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Meet the Welzen App – Your 21st Century Meditation Guru

Meditation. In the yoga, health, and wellness community, meditation has become a buzzword, and the list of its benefits is long. Yet many of us struggle to maintain (or maybe even begin) a meditation practice. Why?
To many, meditation seems like a daunting or even unattainable practice. The stigma of what meditating means scares many people away before they’ve even tried it. Some of you reading this now may envision meditation to mean sitting in perfect stillness with a completely empty mind for hours on end. Yikes! That does sound really intimidating!
The good news is that meditation is – and should be – a practice that’s done on your own terms. You don’t need to spend two hours sitting there in complete physical and mental stillness (besides, what if you only have 10 minutes?!).

Meditation is – and should be – a practice that’s done on your own terms.

Sure, there’s a lot of stress and pressure that comes with living in our technological world. But being alive in the 21st century has its advantages. Now, we don’t need to study under meditation gurus to establish a personal meditation practice that’s fulfilling and rewarding . . .

Meet the Meditation Guru of Modern Times

Welzen is a meditation app for daily mindfulness that’s compatible with Android and Apple devices. The benefit of having guided meditation on an app is that you can take your meditation practice with you anywhere, to access anytime. Welzen delivers a robust library of guided meditations and other mindfulness resources to help you build a comprehensive meditation practice that’s flexible, dynamic, and modern.
Why a guided meditation? For those who are brand new to meditating, a guided meditation helps you get acclimated with what it’s all about in a simple, enjoyable, and effective way. If you already have a seasoned meditation practice, guided meditations are a great way to get exactly what you need from that session (be it stress relief, sleep aid, etc).
Whether you’ve meditated before or not, guided meditations are an amazing way to drop in, get present, and gain results.

Welzen Offers a Variety of Guided Meditations

Take a quick break from your workday with Welzen’s “Office Hours” – an entire section dedicated to different meditations for different parts of your day (preparing for meetings, to listen to during your afternoon break, etc). Gain a positive outlook using the Daily Happiness category, with 10-minute meditations all focused on helping you find happiness, and each include an inspiring life lesson.
Try the 5-Minute Gratitude Meditation, or give your child the gift of meditation with a short session based on their age group and more specialized meditations based on what you need.
You can also access guided meditations for specific outcomes, like enhancing creativity, reducing anxiety, and managing stress. Whatever you need from your meditation practice that day, you can find a session to match on Welzen.

Important Details and Information About Welzen

One of the most important characteristics of any app is its usability. Welzen is user-friendly and intuitive, plus it’s super simple and fun to use. With attention to detail and quality curation, the meditations on Welzen are accessible and enjoyable for new and experienced meditators alike.
You can choose the free version, which offers a handful of 5-20 minute meditations. There are a variety of themes or options to choose from, from a breathing relaxation to a meditation for alternative thinking, meditations for kids, and more. You’ll also have access to mindfulness coaching and 5 Days of Welzen, which is a guide for learning how to meditate in 5 simple sessions (perfect for beginners!).
In addition to the guided meditations, you can also set Mindful Reminders to help you remember your daily meditation practice. The Mindfulness Coaching offers several sessions free (and many more with the premium subscription) on a wide variety of things like breaking bad habits, controlling your mind, improving relationships, and other helpful topics.
You can upgrade to premium to access new 10-minute meditations every day, plus all the meditation programs on Welzen from mindfulness, to stress management, creativity, sleep, and so much more. Premium membership is $9.99 per month, $59.99 annually, or you can pay $149.99 and gain lifetime access.

Get Your Meditation Practice Started!

Starting a meditation practice is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Meditation is an important, highly beneficial form of self-care. From stress reduction and managing anxiety, to improving mental focus and memory, increasing your creativity and improving your quality of life overall, there are many compelling reasons to try meditation for yourself.
Meet yourself where you are. Start with what you have. Download your new favorite meditation app and get meditating! You can learn more about Welzen by clicking here.

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