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Thanks Science! It’s Been Proven That Productivity Increases With a 3-Day Weekend

What if the secret to productivity, feeling more rested, relaxed, and less stressed is actually found in working less? Recent studies show the effects of overworking ourselves, and according to scientific research, even our standard 40-hour full-time employment crosses the threshold into overwork, creating that feeling of perpetual exhaustion.
While 40 hours is the standard full-time work week, an estimated 50% of workers work longer hours each week. In addition to the drain that amount of time has on other aspects of your life, these long hours can also lead to higher health risks for things like depression and anxiety, Type 2 Diabetes, and heart problems.
We can see how working longer hours equates to higher health risks, but we can also see how working longer hours is actually detrimental to productivity levels overall. The evidence from the above-mentioned studies clearly shows that by reducing the workweek by even a single day, down to 32-hours, we can boost our productivity dramatically.

“When there’s less time to work, you waste less time.” – Jason Fried

What does this mean for you? It means that in 32 hours, you can do the same amount of work you can in 40, once your body begins to recover from its chronic fatigue. Many companies have adopted the three-day weekend approach, with great results. Employees demonstrate a far higher and consistent productivity level, and report being more happy, positive, and focused overall.

After trying this myself for several weeks, it almost feels like early retirement! I have more energy, a brighter attitude, and my weekly production hasn’t dropped a bit.
This concept can benefit both the hard-working employee, and the harder-working stay-at-home mom. Carve out extra rest time every week, and within a few weeks, you’ll see a jump in your productivity levels. Before long, you’ll do the same tasks, the same chores, in less time, leaving you even more time for that relaxation! Take a look below and see the data for yourself!

Why Every Weekend Should Be A 3 Day Weekend



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Tiffany McAdams

Tiffany McAdams is a freelance writer and graphic designer for InvestmentZen that has an obsession with financing - she just got her first investment rental property and is eagerly saving up for a second. She loves the outdoors, especially skiing and kayaking, and has a knack for interior decoration.

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