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This Might Be Why Your Sex Drive Is MIA (And What to Do About It)

Has it been a hot – or unhot – minute since your last orgasm?

When you see the eggplant emoji does it remind you of your grocery list?

If your sex drive is low and you haven’t felt in the mood for awhile, it’s time to relight that fire and get those juices flowing.

Get excited because you can resuscitate your sex drive and have a whole new healthy and insatiable sexual appetite!

Let’s discuss some of the hidden factors that have your sex drive missing in action.

What’s Taking the Sizzle Out of Sex? These Are the Common Culprits of a Low Sex Drive:

Your physical, hormonal, mental, and spiritual health affect your sexual appetite. What you eat, the amount of exercise you get, how much water you drink, your confidence level and connection with your spiritual self all play a role in your all-important libido.

But the good news is that the most common and prolific libido killers that might be raining on your sex parade are all things easily remedied and reversed.

1. Stress Kills Sex

With our overworked and overwhelmed society, we all have non-stop responsibilities. This non-stop life is a major player in chronic low-grade anxiety and perpetual stress. Stress and anxiety are major contributors to a low sex drive. Our minds are on being busy instead of getting busy.

Stress and anxiety are major contributors to a low sex drive.

When stressed, your body floods with cortisol which puts you in a fight or flight mode known as a sympathetic state. This means your nervous system is on high alert fighting for your body’s survival – which means you’re definitely not thinking about sex.


2. When Hormones Hinder

With advances in modern medicine, we have discovered the workings of our endocrine system. It is common for people’s hormones to get out of whack. When there is a hormonal imbalance we are thrown off emotionally, physically, and sexually.

Are you dealing with a hormonal imbalance, or suspect you may be? This Integrative Medicine Doctor Explains How to Tell and What to Do About It

Our hormonal health is a huge influence on our sex drive. In fact, it is our sex drive! Our brains control our sex organs. With testosterone being the leader of the hormonal pack, it’s responsible for both male and female arousal. Yes, ladies, you have testosterone too.

Testosterone has a bad reputation because of the doped up physiques in bodybuilders. Yet, it is naturally produced by the human body and is crucial for our wellbeing. It gives us energy, vitality, and a healthy sex drive!

Here Are 5 Methods You Can Use to Naturally Balance Your Hormones

3. No Self-Love = No Sex, Love

With so many people dissatisfied with themselves, being harsh critics of their looks, their bank accounts, the numbers on the scale, it’s a wonder we even have a world population as high as it is!

When we don’t feel good about ourselves, the provocative juices don’t flow and our sex drive stays MIA. With low self-esteem being at an all-time high, many are spending more time worrying if they’re good enough and not enough time loving themselves and in turn – making love.

The pressures of society are hard and real. Social media is an obsessive focus in many of our lives and because of it we have created unrealistic expectations. We are caught up in a popularity contest, basing our worth on followers, likes, and comments.

Instagram Anxiety? Complete This Social Media Cleanse In 4 Painless Steps

There is a saying: To compare is to despair. When we compare ourselves to others on social media, magazine covers, people we see on the street, all we are doing is devaluing ourselves.

We see all these beautiful people with rock hard abs, beautiful booties and filtered faces and feel like we don’t compare. These altered images mess with our minds, leaving us feeling insecure and running from the bed instead of jumping into bed.

Come On Baby, Relight My Fire: Here’s How to Boost Your Sex Drive

Now that we’ve established the common culprits of a low sex drive, it’s time to buckle up baby, you’re about to go for a ride! There are a slew of ways to have a more holistic and beautiful sex drive, which leads to a healthy and vivacious life overall.

Here are the remedies for those low sex drive culprits: hormones, stress and self-esteem.

1. Give Me That Big T

Testosterone, that is. Healthy hormone levels = a healthy sexual prowess! Testosterone levels can fluctuate for a variety of common reasons: antidepressants, aging and the natural shift of hormone levels.

If there has been a dramatic shift or your intuition is telling you that something is off, seek a medical professional and have your hormones tested.

Ladies, our beautiful bodies are complex and delightful works of art yet sometimes the slightest hormonal imbalance can make natural vaginal lubrication a challenge. If you need a little help in that department, there’s no shame in the lube game!

