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If You Enjoy Practicing Yoga, Then You’ll Love Writing Too – Here’s Why

Yoga and writing have a special connection that can benefit your overall mindset and wellbeing. Both practices go through similar motions that can help ground you, relax you, and be more mindful. While yoga is physically active, writing is mentally active . . . and both are creative.

Beyond the physical aspects, both writing and yoga involve three main traits: relaxation, precision, and mindfulness. Let’s explore the connections between these two practices, and what their combination can do for your life.

Here are 4 Ways Writing and Yoga Intersect


1. They’re Best When You Warm Up

While some people like to jump straight into their yoga practice, it’s been proven to be more beneficial if you warm up beforehand. You could go for a walk or have a quick stretch to make sure your muscles are ready for the practice.

Just like in yoga, adding a warm up before you start writing can help you tremendously.

This same consideration can be applied to writing. Before you start writing a poem, it may be a good idea to jot down a couple of notes beforehand. This means you can get into the mindset of what you’re about to write, rather than to jump straight in and then try to figure out what it is you want to write about.

2. You Have to Relax to Get the Most Benefit

In both yoga and writing, you have to relax in order to get to the next step. As a poet, you may be visiting topics or themes that cause intense feelings – especially if they’re very close to home. Before both practices, it’s essential that you get yourself and your mind into a complete state of relaxation, so your emotions are in check, and you remain calm.
It’s also vital that you remember that you’re not perfect – nobody is – and that it’s okay to feel these intense emotions. Before each practice, whether it’s yoga or writing, take a couple of minutes to sit quietly and get into the right mindset.


3. They Both Bring You Mindfulness

The most beneficial factor of both writing and yoga are the benefits of mindfulness. As mentioned above, this means that your mind and body is present in this current moment. As a writer or a yogi, it’s easy to see why this is important.
The best way to find your flow is to stay present. This is where everything comes naturally and neutrally, without judgements or fears from yourself or other people.
Focusing on your breath is a huge part of this. Your breath can serve as an anchor, both for your yoga and writing practices, and help you to stay present and focused. Mindfulness can induce your creative juices, whether this means trying a new pose or writing a poem from a new perspective.

4. They Both Require Precision

“For yoga, the aspect of precision means keeping your shoulders unhunched, keeping your body square, keeping your knees directly over your ankles and being aware of everything that your body is doing and the positions that they are in,” shares Melissa Hyland, a health writer for Elite Assignment Help.
Precision is just as important in writing as it is in yoga. With writing this means making sure that you’re using the right words in the right places – including your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Chances are you’re not going to be able to write the perfect poem on your first draft, but you’ll edit it to make sure that you message comes across.
To help you achieve this level of perfection in your writing, here are some tools you can use:

  1. Studydemic: This is an online writing blog where you can read and discover new posts on everything writing-related
  2. My Writing Way: An online writing blog where you can read up on how to write properly, including grammar, punctuation and spelling techniques
  3. Oxessays: An online writing agency where you can connect with professional writers to ask them anything you want to know about writing

    Writing and Yoga: The Takeaway

    Writing and yoga are both practices that require mindfulness, patience, and, well, practice. Just like you wouldn’t expect to nail a difficult asana on the first try, stick with your writing practice and hone that skill. There are tons of connections between yoga and writing, and connecting the two in your life can be extremely beneficial to your mindset and your overall wellbeing.
    Namaste and happy writing!

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Mary Walton

Mary Walton is a blogger at SimpleGrad, her educational website for students. Also, she is yoga lover and green-living person.

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