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How Yoga Helps Influence Yogi Entrepreneurs

One year ago, I was laying in savasana at Yoga Journal LIVE. I had just completed a two-hour workshop with Jason Crandell and was feeling slightly yoga-stoned, a little sore, and very lost. I had spent the last year pushing myself to move up the corporate ladder, being consumed by an everlasting cycle of long hours and late nights. My mind was numb, my body was exhausted, and my soul was struggling. I was without a purpose. I knew that I needed a change and I needed to find a way to live a life that I was passionate about. So, I spent a lot of time on my mat practicing and meditating, asking the universe for a sign. They say when you know, you know. And when I knew, I knew. Just like that, it came. Without a second thought, I took that giant hanumanasana leap from the stability of a corporate job to work through an idea that had been silently manifesting in my heart. I became a yogi entrepreneur and the founder of BuddhiBox.
Since then, I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with a tribe of supportive yogi entrepreneurs. After hearing their stories, I realized our visions all manifested similarly – born from self-reflection that lead to a need to create a life of purpose and give back to others.

“Do your practice and all is coming” – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

After a serious car accident that ended his professional soccer career, Keith Donahue tried to start over in corporate America, but he found that it did not empower his soul. So, he quit his job and decided to travel to each state in the U.S. and volunteer his time with different charities. From this experience, Kevala was born, a sustainable athletic apparel organization that gives back to 50 non-profit organizations all over the U.S.
Eryn Ricker struggled to find balance between her life as a first-time mom and finishing college. Upon graduation, she vowed to help others accomplish their goals in life, no matter how challenging it might be. Through her company, Real Beauty for a Cause, she is able to employ women who are working to gain financial independence and break the cycle of poverty within their communities.
Through these connections made with other mindful business owners, I realized how just as with your yoga practice, the path of a yogi entrepreneur unfolds layer by layer, step by step.

Here are 5 guiding principles for beginning your life as a yogi entrepreneur:

Step 1: Set your intention
When you decide that you are ready to start, you need to let your head and your heart have a conversation. Ask yourself: what is your purpose? This goes past the logistics of the business plan. More so, the intent needs to speak from the soul. Make sure it comes from a truthful place.

Remember that an intention is not a tangible object. An intention is something that can only be felt.

Step 2: Trust yourself
If you want to have complete faith, you must be authentic. Deriving from the word yoga, meaning union, when we trust and live our truth, we create a union between our consciousness and our intuition. Be authentic and trust yourself. Know that you are your own best teacher.
Step 3: Find balance
Find balance in your work life and home life. Find the balance of knowing when to hold onto the important things and knowing when to let go of things that are no longer working. Find balance in having the confidence to be bold yet remain humble.
Step 4: Be accepting
Be accepting of the process and how it unfolds for you. Each yogi entrepreneur’s experience will be different. Don’t make comparisons. Instead, find your tribe and lean on them for support. Focus on the approach, rather than the end goal.
Step 5: Practice non-attachment
We have all heard these bits of yogic wisdom time and time again:

“Let go of things you cannot control.“
“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”
“Let go of fear and surrender.”
These words of advice are so well known for good reason. And yes, they are a sign. So, if your soul is stirring and your heart is beating extra hard to find its purpose – listen, manifest and just go for it.

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Maxine Garcia

Maxine is a yoga teacher, resilient dreamer, and founder of BuddhiBox, a monthly subscription box that features four to six items to enhance your yoga practice and mindful living lifestyle. As a yogi, giving back and supporting the community is an integral part of BuddhiBox. Each month, BuddhiBox picks a charitable organization and donates a percentage of boxes sold to support their mission. BuddhiBox’s mantra is Discovery, Union, Compassion.

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