I recommend Foria’s personal CBD lubricant – it enhances sensations, pleasure and ultimately orgasms, while decreasing any discomfort or dryness. Using lubricant can make those O’s better and last longer!

Ladies: Use These 8 Tips to Have Stronger, Longer Lasting Orgasms

2. The Big O

Let’s change up your morning routine because climax is the new coffee. Get it on with a partner or masturbate. However and whatever you do, just orgasm!

Why in the morning? The morning is when our testosterone is the highest and when we orgasm it also spikes our testosterone levels for the rest of the day.

Not only will it feel damn good, you’ll also reap many health benefits throughout the day. You’ll enjoy having more energy, have less brain fog and feel cheery and blissful.

Simply put, life is better with orgasms. You’ll also prime the pump and have your sexual juices flow all day and night.

3. Just Do It

I get that you might not be feeling it, but the more sex you have, the more sex you’ll want to have, plus you’ll be more comfortable and be reminded of how freaking great it is!

Then, the next thing you know, your body will start craving it more and more!

Arousal starts in the brain, so this is your go ahead to fantasize. Simply thinking about sex brings you to a state of arousal and gets you in that bow chicka wow wow mood.

4. Take Your Vitamin P

P is for pleasure! Did you know that experiencing pleasure is a requirement of your brain!? The reward center, or dopamine system, of your brain requires it! Being human means enjoying earthly pleasures.

Pleasure is not a luxury – it’s a necessity!

If you are not enjoying delicious food, music, beautiful art, a therapeutic massage, joyous belly laughs with friends, and mind-blowing orgasms, your health will suffer. Remember this mantra: an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.

Pleasure is not a luxury – it’s a necessity! Take your vitamin P every day by enjoying the world and the people around you.

5. Put It In Your Mouth

One of the best ways to enjoy pleasure outside (or in) the bedroom is with food. Eating and having sex are two of the few things we do that use all five senses. Isn’t that wild?

Turn your next meal into a sensual experience. Enjoy a satisfying meal by sitting comfortably and finding pleasure in each bite.

Looking for healthy, delicious recipe inspo? Try This Colorful, Flavorful and Shockingly Easy Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe

Delight in the presentation of the food, take a deep breath and smell the aroma, savor the delicious flavor, enjoy the texture, listen to the sound of the food in your mouth. This will not only help you slow down, but it will also bring attention to the delicious things in life.

6. Get Your Asana Moving

Yoga is one of the absolute best ways to get your sex drive back on track! Proper breathing techniques, engaging your mula bandha, and stimulating the second chakra every day are key to a healthy and vivacious sex life.

Yoga is by far the best remedy for stress and anxiety. Yoga can clear your head and put you into a more peaceful zone known as the parasympathetic state. It’s the ultimate mood enhancer because it gets the feel good chemicals going through our bodies.

Psst! Want to know more about yoga and your sex drive? Here Are 7 Secret Ways Yoga Improves Your Sex Life

Even one yoga class can get you back to feeling yourself, which in turn can help you feel confident, empowered, sexy and in the mood. This ancient practice teaches us to love ourselves as we are which in turn gives us the confidence to get naked and go buck wild.

My Sacral Vitality yoga class on YA classes is specifically designed to enhance and invigorate your sexual intensity through a kundalini vinyasa practice. The sequence flows through poses that ignite the sexual energy channels of the body.

Yoga Class
With Jessica Smith


With These Tips, You Can Boost Your Sex Drive In No Time

Sex is a beautiful part of life. It can be wild, spontaneous, soft and sensual. It can be with a hot hook up or making love with your significant other that you’ve been with for years.

We’ve identified the culprits and given you kick-ass solutions to rev up your sex engines. There’s a reason those Sex and the City girls always looked so damn good. They were doing it and doing it well. Now go out there and get some!

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Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith is an International Dating Coach, author and yoga instructor. The ‘Female Hitch’ is the host of the Game of Love Podcast heard in over 33 countries on all major platforms. Jessica also leads transformational yoga retreats around the world to help people step into their power and love themselves unconditionally.

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