Use These 5 Proven Tips to Make Your Daily Affirmations More Effective

You’ve done the mindset work, you read the books, you listen to the podcasts, and you use daily affirmations . . . but you still feel stuck. And you’re still dealing with mindset hang-ups and old stories you just can’t seem to bust through.

Sound familiar?

There are few things more frustrating than when you feel like you’ve been on a self-growth path for forever, and just aren’t feeling as much of a shift yet as you’d like.

What got you here won’t get you there – to the next level in your spiritual growth, that is.

Frustrating as it may be, the truth is, what got you here won’t get you there – to the next level in your spiritual growth, that is. The affirmations and mantras that once helped you grow to a certain level may not cut it anymore.

You might have outgrown your existing practices, and it may be time to add some new practices to the mix if you’re ready to truly shift and reach the next level in your personal growth.

Uplevel Your Daily Affirmations By Incorporating These 5 Tips:


1. Are Your Affirmations Still Serving You?

Before you assume you need something other than daily affirmations, it might just be that your affirmations themselves aren’t super helpful.

Consider this: let’s say you’re trying to manifest healthier finances and your affirmation is something like “I am wealthy and abundant.” But then you’re struggling to pay rent presently, and feeling super far from that abundant mindset.

Your brain is smart – it knows that affirmation isn’t true!

Try using more gradual, neutral language instead like, “I am in the process of building wealth,” or “I am gradually achieving abundance.” It’ll be a far easier pill to swallow and it won’t feel like you’re lying to yourself.
You can honor where you’re at while working to grow to the next level.

2. Mirror Work Empowers the Meaning Behind Your Affirmations

For many of us, we do our meditation and affirmation practice sitting with our eyes closed. Adding a mirror to the mix and looking yourself in your own eyes can be a game changer.

If you think about it, many of the beliefs and hang-ups we picked up as a child came from an adult or peer in our life, who likely looked us in the eye as they scolded us, or passed on a belief of their own.

Now it’s your turn to look yourself in the eye with a mirror as you say your affirmations. It might be uncomfortable at first, but that’s a good sign!

Get ready to be inspired: Watch How Mirror Affirmations Impacted This Little Girl’s Outlook

Commit to holding a soft gaze with yourself for three minutes. The time may fly by, or it may feel like an eternity. Unpack that, and notice everything that comes up – it may lead you to a breakthrough to better understand yourself.

3. Record Your Affirmations

Similar to how looking at yourself in the mirror while you repeat your affirmations, hearing your own voice say these affirmations can make a huge difference.

Use the audio recorder on your phone to record yourself reading your affirmations out loud, for a few minutes or longer. Then, play them back to yourself every morning and every night.
This extra step helps your brain solidify what you are affirming as fact. It helps you better believe whatever it is that you’re trying to affirm.

4. Try Adding a Daily Meditation Practice

If you’re doing affirmation work but haven’t yet given meditation a try, add it into the mix ASAP!

If you’re trying to work your affirmations into your rushed, hectic day, you may not be giving your brain the stillness and quiet it needs. If that sounds like you, your affirmations might not be able to penetrate or really sink in.

Learn How to Meditate In 5 Simple Steps

Try quieting your brain and tapping into the calmness that only meditation can bring about. If meditation seems overwhelming, you can work your way up by starting with spending a few minutes each day seated and quietly focusing on your breath.

5. Get Yourself to a Retreat

Whether it’s a yoga retreat, a wellness retreat or a retreat for a specific goal like self-work, if you’re used to doing your self-growth work solo, a retreat might be exactly what you need to surround yourself with the energy of like-minded people.

There’s something undeniably powerful about joining a group of people on a similar journey. Plus, the change of scenery could help get your creative juices flowing, and it doesn’t hurt to pick a location known for delicious local fare and warm, tropical climate like Bali or Costa Rica!

Not only will you get guidance from the leader of the retreat, but you will also likely connect with other attendees who may share a tip or perspective that totally rocks your world. Retreats open up a world of possibility.

You could leave with authentic friendships, a powerful support system, or even your next business partner. You never know what tricks the universe has up its sleeve!

Try Your Daily Affirmations with this New Mindset!

Your mindset dictates your reality, so when trying to shift and grow into the next level of who you want to be, remember to have patience and grace with yourself. Nothing worth having comes easily, but nothing is more worth it than a healthy mindset.

Still searching for guidance and clarity? Experience transformation over 30 days with our personal growth workbook Learn, Grow, Shift: 30 Days to Personal Growth

Saying an affirmation alone may not always cut it, especially if you’re working to let go of and heal from deeply-entrenched belief (and most of us are!).

However, with these “next-level” tips, you’re likely to experience the shift you’ve been wanting, and make some real strides with your mindset work.

Do you have any favorite techniques that have helped you in addition to traditional affirmations? Let us know below. We love to hear from you!

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