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Teachers: Grow Your Yoga Business With These 7 Organic Marketing Tips

There’s never a better time than now to learn how to grow your yoga business. And no, you don’t need to buy expensive ads. You can actually grow your business via organic marketing – if you know how.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been running your yoga studio for quite some time, there are several marketing strategies and techniques that you can implement today that will make a major impact on your business’s growth and success.

Growing your yoga business doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel or blow client’s minds with a never-before-seen offering.

But before you start worrying about figuring out logistics and carving time out of your schedule to draw up an expensive marketing plan, budget, and overspend on online and offline marketing campaigns, this article will share seven ways to grow your yoga business through organic marketing.

You don’t need to be an experienced marketing professional to take your business to the next level. You simply need to know how to tap into the resources you already have and learn how to use them to benefit your business.

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Here Are 7 Ways to Grow Your Yoga Business Through Organic Marketing:


1. Get Social

When it comes to increasing the possibilities of reaching mass amounts of potential clients at once, there is no better place to start than with social media. Social media is the king of organic marketing.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and more allow you to post and share your content for free while using helpful business tools to expand your audience reach and likelihood of getting in front of the eyes of your ideal client.

Whether you post examples of class content, the types of services you offer, motivational quotes, testimonials and customer reviews, or helpful tips and instruction on growing in your practice, your social media channels are an excellent place for clients to get a window into your business and into who you are before becoming a client.

Provide them with an authentic and honest image of you and your business and you will start gaining not only followers, but also loyal clients who will want to become a part of your community.

As you begin to grow your channels you can even invest in free or fairly-priced social media management tools for yoga studios that can help you curate, schedule, and post across multiple channels in advance and at once.

2. Partner With Local Businesses

Whether you’re predominantly a virtual yoga business or have your own physical studio or location where you host your classes, partnering with local and neighboring businesses is a great way to spread the word about your services in a specific area.

Offering patrons of local businesses a special discount or pack when they sign up for your memberships and mutually promoting each other’s businesses on each other’s websites and social media can help you attract local clients.

It can also help you quickly gain their trust because a business they already know and love is giving you their seal of approval and recommendation.

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If you frequent certain places or know of local businesses that would be willing to promote your online services, you can explore the same concept.

This union of local businesses working together can not only benefit the participants, but the community as a whole and bring more and more people together – especially in a time when unity and support matters most.

Whether you offer the same discount or special service to all local businesses or select specific ones to run certain campaigns, don’t be afraid to use your network and resources to explore these very useful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

3. Share Your Knowledge and Expertise

One of the best ways to gain exposure for your yoga business as well as increase your website’s visibility in online search engines is by contributing your knowledge and expertise on other websites, blogs, and publications.

Many websites will advertise that they are looking for information and contributors to participate in upcoming articles or blog posts either directly from their website or social media or through a very helpful website called “Help a Reporter Out” (HARO), which is a subscription-based pitching platform for journalist and publication inquiries.

If you have a particular publication in mind that you know could benefit from your content or if you have a story you know they’d like to hear, you can also reach out directly to the editor of the publication and share your pitch.

Practice makes perfect and perfecting your pitch can take time and stepping out of your comfort zone. But the more and more you put yourself out there, the more comfortable you’ll feel sharing your story with other publications and sites.

Once you have been featured or have a conversation about participating in an upcoming opportunity, that is a connection you’ll have for life and can reach out to with more news and stories in the future (AKA organic marketing for life!).

4. Start a Newsletter

Do you enjoy receiving email updates from your favorite brands and businesses about upcoming deals, events, and promotions? Chances are high that your clients will love receiving that same information about your yoga business directly into their inboxes, too.

Similar to your social media content, your email newsletter can be home to valuable information that you want your clients and community to know about, as well as include details that will encourage potential clients to finally sign up for your memberships.

There are several email marketing platforms and tools that can provide you with free templates as well as the ability to schedule and automate your newsletters so that you can plan for regularly scheduled messages without skipping a beat.

Many studio management softwares also integrate with these email marketing platforms, that way whenever a new client or member signs up for your business, they’ll be automatically added to your newsletter list.

5. Encourage Your Customers to Leave Reviews

There’s no better person to share how much you and your business have impacted them than your clients. Online reviews and testimonials carry a lot of weight when it comes to new clients signing up, and now more than ever, what they have to say matters.

A positive review describing how much your yoga business has changed someone’s life and helped them grow in their yoga practice and reach their goals can heavily influence someone else’s desire to give you their business.

Encouraging your customers to leave a review via your social media and e-blasts or asking them directly, and then receiving permission to then share those across your website and social platforms can help you also show how much you value those reviews and the positive impact they have on your yoga business.

Reviews are truly trusted so they are the perfect organic marketing tool.

6. Network

Joining online yoga platforms, networks, groups, and communities can be very helpful and effective in both learning valuable tips and ways to run your own yoga business as well as share your expertise with other yoga studio owners.

Other businesses might see you doing something well that they haven’t been able to do and ask for your guidance and assistance. They might also encourage their own clients to check you out if they think you offer something they can benefit from that they don’t currently plan on offering.

Those valuable connections can help you grow your reach and get you in front of the eyes of people who can convert into your best clients and partners, as well as give you a platform to advertise and share your marketing for free.

7. Always Ask for a Mention, Share, or Recognition

As mentioned above, in order to raise your visibility and ranking in online search engines, getting featured on other websites and online publications can help.

But in order for that to help you grow and boost your visibility, you need to always make sure that those sites and publications are linking to your website and sending that boost your way.

We can’t stress enough how important and helpful it is to be able to see your yoga business mentioned and be able to click on the link to visit your website directly from that post. Bonus points if they also include your social media and encourage their audience to follow your channels!

These types of partnerships can also be mutually beneficial and allow your audiences to get to know both your brand and another brand and make a connection between the two that can provide them with a lot of value, while giving your businesses online value.

Grow Your Yoga Business Via Organic Marketing

Growing your yoga business doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel or blow client’s minds with a never-before-seen offering.

You have the tools and resources to provide your clients with an excellent and unbeatable service. Your business’s success can grow naturally and organically by displaying how you deliver that service to your clients while demonstrating how potential new clients would also benefit from that service and experience.

You don’t need to be an experienced marketing professional to take your business to the next level.

Whether you decide to implement each of the strategies shared or start with a couple, there is no one-size-fits-all perfect formula or proven route to instant overnight success.

Try out a few to figure out what works best for you and watch as your yoga business grows steadily and sustainably for the long run.

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Jessica Armstrong is on the marketing team at TeamUp, fitness management software for studios, gyms, personal trainers and their in-person and online classes. A California native living in Sevilla, Spain, Jessica is passionate about travel, fitness, and wellness and helping the TeamUp community learn how to run the best versions of their businesses.

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