6 Ways to Maintain Your Namaste During the Holidays

What happened to “the most wonderful time of the year”? We once spent our holidays listening to music, sipping hot beverages, and discussing the happenings of the world. Unfortunately as we get older, many family holidays are filled with tension, anxiety and stress – where it can be damn hard to maintain your namaste!

Whether it’s dealing with divorce, talking politics, financial stress … the list goes on. However, there are many tools fostered by our yoga practice to help deal with holiday stress during these cheery, yet chaotic holiday times.

If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family. -Ram Dass

Ready to keep your cool and remain grounded during the holidays? Read on for six ways to beat the stress of the season and maintain your namaste!

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Here Are 6 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress and Maintain Your Namaste:

These tools will help you have a less stressful – and more enjoyable – holiday season so you can focus on what matters and let the holiday stress melt into holiday joy.

1. Practice

It’s all about setting a time, maybe 10-30 minutes in which you can practice yoga without interruption (pets and kids aside – we understand).

This is for you and your sanity; when you nourish yourself and take time to retreat into your yoga practice, you are more apt to have a positive influence on the world around you.

2. Be Considerate

The holiday season is putting others before you.

It is taking yourself out of the situation and seeing the bigger picture; the importance of being kind and parking further from the entrance of the store because you could use some exercise, and the elderly woman in the car behind you has sore hips and can’t walk far.

It is grasping that we are all intimately connected and our actions resonate far beyond our imagination.

3. Embody Namaste

Recognize the love and the light within yourself and others as a universal force and as such, realize that we are all one.

Hey – we all have that one relative who rubs us the wrong way, but when we use our yogic tools (like conscious breathing) during unfavorable circumstances, we can have great influence over the outcome. Think of a time when you reacted in the same way that a difficult person was behaving.

It may be a time when you were sick, tired, heartbroken, or frustrated. Now, realize we all have been there and treat them with the kindness and love you wish someone showed you.


4. Do Something Spiritual

It’s hard to feel in the “spirit” of the holidays if you’re not religious. Some of the traditions may seem quite foreign and your family may not attend church.

Something that makes it a bit more ceremonial may be as simple as lighting some sage and repeating a mantra. Try a few simple yet powerful mantras like, “I am grateful for this moment” or “I inhale love, I exhale love.”

Practicing ritual is a wonderful way to reconnect with your intentions and help you maintain your namaste.

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5. Spread the Love

Today while shopping at the mall, a man in front of me bought my sister and I our pretzel. He blew us away with his unexpected generosity, and before we could even say thank you, he disappeared into the crowd. He didn’t have to, no one made a big deal, but we were flabbergasted and humbled.

You too can do this; buying a snack or a latte for someone behind you can mean a lot; if not in material value, then in the holiday spirit.

6. Let Go of What You Cannot Change

Letting go does not mean that you do not care. However, once you embrace the fact that you cannot change anyone other than yourself, you will find inner peace. You can alter the way you hold on to the need for control in situations or with people. You can change the way you react to your environment.

You can change your own inner dialogue you’ve written. You can care for yourself deeply and take full responsibility for your own healing. This mind state will not only change your holiday – it can also change your life.

Beat Holiday Stress and Embrace the Concept of Namaste

The holidays were never intended to be stressful. Be present with your surroundings and remember your yogic teachings as a way to help you feel the joy of the season. Remember that you are in the flow and you are loved!

Happy holidays from your friends at YouAligned™.

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