What Are You Wiping With? Why You Should Jump On the Bamboo Toilet Paper Trend

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Bamboo toilet paper, say what?! Maybe you’ve already heard of the bamboo TP trend. Or maybe you’ve heard of bamboo flooring and bed sheets but didn’t know the bamboo craze hit the bathroom . . .

Traditional toilet paper is typically made from trees, and over 27,000 trees are cut down every day (ugh!) to make toilet paper. Not cool guys.

And while conservation and using eco-friendly products is so important, there are other not-so-nice facts about traditional toilet paper that may cause you to pause the next time you’re reaching for a handful of TP . . .

Here Are 5 Very Real Reasons You Should Switch to Bamboo Toilet Paper:

While traditional toilet paper is something we’ve all grown accustomed to using, read on for compelling reasons to make the switch.

1. Toxins On Your Tushy

Most mainstream toilet papers (AKA the white, non-natural kinds) contain some scary toxins that come into direct contact with your skin and sensitive areas when you wipe. These toxins can range from bleach (which is how the TP is white) to chlorine and even formaldehyde.

While chlorine is commonly used as an antiseptic in swimming pools, it is a chemical that’s a skin irritant. Bleach can also cause skin irritation and is a harsh chemical you don’t want on your body (especially on those sensitive areas).

Formaldehyde, a gas used in glues, construction materials, and embalming, is a known carcinogen. Why oh why would we ever want to expose our skin and bodies to these harmful ingredients?!

2. Eco-Friendly vs. Eco-Not Friendly

As we mentioned earlier, a devastating number of trees are cut down every day to produce toilet paper. In addition to the trees themselves, traditional toilet paper demands up to 37 gallons of water to make one roll. Yikes.

Over 27,000 trees are cut down every day (ugh!) to make toilet paper.

Meanwhile, bamboo can grow up to 3 feet in one day. In fact, bamboo is actually the fastest growing plant in the world! Bamboo also requires 30% less water than trees and produces 35% more oxygen. It’s easy to see why bamboo toilet paper makes a more eco-friendly option to tree-based TP.

A few more interesting yet depressing toilet paper statistics:

  • It takes almost two pounds of wood to make one roll of toilet paper
  • On average, Americans alone use over 36 BILLION rolls of TP each year
  • Over a lifetime, one person will use nearly 400 trees’ worth of toilet paper


3. What You Sacrifice for Softness

We all want comfort, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s the how behind the softness in traditional toilet paper that causes concern.

The way that toilet paper is made softer? Bleach. So the softer and fluffier your TP, the more likely it is to be heavily bleached.

Bamboo fibers, on the other hand, are naturally very soft and plush but also strong. Interesting fact: bamboo is naturally stronger than many forms of steel. With bamboo toilet paper, you don’t have to compromise softness or strength.
Bamboo Toilet Paper Reel

4. Cost + Convenience

Traditional toilet paper can range in price per roll, but overall you’re spending a considerable amount for those name brand TPs. You’re also most likely running to the store to restock on a regular basis.

Reel delivers a 24-pack of bamboo toilet paper to your door for just $29.99 + get $10 off your first single item purchase or subscription with code: YAP10. Learn more and try your first roll here.

5. Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Do Good With Every Wipe

When’s the last time you heard of your traditional TP giving back? Probably never . . . But as mindful consumerism grows, so do the amount of brands that give back – and this includes bamboo toilet paper!

For every roll of Reel’s bamboo toilet paper purchased, Reel donates to SOIL to help fund their efforts to provide clean toilets and transform waste into useful resources in Haiti.

Especially when you factor in the affordable cost, this altruistic approach to toilet paper is a refreshing no-brainer way to use our money and buying power to support a company that gives back while also taking a stand for our own health standards.

No more bleach on my bum, thank you very much!

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Image: @windypeakvintage


Bamboo Toilet Paper: The Takeaway

Clearly, there is a health and environmental concern with using traditional toilet paper, and many compelling reasons to make the switch to a natural alternative.

Supporting – and using – eco-friendly brands and products is more important than ever, and it’s an importance that will never go away.

Take care of yourself, your family, and your collective health, and help uplift the collective good of the planet and its inhabitants by making eco-friendly, natural choices in the products you buy, including bamboo toilet paper!

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