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Do You Dread Going to Work In the Morning? Here’s How to Change That!

We’ve all been there before. The awful, sunken pit that starts in your stomach when you wake up that grows to consume your entire body as you prepare for work.

The hitting of the snooze button one too many times just to deny the reality of having to wake up on a Monday. The change in appetite from the discomfort you feel the moment you walk through your employer’s doors.

Wondering what to do when you hate your job? Honestly, what can you do when you have no job satisfaction?

While overall job satisfaction is on the rise in the US (according to the 2019 Conference Board survey) this can actually make those of us who are unhappy with our jobs feel even worse.

The more those around us find contentment in work, the more we feel stuck and left behind. And the pressure of bills, rent, and not wanting to let those around us down can cause us to think that the only option we have is to stay.

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What to Do When You Hate Your Job? Try These 5 Actionable Tips to Find More Job Satisfaction:

Thankfully, by using the following steps, you can navigate through the feeling of dread to find solutions. Practice some or all of these tips to find greater contentment at work and in your life as a whole.

1. Meditate

In silence, we are able to listen to our emotions. That dread you are experiencing is telling you something and it’s time you really listen.

When we listen, we are able to pinpoint exactly what is going on. Is it your boss, the company, the actual tasks you do each day, or an area of insecurity that’s creeping into your work?

For me, I thought it was the structure and systems of the school. But when I sat in silence, I learned it was really my heart. It yearned for a different path, and I would dread every day until I listened to it.


2. Apply to Other Jobs

Apply to a new job before you go to work tomorrow. The second we realize this job is temporary, we feel a little bit of relief.

Depending on your financial situation, maybe cut back to something part-time.

Pursuing a part-time job allowed me to get out of my unhappy situation while taking the needed time to establish a career doing what I love. It was well worth the pay-cut despite the increased financial stress.

3. Get Up and Move

Usually, our first instinct when we’re stressed or worn out is to relax. But when we’re feeling dread, these things can end up exacerbating the feeling.

Oftentimes, the feeling of dread feels like being trapped or paralyzed. While relaxation in times of stress is the perfect antidote, dread can require movement.

Get up and dance, go for a jog, or do some yoga. Move your body and stretch its limits. When you feel the walls of your job closing you in, large movements can break you out and provide some temporary relief.

Even if you don’t have a gym membership, you can always roll out your mat in the comfort of your own home with a virtual class.

A short yoga class can change your entire state of mind! Try this Gentle Yoga Flow for all levels on YA Classes

Yoga Class
With Ashton August


4. Take Time Off

When you’re worn out, dread going to work, and feel no job satisfaction at all, start using the days off you’ve accumulated.

Sometimes a day off is needed for temporary relief and sanity. Using that time wisely is key.

Spend equal time on self-care and finding a solution. Whether you apply to another job or write a plan to turn that hobby you love into a business, take steps during your time off to map your next move.

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5. Reach Out to Others

Community and loved ones are so important during times of struggle. This can be hard and scary. It means being vulnerable and risking judgment.

It was the hardest one for me, but in the end, it was the most impactful. It was the people in my life that helped me through the daily grind to get to the next day.

Our friends, family, or meditation communities are people who can help us plan an exit strategy as well as help us dry our tears.

Still wondering what to do when you hate your job? And Want to Be Happier at Work? Do These 4 Things

What to Do When You Hate Your Job Is Not an Easy Question to Answer, But It Can Be Solved

Dread is a roadblock on the freeway telling us to go another way. Listen and respond to change and know that everything is temporary. Ultimately, you need to have faith that it will all work out.

All of these tips can help us weather the storm and prepare for the sunshine ahead. I have walked through the mud and cold and know the storm will pass for you too.

I was able to go from dreading waking up in the morning to having a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart each day. Every person deserves to feel passionate about what they do and to have real, meaningful job satisfaction. You are infinite in your potential.

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Channing became a Vedic Meditation teacher in 2014 and studied under Thom Knoles. She has taught Vedic Meditation to women of all ages, professionals, children, and Villanova Women’s Volleyball and Stanford Women’s Waterpolo and Gymnastics teams. Channing is also a 200RYT yoga teacher and has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from UNLV.

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