Tarotscopes: A Tarot Card Reading for All October Horoscopes

Tarotscopes are a horoscope reading based on tarot cards. In this article, we will dive into an October horoscope based on a tarot card reading for each zodiac sign. It is Libra season this month!

As a tarot reader and intuitive healer, I find it important to connect to an intention each month as a way to better show up for yourself, your healing, and stay connected to your goals and authentic vision!

This one tarot card pull can prepare you for greater self-reflection, more mindful conversations, and a truly inspired month.

When clients ask me for monthly tarot pulls or intentions, I remind them that this one card can prepare them for greater self-reflection, more mindful conversations, and a truly inspired month! That’s why I love the simplicity but depth of clarity that a tarot card reading can bring us.

I use a variety of decks, from the Wild Unknown by Kim Krans, to the traditional Rider Waite, and suggest anyone looking for a deck chooses based on the imagery. If it’s visually appealing and beautiful, it will intuitively speak to you!

Tarotscopes: Here’s Your October Horoscope With a Tarot Card Reading!


As we head into Libra season, I asked the tarot cards what was in store for each of the signs. Libra energy connects to beauty, partnership, and balance.

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Decide this month if your intention relates most to self-care and finding the beauty in a truly balanced life, or calling in and creating space for authentic and beautiful relationships of all kinds!

Here is your October horoscope, along with the lessons you can anticipate for this month ahead.

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Aries: Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords appears intense, because the message is urgent. There is something in the month of October that you must let go of, Aries. As it has likely occupied your thoughts for sometime, the painful ending is hard to face, but even harder to hold on to.

The silver lining of this card being that it is a ten, the inevitable ending to a cycle that’s no longer serving you. Identify what this pattern or cycle is, and give yourself the grace to lay it to rest this month.

Practice: FORGIVENESS. Namely, forgiveness of yourself in order to allow yourself to fully let go and move on! You can journal, use the mantra “I forgive myself and love myself fully” or you can perform a burning ceremony as a means of fully letting go and moving on.

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Taurus: The Hierophant

tarot 1

The Hierophant is a card ruled by Taurus, so prepare to step into your personal power this month!

Spirituality is calling you the month of October, be it through your practices or connecting more to your intuition, guides and ancestors hope to offer information and reassurance so long as you’re listening.

The power and purpose of the Hierophant is to educate and evolve those connecting with his presence, and this card and archetype values constructs – so commit to a spiritual practice or refer to your higher power consistently in October!

Practice: Commit to your spiritual ritual each day this month. This could be through meditation, practicing mindfulness throughout your day, chanting, or even your yoga practice. The point is to find what most resonates with you personally.

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Gemini: Page of Swords

Gemini – the chatty child of the Tarot! As an air sign, you thrive in the swords suit as this element feels very natural to you. This tarot card is a childlike figure giving us the message to speak our thoughts, ideas and dreams into existence.

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with others who may be deeply inspired. Be mindful of gossip and oversharing. It’s important to develop a balance and find healthy outlets for your communication!

Practice: Bring life and organization to your ideas and creativity by writing them down! Whether it makes the most sense to write them out in a journal, or to give them a timeline and map them out in your planner, take time this month to speak – and write – your dreams into being!

Cancer: 9 of Wands


Cancer, you could be feeling slightly defeated or just plain TIRED the month of October. You may have encountered some recent setbacks, and you’re growing weary.

While the challenges and your feelings are valid, the 9 of Wands reminds us that sometimes the only way out is through.

Persistence and mustering up the strength to continue will regain your momentum and get you reconnected to your authentic self. Rather than harp on the feeling, stay focused on your worthiness of feeling more ease for the next intention or goal you’ll face.

Practice: Do Solar Plexus work and practice yoga poses to activate the fire element for confidence and strength.

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Leo: Knight of Pentacles

Leo, you love to shine and be seen and this Knight is far from a vibrant fire energy! The knight of pentacles reminds us of the importance of PATIENCE. I know, not your strong suit sometimes!

The Knight of Pentacles is consistent, full of integrity, and unwavering in his commitment and loyalty to his work. Channel that energy this month around a goal or project and see what a difference it makes for you.

Be open to relying on different ways of approaching obstacles, as sometimes slow and steady truly does win the race.

Practice: Remaining patient in the journey, reflect on gratitude for all the steps in the process.

Practice This Gratitude Meditation to Deepen Your Patience
This guided meditation focuses on gratitude to help you reflect and accept each stage of the process – and practice patience along the way!

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Virgo: Judgement

Ah, Virgo after feeling grounded and seen in your astrological season, this next month could stir up some residual healing.

The Judgement card finds us when we have a piece of healing that we have been avoiding for some time, knowing the impact of this deeper energetic work and potential for transformation.

Know that this month, when feelings of self-criticism emerge (something you as perfectionists are not unfamiliar with!), they are calling you toward your soul’s purpose and a deeper connection and alignment within you.

Embrace the shifts, no matter how difficult they feel!

Practice: Try breathwork or another active form of meditation to bring up and clear out old wounds in the energetic body.

