Follow These 5 Journaling Prompts to Release the Fears That Hold You Back

Fear is one hell of a drug . . . and we are addicted to it. Would you like to understand how to release fear through a five step journal exercise? Keep reading!

Take a moment to ponder this thought: “What would you do or experience if fear was not a factor?”

Fear is not just an emotion we experience during a scary movie or thrilling experience. Fear is an emotion we use to avoid feeling at all. Sound intriguing?


Why Does Fear Create Resistance?

How many times have we heard the statement, “I’m afraid of getting hurt?”

You see, when we experience pain or trauma we will do everything in our power not to experience that pain or trauma again.

Think of the pain you feel when you get a paper cut. How can something so small be so utterly painful? One simple paper slip can cost you a week of pain and now that whole week you are avoiding paper in fear of getting another paper cut. So imagine what we do to ourselves when the pain is personal, or tied to our trauma or childhood.

If you are here today, you are smack dab in the middle of your healing journey wondering how to heal. How do you get this ball rolling? What will make you feel better?

What would you do or experience if fear was not a factor?

You may be stating daily affirmations or learning about meditation or yoga. You may be looking at a lot of videos about manifesting and the law of attraction.

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And still, you feel like nothing is working for you. You feel you are coming up short and you have this underlying pain that you can’t seem to rid yourself of.

We are going to tap into that underlying pain and release the resistance in your heart stopping you from healing forward and blocking your ability to manifest.

In the next few steps, you will complete a journal exercise to learn how to release fear-based resistance and unblock your ability to manifest.

Follow These 5 Journaling Prompts to Release Fear in Your Life:

Carve out about 10-15 minutes of time to be able to focus on this journal exercise. Grab your journal or notebook. Even a digital journal, digital note or plain old paper will do.

Write this affirmation at the top: “I am releasing resistance.”

If you work with sage or palo santo, light it at this time to clear the energy and clearly state your intentions by repeating the affirmation three times.

If you do not work with these elements, simply take three deep breaths. The breath, the wind element, will cleanse the space and reset your energy. With each inhale breathe in new energy and on the exhale repeat, “I am releasing resistance.”

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Prompt 1. What Do You Most Desire?

Begin to consider what you want more than anything. When you close your eyes and envision your life, what does it look like? What do you feel truly makes you happy?

Take the next five minutes or so to write everything down that comes to mind on one side of your paper or journal.

The first few things you write down will be very surface level. We are working from the outside in and slowly going deeper into our framework.

For each of your first three responses, consider why do you want them? What made you write that? What is the real emotion or experience that you are hoping to receive through what you wrote down?

Take a few more minutes to go deeper.

Prompt 2. What Do You Most Fear?

Now this time, move through the same steps as you consider, “What am I most afraid of? What experience or feelings am I avoiding? Where do I feel I am lacking or still have something to prove?”

Take a few moments to record your thoughts. Now that we have gone further inward, you will find yourself going deeper into your inner feelings with more ease than in the previous step.

Really ask yourself, “Why am I afraid of this and when did I become afraid of this?”

Keep breathing, keep releasing, keep writing. This is helping you release fear.

Prompt 3. Compare and Contrast

Revisit what you recorded as what you most desire. Read it aloud or mentally.

Great, stay with me . . .

Now review what you most fear. Read it to yourself.

Really ask yourself, “Why am I afraid of this and when did I become afraid of this?”

Now consider this: how are the two related – your greatest desire and your biggest fear?

Take a moment to journal how what you most desire relates to what you most fear.

Prompt 4. Why Are My Manifestations Not Coming True?

Now that you have completed the exercise, you see what you most desire is also tethered to what you most fear.

The universe loves us and wants to provide all we desire. So why would it give you more of what you’re afraid of?

In most cases, when we feel what we are manifesting is not showing up actively in present time, it’s because we are subconsciously afraid of what we are requesting.

We are afraid of the thing we truly desire, so we implement this fear-based resistance that keeps it away from us.

Ever heard of self-sabotaging?

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Prompt 5. How Do I Heal Forward?

Continue to repeat the affirmation, “I am releasing resistance.” Use your words to reprogram your subconscious mind and invite yourself to feel what you are afraid of. The only way out is through.

Your fear is most likely connected to something you feel you are lacking.

Here’s the thing, everything you desire already exists within you. You are not incomplete or behind. You do not need anything outside of yourself to heal and move forward.

The only way out is through.

You only need to choose to heal and allow yourself to release the resistance or release fear that is holding you back.

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You Are Ready to Release Your Fears

You have completed the journal exercise to release fear and may feel you know exactly what to do to move forward – or heal forward – as I like to say!

Leave a comment to share with us what was revealed to you through this journal exercise and how it impacted you.

If you would like more information processing the exercise or feel you need more guidance to complete the exercise, schedule a Soul Chat and Guided Healing Session to receive an intuitive reading to further reveal what your soul is whispering to you to release.

If you would like to move through this work with a group, you can book a virtual, “I am Releasing Resistance” workshop.

Are you ready to heal? The choice is yours and this time, the grass is so much greener on the other side.

All included information is not intended to treat or diagnose. The views expressed are those of the author and should be attributed solely to the author. For medical questions, please consult your healthcare provider.

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Frandasia "Frannie" Williams

Frandasia is a wellness guide for her company, Guided Surrender. She is a performer and also teaches yoga and improvisation. She is passionate about mental health, self-love, and living an abundant life. As a wellness guide, she believes we can find healing using what we already have within us.

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