How to Use the Healing Power of Flower Essences to Reduce Stress

There’s something undeniably magical about flower essences. You can use them to aid you in a variety of ways – including for stillness and rejuvenation. We often ask our bodies and lives for stillness, but life often has other plans. If you’re ramping up for a wild season of life, you need these healing plants and their flower essences to help you get, and stay, grounded.
Many events can disrupt our lives. Parties, gatherings, families, bosses, meetings, staying up late . . . does this sound like your life? You’re not alone. Many of us are left with increased stress, colds and the flu, feeling depleted or edgy, and compromising our self-care routines.
The good news? With some mindful intentions and preparations, you can both surrender to stillness and enjoy life in a manner that keeps you healthy, sane, and with a balanced nervous system.
You can stabilize yourself and feel empowered with the healing plant power of flower essences. This will ensure you create patterns to stay healthy, grounded, and unaffected by that one person who gets under your skin.
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What Are Flower Essences?

Plant Spirit Medicine, more commonly known as flower essences, are made from plants in a very co-creative, ceremonial way. This process imprints the plant’s unique energetic code into water and preserves it with brandy. The essences don’t contain any plant material, which makes them safe for anyone to use.
Plants are our biggest allies, and life on Earth simply wouldn’t be possible without them. Whether we are using them in their physical form (vegetables, herbal remedies, essential oils, etc.) or in their energetic forms, as is the case with flower essences, healing plants help our physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies adapt, heal, and increase resiliency.
flower essences-healing plants
Flower essences can be thought of as energetic herbalism. Similar to the way a physical herb works on your physical body, the energetic vibration or essence of the plant works on your subtler layers. It’s in these subtle layers that the roots of our physical challenges reside – whether in our physical bodies or physical lives.
When it comes to life, things like people-pleasing, overscheduling, stress eating, restless sleep or insomnia, and prevalent. And while taking certain flower essences for a “symptom” will be beneficial, the real, sustainable, life-changing magic comes when working with a dedicated practitioner who can help you identify the root of these behaviors.
Healing plants and their essences help us peel away layers of old, habitual patterns. We can then identify the cause, and consciously recreate our behaviors, choices, and lives. They’re the perfect accompaniment to a yogi’s dedication of Svadhyaya, or self-study.


Here are 4 Healing Flower Essences to Support You in Life:


1. St. John’s Wort: Grounds Your Energy

With so much to do and see in life, your energy can often feel expansive and ungrounded. Travel, work, relationships, and not getting enough rest can compromise your energetic field.
St. John’s Wort Flower Essence helps you feel grounded, which soothes your system and invokes feelings of safety. To use, add a few drops to your morning tea or coffee, or take a few drops when you notice yourself feeling scattered. I keep this with me and use it often!

2. Vervain: Rest Easily

Overscheduling and to-do lists can create unease and cause anxiety, which can impact your sleep. When you have extra tasks and haven’t completed them, it can be difficult to call it a night. See the cycle that forms here?
Vervain Flower Essence helps you relax. Add a few drops to a bath before bed, or to an evening tea, to help bring a sense of peace and surrender. You can even add the essential oil to an essential oil diffuser to enhance the effects!

3. Dandelion: Energy Boost

This happy, vibrant yellow flower offers your system a little extra pizzazz when you’re low on energy. It’s important to realize that physical depletion doesn’t just come from physical labor! Mental and emotional exhaustion manifest in the physical body, too.
Additionally, you can use this flower essence when you sense grief or sadness, which can feel draining and heavy. Enjoy a few drops of Dandelion Flower Essence to revive and boost your whole system, and increase motivation and willpower.

4. Pink Azalea: Speak Your Truth

For many, life presents situations that can be edgy, sharp, or even resentful. This often results in you not being true to yourself, your needs, or your boundaries. Pink Azalea Flower Essence encourages you to speak up for, and honor, yourself from a place of clarity and compassion.
Take a few drops before you engage with people that trigger you. It may also be made into a simple spray with water and a few drops of the essence to keep nearby and use whenever it’s needed.

Try Using Flower Essences to Ground When Life’s Got You Down

When you learn to live in harmony with your needs and the current circumstances, it’s the greatest exercise of self-care. It becomes the ultimate way to build self-trust, adaptability, and resilience. Simply because past events have turned out a certain way, doesn’t mean you don’t hold the power to create something completely different in the future.
How can you bring more presence to your life?
Slow down and savor your time with loved ones (yes, even the challenging ones). Stay connected to yourself and your needs, and turn to these beautiful plant allies whenever you’re in need of remembering your intentions.

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