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These 10 Hacks Will Skyrocket Your Productivity At Work

Being productive at work is so important and also necessary for our success. Yet there are many contributing factors that can inhibit our ability to be productive and perform at our best.
In addition to the obvious repercussions of not being productive, it can hurt your sense of fulfillment, contentment and even confidence. A lack of productivity can also impact your perspective of your job and workplace.
To have you feeling and performing at your best, all you need is a few simple hacks to get you on your way to being productive, happy, and satisfied in your work!

Here Are 10 Hacks to Increase Your Productivity in the Workplace:

1. Let Your Job Suck a Little

We all have those days where we are exhausted, overwhelmed, and not excited about all the things we need to get done at work. It sucks. And that’s okay. Sometimes we have to accept those feelings without letting ourselves be controlled by them.
When you’re able to accept that you’ll have off days, you’re more quickly able to bounce back and spend less time feeling bad about it and more time simply checking things off the to-do list (hint: checking a few things off the list is a great way to make you feel better fast).

2. Respect Yourself Outside of Work

We all need time before and after work to disengage from our day and take time for self-care. If we don’t, we bring our work home with us, making us feel as though we work 24/7 and can’t escape it. Create boundaries and hold yourself to them.
Wake up 10 minutes early and do a quick meditation. Set the intention to not do any work after 7pm period – no matter what.
Respect your body and your mind by giving them the break they deserve. Make self-care a priority before, duringWant to learn more self-care tips and how to get started? Practice These 5 Self-Care Tips

3. Take a Mental Health Day

Mental health days are NOT vacation days. Vacations days are days you take off work to spend time with your loved ones or take a trip to the beach. Mental health days are days you take off to rejuvenate and re-energize your mind and body.
Much like the self-care practices from #2, taking a mental health day will help alleviate stress and anxiety, boost your enthusiasm, and increase your overall happiness and productivity at work.
Why? Because you’ll return feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to tackle any work-related challenges that come your way!
Want more ways to reduce stress and anxiety? Practice These 5 Yoga Poses to Reduce Anxiety

4. Practice Yoga and Mindfulness

Practicing yoga and mindfulness at work will help alleviate stress and anxiety on the spot, and also redirect your energy (or increase your energy!) so you can better focus. One easy way is to download a mindfulness/meditation app to listen to on your break – it will help you get present and boost your mind state.
Curious about mindfulness or want to learn more? Check out this Mindfulness Meditation Guide to get you started!
Did you know that you can practice yoga at your desk? There are many yoga poses you can do without even having to get up, and they’re discreet enough that your co-workers won’t even notice.
Check out these 4 Yoga Poses You Can Do At Work!


5. Treat Your Job Like You Would Treat Your Friends

You know the saying “Treat others that way you would want to be treated”? This applies to your job too. If you treat your job like sh*it, it will treat you like sh*t. Show your job a little love and it will love you back.
Notice when you think negative thoughts about any aspect of your job, and make the conscious effort to replace that with a positive thought – something you’re grateful for or enjoy. Continue this practice and notice how your entire perspective at work will change for the better.

6. Counter Your Boredom

You should never be bored at work. Boredom makes us overthink and underperform. Boredom can also lead to you ‘checking out’ by checking your social media or text messages which can quickly become a time-suck and major distraction.
Instead, find something productive to focus on – finish that lower priority project that’s been waiting on your desk, ask for a new project or help a colleague with a project they are working on. When we keep busy we are more likely to be happier!

7. Create Your Own Space

Make the space around you as comfortable and as “you” as possible. Have pictures, ornaments, plants, or anything that makes you feel comfortable in your space to help you feel more comfortable and happier.
This can also includes things like listening to music (with headphones) to help you get in your groove. Music can boost your mood and your productivity.

8. Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps counteract electromagnetic radiation (computers and cellphones). Electromagnetic radiation is associated with higher stress levels, tiredness, and inability to concentrate, among other negative health effects.
Himalayan salt lamps can help reduce these negative health effects, and also help with things like allergies and breathing problems. Place your lamp as close to yourself as possible so you can receive the benefits directly.
If Himalayan salt lamps aren’t your thing, Use These 7 Crystals to Improve Your Productivity In the Workplace.

9. Ask for Help

If you are unhappy and finding yourself unproductive at work, talk to a colleague or your supervisor about how you are feeling. There will always be someone to help you find a solution if you are having problems at work.
Maybe you need help better managing your time or daily tasks. Or perhaps you’re looking for guidance on how to remain focused. There is no shame in asking for help. Your colleagues and supervisor will appreciate your honesty and willingness to find a solution.

10. Find Positive Outlets

Everyone has days where we are unproductive and unhappy. Take a longer lunch or break (with permission of course!), a mindful moment to practice a conscious breathing technique (which is a great way to increase your mental focus and clarity), or write out your thoughts to help clear your mind and get back on track.

The Final Word on Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

Remember that our happiness, level of contentment, and sense of fulfillment all impact our productivity. It all starts with our inner thoughts, feelings, and perspective. Productivity is all about attitude, mind state, and positive habits that set you up for success.
By practicing these 10 tips, you will open up a world (or workspace!) full of productivity and happiness.

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