminis are very much in their heads. Rather than letting Scorpio’s intense influence cause you to go into overthinking mode, embrace your adaptable side. If plans fall through or there’s a delay, don’t panic. Go with the flow. You’ll thank yourself later.

Meditation will help Gemini slow down and keep the wheels from spinning.

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Get ready for an emotional roller coaster, Cancer. As the sign of the crab, your first instinct is to retreat into your shell when you’re overwhelmed. And over the next few weeks you will definitely be tested.

Since you will be feeling more moody than usual, it’s best to avoid overstimulation and do a digital detox. Limit your social media time and when you’re feeling stressed, rest and recharge.

Here’s How to Unplug and Do a Digital Detox In 6 Simple Steps


While nobody likes to be embarrassed, it’s crippling for the attention-loving Leo zodiac sign. Since Mercury retrograde will cause technological mishaps, it may cause a meeting to get off track or problems during a presentation. Best to back everything up and be on the safe side.

Rather than letting that fiery Lion temper get the best of you, put that energy to better use and indulge in something creative. Mandala coloring books can be calming for this fire sign.


Like Gemini, Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet, so headaches and confusing conversations are inevitable. It’s extra important during this time to take a step back and think about what you say before you say it.

To manage your overthinking, journaling will be helpful. Writing down your thoughts will help you feel more in control of them.

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Love and harmony are essential to a Libra, but Mercury retrograde is sure to throw a wrench in your current relationships.

Whether it’s confusing texts or misinterpreting information, communication could be anything but smooth. Old friends and exes may also pop up, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you choose to handle it . . .

During this Mercury Retrograde Libra will need to find balance. As a sign that appreciates beauty, pampering yourself with a skincare treatment and face masks or a nice bath may be just what you need.

Here Are 5 DIY Bath Soak Recipes You Will Love


Since this Mercury Retrograde is in your sign Scorpio, you will feel its effects most of all. Be aware that you will question your intuition during this time and may experience self-doubt with your decision-making.

Since this Mercury Retrograde is in your sign Scorpio, you will feel its effects most of all.

In order to feel truly fulfilled, Scorpios need to nourish their mind, body and spirit. Energy healing such as Reiki will help clear out the mental clutter. Healing crystals can also be powerful companions when it comes to calming and cleansing the mind and body.

New to Crystal Healing? Here’s Your Complete Guide to Healing Crystals


Although you are always on the go Sagittarius, now is the time to press pause.

Mercury retrograde is known for causing delays so if you’re traveling anywhere, make sure to have a plan B and C. Even though it goes against your basic instincts, slow down! Slow and steady will win the race in this retrograde cycle.

Sagittarius loves to explore, so going for nature walks will help to keep stress at bay. With so much mental energy, they greatly benefit from releasing some of that built up tension through physical activities (hiking, yoga, exercise – get out there and move!).


Capricorns are very ambitious and in order to feel good, they need to feel like they are accomplishing goals. However, with Mercury in retrograde, it’s not a time for starting new projects, signing contracts or making investments.

During this Mercury Retrograde Capricorn will enjoy a habit tracker as a self-care tool. Organization brings you inner peace, and making time to do the things you enjoy will ensure you stay centered during this chaotic time.


As a sign that lives in their head, Aquarius struggles to stay grounded.

Mercury Retrograde makes things especially challenging for these overthinkers. The key to staying sane for this air sign is slowing down their thoughts, and meditation is one of the best techniques to do this.

Aquarius would also benefit from a decluttering home project. A clear physical space can create a clear headspace.

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Your intuition is usually spot on Pisces, but during this particular Mercury retrograde you won’t be as confident in your gut feelings. Since your thinking will be foggy, don’t overanalyze your thoughts over the next few weeks.

While you normally escape into a world of daydreams during stressful times, you’ll find inner peace through being proactive with your creative pursuits.

Tapping into your creative abilities won’t steer you wrong. Whether it’s journaling, painting or composing, find activities that allow you to express the ocean of emotions you’re always swimming in.

Make Mercury Retrograde Work For You Rather Than Against You

For all the zodiac signs this Mercury retrograde, the key to success is knowing where to focus your energy and being patient with yourself as challenges arise.

Instead of letting retrograde get the best of you, look at this time as a chance to heal and grow. You can emerge a stronger and better version of yourself!

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