Why the Spiritual Guy Always Gets the Girl

I grew up being pretty terrible with women. I was that awkward kid in middle school that was scared of pretty girls. While my friends were starting to date, I was the one who was way behind that learning curve because I was too uncomfortable in my own skin to put myself out there. I just couldn’t do it—I couldn’t make the move, and I couldn’t let my personality out.

I’ll admit it: I was pretty much a loser with women. But at a certain point in my life, something changed for me. Drastically.

I began to chase something much more important than women. I began to track down the meaning of my own life. I became devoted to finding out why I was here, who I was, and what it truly means to be happy, at peace, and successful. This was the start of my own spiritual awakening.

But even though I had basically lost interest in pursuing women, something unexpected happened…

Women started to respond to me. Some would even pursue me. My success in this area of my life completely shifted at a point when I had completely stopped trying.

Now I’ll explain why I’m telling you this, and why I’m writing this article. There are a lot of preconceived notions, gender stereotypes, and ridiculous rules about attraction, dating, masculinity, etc.

The truth is that this can be confusing for a guy who’s genuinely trying to figure out how to bring a good woman into his life. In general, I think many men are confused. This article will explain why walking your spiritual path is, by far, one of the most “sexy” things you can do as a man.


Throwing Out the Stereotypes

The preconceived notion of a guy being “spiritual” can carry an emasculating stereotype. Someone who doesn’t actually understand an authentic spiritual path might bring to mind a scrawny guy who talks with an effeminate voice, doing feminine-looking yoga poses (I won’t even get into the societal misconceptions about Yoga),  and backing down from any form of violence or conflict because they believe in “non-violence.”

I can’t tell you how many guys I know who literally wince if they hear me talk about things like cleansing, vegetarianism, Yoga, meditation, heart-anything, etc. These practices have a strong stereotype that leads people who don’t fully understand to consider them…feminine.

As a practitioner and life coach, I couldn’t disagree more. What a man looking at the spiritual path from the outside has yet to realize is that a genuine spiritual practice will eventually put you face to face with your own humanity. And for a man, this means facing their masculinity. Indeed, embarking upon a spiritual path, awakening to one’s true identity is synonymous with the transition from boyhood to manhood. There is absolutely no shying away from conflict on this journey. Though it may take more of an internal form, a man walking his spiritual path is absolutely going to face conflict. The path to self-realization is not an easy one, but it is the most important and rewarding challenge you’ll ever face.

If you are a man that is looking to bring a valuable, intelligent, beautiful woman into your life, pursuing your own spiritual path is the best way to do it.


The Energetic Attraction of a Man Living a Purpose-Driven Life

It is true that much of the physical attraction between two people occurs at a basic biological level. That being said, there is an even more basic, deeply occurring level of attraction (or repulsion) that happens at the energetic level. Between a man and a woman (or people of any gender that carry more masculine or more feminine energy), there is an energetic polarity of masculine and feminine energy. These two energies, when complimenting each other, can create a magnetism that is absolutely irresistible, and this magnetism is powerful enough to transcend many more commonly known reasons for attraction.

Feminine energy is highly drawn to an energy field of purpose. “Purpose” can also be described as passion, direction, aspiration, and a willingness to fulfill one’s destiny. I would be shocked to hear any woman disagree that a man who knows what he is meant to do with his life and is walking that path with all his heart, courage, and strength is undeniably attractive.

Keep in mind, this is not just attractive to “spiritual” or “conscious” women. When a man is walking his path with purpose, integrity, focus, and determination, he is exuding a strong masculine energy field that is magnetizing and attractive to almost any feminine energy field it comes in contact with.


The Difference Between a Man and a Boy

Ever notice how women are constantly talking about how they want a “real man”? Let’s be fair here. In order for a woman to expect to be with a real man, she must also be on the path to being a real woman.

But the issue is that so many people, both men and women, don’t fully understand what it means to be a “real” man. How many men in the world believe that being a man means fulfilling stereotypical male traits like being aggressive, being into sports, drinking beer, working on cars, or being able to seduce women and get laid a lot?

I believe at the very core of every man, there is this longing, primal desire to both know and embody what it means to be a real man. And at the core of every woman there is this same primal desire to be close to a real man. And yet there is not much in our current society that satisfies this desire for real, true masculinity to exist.

When a human being begins to awaken, they finally become aware of and deal with their emotional baggage. They begin to know who they are and where they fit into this world. They begin to understand what things truly matter to them, what their highest ideals are, and come to terms with the suffering they experience as human beings. A resiliency develops: a knowing of oneself and others, a courage, a compassion, and a dedication to that which really matters.

This is what makes the difference between a boy and a man. Not having a rad car. Not being able to kick someone’s ass. Not being able to bag women you meet at the bar. Not even being able to pay your bills and make money.

Women don’t want to be with the wounded boy who is just chasing egotistical ideals; who doesn’t know who he is or how to live a fulfilled existence. Women want a man who has overcome his issues to the point that he knows where he stands and where he is going in life; that doesn’t have to rely on her to feel fulfilled, confident, and happy. His meaning comes from within, from his path, and not from anywhere outside himself.


The Weird Factor

People LOVE weirdos. They sometimes pretend they don’t, but they do. The reason they’ll pretend that they don’t is because they’re still afraid to let their own inner weirdo out. The reason they actually DO love weirdos is because they’re weirdos themselves, and they love seeing someone do that thing that they long to do, which is simply being themselves, regardless of what other people think, or what judgment may come of it.

Getting in touch with who one truly is, and shedding issues, emotional baggage, and limitations is going to make any person able to be their own unique self. And in this world, uniqueness is one of the only things that makes a person interesting.

The world is full of cookie-cutter people. Basic bros and basic bitches.

To be like everyone else is boring. Being generic definitely is NOT attractive. To be authentic, weird, and so strangely your own self is interesting. And attractive. A woman wants a man that can show her something new and introduce her to ideas she’s never thought of before. She wants you to make her feel something she’s never felt before.

If you get in touch with yourself, with your soul, you are going to be naturally and authentically unique. This is not something that can be faked, it’s something that comes from having the courage to explore yourself, and genuinely BE yourself. You’re going to have your own thing. That thing that you love, that you do, that is yours, not everyone else’s. And you will find a woman that will love you for it. More than that, she’ll fall in love with a world that only YOU can bring her to, with a feeling that only YOU can give her.


Work on Yourself!

It is my sincere belief that if we all would muster up the courage to work on ourselves that we could put an end to the confusion of dating, attraction, and relationships. We could put an end to searching everywhere and not finding what we want or what we need. We could end the ignorance of these silly gender battles, and the tendency we have to condemn, play games, and attempt to manipulate, rather than simply and honestly understand.

If you are a man reading this and striving to find that happy relationship you’ve been searching for, I urge you to make a firm commitment: get to the bottom of your life. Find out what really matters most to you and to go after it relentlessly, courageously, uncompromisingly, and with all that you’ve got. Overcome your limitations, your fears, and your issues no matter what it takes, no matter how hard it is, and no matter how uncomfortable it can be.

Find out what really matters most to you and to go after it relentlessly, courageously, uncompromisingly, and with all that you’ve got.

You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to keep walking your path. Be like the Samurai. Be a warrior. Be a real man and fight for what is most important to you: your own life, your own purpose. And in the process, I promise that you will get what you want.


Wishing you only the best,


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Ashton Aiden

Ashton is a life coach and the founder of BrainWaveLove, an embodiment of his desire to help people find practical, effective ways for manifesting their dreams, and experiencing success in all realms of life. You can download Ashton's free Ebook, Missing Keys To The Art Of Manifestation on his blog.

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