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Here Are Our Top 5 Gratitude Journal Recommendations For a Happier Life

Did you know gratitude is a natural antidepressant? And when you incorporate it into your daily life, the bliss effect gets stronger and more automatic. Keeping a gratitude journal is a fun, easy way to get in your daily dose of gratitude for a fuller, more content life.

Gratitude, like bathing, is a daily practice. Think of a time you were actively grateful for something. You feel some warm fuzzies and a burst of happiness, then life happens and pretty soon that feeling dims a bit. That’s why your daily gratitude practice, like a daily meditation practice, is so important.

Another way to cultivate gratitude is with a daily meditation practice. Read 6 Simple Steps For Beginning a Regular Meditation Practice to get started

Practice Gratitude Daily With a Gratitude Journal – Here Are Our Top 5 Recommendations:

Each gratitude journal listed here has its own unique features and focus, so there’s something for everyone. These journals are listed in no particular order – they’re all excellent choices to help boost your gratitude game!

1. Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal: Questions, Prompts, and Coloring Pages for a Brighter, Happier Life by Lori Deschene

If you want a journal that inspires you to do more than write, this is it. The versatility of this journal will keep you inspired, and will encourage you to look everywhere for something to be thankful for. If you like every day to be a little different, and you like to think outside the box, this might be the best journal for you.

2. Gratitude: A Journal by Catherine Price

This journal is for the daily gratitude novice. It’s open format interwoven with inspirational quotes will inspire you to write freely about what you’re most thankful for. There’s also a lovely introduction with some recommended books on gratitude and happiness . . . which I think is a great way to open a door into the world of gratitude.

3. One Minute Gratitude Journal by Brenda Nathan

This journal is for you if you only one extra minute a day, but still want to include gratitude into your daily life. There are two entries per page, which only allows for a few brief sentences.

In between the entries are short, inspirational quotes. There are also prompts to draw, in order to tap into a different form of your creativity. Once this journal starts to fill out, the effect is stunning.


4. The Secret Gratitude Book by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret explained the law of attraction to the world. Energy flows wherever your thoughts go, so by focusing your thoughts on your gratitude with this journal, the frequency of your energy aligns accordingly in order to set you up for even more abundance and joy.

5. Mindful Journaling: Rewrite the Script of Your Life by Tara Ward

This is technically a mindfulness journal, but it will also inspire you to find gratitude and appreciation. The prompts and meditations in this journal require a bit more time than the others, but are proportionally awe-inspiring.

If your gratitude practice has graduated from everyday awareness to a deeper, more personal reflection, you will cherish this journal.

Grab a Gratitude Journal and Start Your Daily Practice Today!

Gratitude journals come in all shapes and sizes, and keeping a gratitude journal takes practice. Find one that best fits your lifestyle and set yourself up for success! Do you need a small travel size that you can take anywhere, a large nightstand hardcover, or a quick one-liner to squeeze into your busy day?

There’s a journal for everyone – from the beginner to the experienced practitioner. These are just five of the many gratitude journals on the market today. Choose one and start your daily gratitude practice today!

Bonus! Check out Learn. Grow. Shift. 30 Days of Personal Growth – a 30 day journey of written reflection by YouAligned founder Ashton August

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Teresa is a 200hr RYT, writer, and a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. As a teacher and coach, she focuses on self-love, body positivity, and embracing challenges. She loves writing about the science behind holistic healing modalities, creative sequencing, and making whole-body wellness more accessible for everybody.

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