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Libra: 2 of Swords

Indecisiveness is something you’re no stranger to, Libras! And while you may have decisions to make, they might feel even more difficult than usual.

Stay grounded and present, keeping your intuition a priority while you navigate these different choices. This month is not a time to compromise, either!

Throughout October prioritize yourself, and know that while it can be frustrating to not have all the information just yet, the Two of Swords is urging you to hold off until the decision making feels less forced, and more in flow.

Practice: Reach out to connections you trust as you navigate choices. It can be tempting to withdraw or go inward, but this is the time to connect with trusted loved ones and ask for guidance.

Scorpio: The High Priestess

Scorpios, you’re highly intuitive thanks to your connection to the water element, and this month your sixth sense could very well be on overdrive.

The High Priestess is a goddess-like psychic in the Major Arcana, and she does not reveal her truths but instead encourages us to exercise our gifts to find it out for ourselves. This can only be done with more stillness, non-action, and TRUE listening to the psyche.

Spend this month doing a bit less – there’s some important information to be revealed this month that might help you on the path you’ve been navigating!

Practice: Streamline, DO LESS, and trust more. Replace the impulse for doing with simple beingness, whether that’s sitting in silent meditation, indulging in a bubble bath or treating yourself to another form of self-care like a massage.

Practice This Guided Meditation for a Calm and Peaceful Mind
This is the perfect practice to do less and experience more beingness.

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Sagittarius: The Lovers

A beautiful card of soul connections and the conscious choice to join another on our journey, expect support from loving relationships this month, Sagittarius!

Your challenge? To accept and appreciate this help and service from another, despite how independent and capable you are on your own!

October is calling you to experience vulnerability more as a beautiful invitation to soften the heart space. See the love in your current partnerships of all kinds, and be open to new souls entering your life!

Practice: Practice vulnerability – whether it’s in your relationships, being honest with yourself, or having more direct conversations. You can help yourself throughout this process by doing Heart Chakra work and practicing heart-opening yoga poses.

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Capricorn: Temperance


Capricorn, you’re one to work on yourself (and work in general) by always DOING – filling your days with tasks, goal setting and keeping your eye on the prize.

This leaves very little room for . . . feeling. Temperance is asking you to assess where you’re living in extremes this month.

October can be a complete “reset,” bringing balance to all areas of your life where it is currently lacking. Whether it’s greater work-life balance, more even effort in the home and in relationships, or simply recommitting to self-care, balance is the key word!

Practice: Call in the divine feminine or mascuiline, depending on which extreme energy you’ve been living from!

The Sun and Moon Represent Masculine and Feminine Energy
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Aquarius: 10 of Wands

Aquarius, this month you could feel pulled in a million directions, and inevitably taking on responsibility you don’t need to carry!

While saying yes to everything and being every friend’s shoulder to cry on might feel like the right way to prioritize connections, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and heavy energetically because of it.

Instead, only say yes to commitments that light you up, stay surrounded by people and environments that fuel you rather than drain you, and don’t be afraid to say “no thank you!” to protect your energy!

Practice: Time blocking and organizing your calendar for October as a way to create – and maintain – healthy boundaries for your energy. Just as you would schedule a meeting, be sure to schedule y.o.u. time for rest and self-care.

Pisces: 6 of Pentacles

Pisces, the month of October could bring generosity you didn’t expect! Look out for small signs and synchronicities, because you’re in the energy to RECEIVE, be it from someone in your life, or through gifts of the universe.

Remain committed to gratitude and give to others without hesitation, knowing that the Six of Pentacles is preparing you for abundance and help in a goal or aspiration that requires new resources!

Practice: Gratitude is the gateway to all abundance! Practice gratitude actively and often to stay rooted in your abundance and open to receiving more!

Practice This Gratitude Meditation
This guided meditation focuses on gratitude to help you stay grounded, present, and open to receiving more abundance!

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Your Tarot Card Reading and October Horoscope: A Final Thought


There you have it – your October tarotscope. What a beautiful month of reflection, introspection, and conscious communication among the 12 zodiac signs!

Want to bring tarot card readings into your morning routine? Add Tarot Cards to Your Morning Routine For a Boost of Clarity, Guidance, and Reflection (Here’s How)

Regardless of what your specific horoscope and tarot card reading revealed for you, all signs in the zodiac can live by these final words: Move mindfully through this month, stay on your path through living intentionally each day, and trust that you are in the flow and supported throughout your journey!

Happy October and Libra season, all! Sending love and light through the month!

Have questions about your tarot card reading, or tarotscopes in general? Do you already have a tarot practice? Please share in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

Interested in expanding your knowledge of tarot card reading? Join Kate in her (FULL) Circle 8-week online course that covers the basics of reading tarot in a grounded and approachable way. The course consists of 5 tarot workshops led by Kate. YouAligned readers receive $50 off using code: YOGIAPPROVED50

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Kate Van Horn is a tarot reader, business mentor and intuitive healer based in LA. Kate hopes to inspire others to radically accept themselves, their stories, their bodies, and live more authentically. She leads beginner courses and tarot trainings for women who hope to share this spiritual tool with others.

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